I was too young to marry

I was 23 and she was 33. She was a widow of only a year with two little kids, I only wanted to be friends at first....we both had traumas. I helped her around her house, we hung out for supper, I was way immature but I had a frigging amazing job that paid a lot! I think she saw security in me for her kids, and an opportunity for herself to breath a little without financial concern. We did start dating, but honestly I didnt want the package, I just wanted a friend to talk with and share common healing from trauma....but she wanted marriage and security. I totally buckled to the pressure and we got married. We fought a lot up to the wedding, but so much had been put into it, I think we both felt too much pressure to keep it going. I knew it was wrong to get married to her from the very beginning. She was way too messed up from the death of her first spouse....I was too young and too messed up from my own trauma. Many years later, after many bad fights, lots of her bad drug usage, police calls, her hitting me many times, I finally had the courage (yes courage) to tell her I was not in love with her and I wanted a divorce. The divorce has been total hell, her kids hate me, her family hates me, I am a devil reincarnate, and her dead husband is the hero...he was there for 2 years of the oldest life, I was there for 16. I feel it was a total waste of time for me, that we all would be better off if I had more courage when I was only Ive raised two kids that dont want anything to do with me, I pay 2600 a month in child support and Im on the hook for their university. But since Im not the biological or adoptive parent I have no rights. I really hope that I can recover emotionally from this, I really hope they can too. Jeez this feels good to get off my chest


So i've mostly dated younger women in their early 30's (I'm 40). It hasn't gone well... My dating life in Vancouver has been a nightmare. Ive never been ghosted, cheated on, lied to, fucked over and been manipulated more than I have in Vancouver. I know I know, typical YVR confession... BUT recently I met an amazing and beautiful older woman (54) and she has been a breath of fresh air. She is kind and sweet, unpretentious, reliable and she knows what she wants and isn't shy about it. The sex is fucking amazing, the conversations stimulating and I'm thrilled. Im not saying all younger women are terrible, maybe I have bad taste and make poor choices (actually, not 'maybe' but: absolutely) but it seems like i've found someone good for a change. Im looking forward to seeing how this goes.


In the line up of a grocery store, an older woman decided to racially attack another woman for being a black immigrant, telling her to get out of Canada, among other things . It took a few seconds for me to realise what was going on . I asked the woman who was on the receiving end of the racist tirade if, what I heard was correct. It was correct, I felt sick. I couldn't stand by and allow this racist to walk away thinking it was ok to treat people this way so, I confronted her, telling her her racist words were disgusting, shameful, nasty and malicious. It didn't make a difference to her mindset, but I wanted her to know there are people in this world who are not afraid to stand up to racists and bigots like herself. I returned to the line up apologising for her behaviour. I grew up in another country as an immigrant from Ireland and we were not liked because we were Irish. I remember at a very young age being called names and my parents defending themselves . Bombers, dirty Mick's, gippos, and pikeys to name just a few. So today really hit a nerve and it stirred up some not so happy memories. I came to Canada several years ago. This is the second country that I've immigrated to . I've made Vancouver my home and I love it here, but today I felt such sadness that here, I personally witnessed such hatred, intolerance, racism and bigotry.


I might have started a rumour about a girl that lives in the same dorm building as me,’s because so many guys kept asking about her. I’m sorry.

Value Pillage ... I mean Village...

Is it a thrift store, or a grift store? Seriously. Their pricing is out of control. It’s less expensive to buy fast fashion and dollar store items brand new. Why are we being punished for not creating more garbage on the planet? Boycott VV!!!

I just grossed myself out

I'm seriously considering having to vote Conservative. Believe me, this sucks. I am a lifelong lefty, feminist supporter, and a blossoming environmentalist opposed to expansion of petro development. I am also a longtime outdoors person, gun owner, and supporter of small business. I see my NDP hypnotized by intersectionalism and the condescending tokenism of superficial, visible "diversity," the Liberals attempting to shrug off Trudeau's breath-taking attempt to pervert the justice system to save a big Liberal donor, and the Greens happily accepting racist NDP defectors. I'm throwing up in my mouth at even browsing the right-wing remainder, but uggghhhhhh I have to consider it. Hurggghhhghghghg.

Failed climate activist

After 12 years as a commuter cyclist—a one-man carbon sink in fact—I finally got tired of all the well meaning earnest self-sacrificing and bought a car. The first time I've ever bought a car purely for pleasure. Of course I still cycle to work—what could be more insane that sitting in traffic every day?—but when the week-end comes, for the first time in years I have a car waiting in my driveway to take me on whatever adventure I choose.


Me and my ex broke up in January of this year. I had a date with a woman recently. We had about 3 coffee dates and she asked me to cook her dinner. So I made dinner and in the middle of the date she picked up her phone and talked to another guy for 20 minutes. I had to phone her cell in order to get her to stop talking to him. She says "I gotta go I got another call" and I said "Can we talk now" Well that killed it. I asked her to leave. Man I cannot believe the blatant rude behavior on her part. I think I am done with dating here.


Met you at the federal store

You stopped to say hi to my dog and I. You told me about your silver lab that passed away, and it...


Savage Love: High standards will disqualify lovers

People who create impossible standards for romantic partners usually don’t want to be in committed relationships but can’t admit that to themselves.