I ran into a woman today

And I didnt feel bad at all. She fell down on her ass. I just kept on going. Was it an accident? Who knows? Who cares?

My 1st GS

I remember getting off thr trolley downtown to go to Kellys Records to get those new albumsI could afford with my allowance. On the way someone handed me a newspaper pamphlet. I thought it was one of those Moses David handouts and was about to toss it when I saw the name. On the way home I started reading it and have continued to do so ever since. That was in the 70s. Please donèt ever change your rebellious spirit. Tks.

Trans girlfriend

I've been in a relationship with a trans woman for more than 2 years. She is beautiful, tall, very style-wise. She attracts a lot of attention. Every time we go out there's countless guys who gawk at her and just stare. Well let me tell you, you just look like foxes preying over meat and it disgusts me that you can never respect. Stop staring. Yeah she's beautiful but she's not an object. I don't know if you realize how stupid men look when staring at women. Plus, many of you are married guys, strolling with wife and kids, and still can't stop staring. Just FYI, yeah more men than you'd know are into trans women, but please stop, you look ridiculous.

So disappointed

When I’m on the bus I want to look out the window. Now they have these advertisements all over!!! And when i do look out, the blurry dots hurt my eyes. Who at Translink thought this would be a good idea? I don’t want to be on my phone, I want to look at what’s going on out there.

I Hate Dating Here

I update my profile and get probably 10 or 15 emails a week. Most aren't age appropriate or attractive. I end up with maybe 1 that is borderline adequate and when I message them they don't respond. I am an attractive educated person making over $100,000 a year and I just want a partner who is my equal. Dating is impossible in Vancouver and if things don't change I am moving.

Am I missing something?

Is there an etiquette to jogging? Am I suppose to stop when two people are headed towards me taking the entire sidewalk up? I always slow down my run when passing people or animals, I'll stop or move to the side if I'm passing the elderly or anyone who seems injured but the other day two young women sipping their coffee took up the entire sidewalk and the one didn't even give me an space. So I held my ground and ended up shouldering her. I've become so damn bitter in this city. I was jogging on half the sidewalk. I never take up more space then needed. I wasn't about to step into the road just because this person didn't want to give me a tiny bit of room.

Losing hope

I’m a single mom and was laid off a couple of months ago. I’m behind on my bills and got my first ei cheque a whopping $300. I can’t get my ex to help out because of course I chose a poor excuse of a father who refuses to step up. I wait for the system to do its part after I put in the papers but of course they are behind. I go to the food bank and am grateful for the people who donate and it helps but isn’t enough. I go to the library daily to apply for jobs and still nothing. I see other single parents struggling and they are working. I keep wondering when things will get better, I try to think optimistically so I don’t put my fear and anxiety onto my child because that’s what we do, we try to shield them from the hardships in life. But I feel like I’m losing hope that things will get better, and that scares me.

I Did It

So I had been dating my boyfriend for six years. He keeps telling me its never the right time to get married because of the economy or his job and I was just so fed up. Its just one excuse after another. I cook and clean and pay probably 75% of the bills. So I kicked him out and told him unless I see a ring on this finger he's not coming back. This was the hardest decision of my life.

Pray for me

This was remarkably the absolute worst year of my life but I’m hoping to end the year on a different note. I’m handing in my notice today. I’m resigning from my job and flying to visit my kids and my wife. We separated earlier this year after she left me and they moved to Mexico. But that’s my fault and I plan on asking her to marry me, again. I put working non-stop over being a husband and a father, helping my wife raise our four young kids. I don’t want to lose her in this life time. Can’t wait to be with my family. I hope she says yes.

Music sharing is more intimate than sex

I know. It sounds absurd. But musical taste tells a lot about person. Once I dated a guy that I thought shared my musical taste and also expanded my music library with really great selections. Then I realized that he was actually into bad 90's emo music and really lame edm. The music he shared with me was usurped from the other women he was dating at the same time. I wish I could get their numbers from him, they all had great taste. In music. He was a total douchebag.


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