Anonymous Encounters

Here's a legit confession: I am a woman, and I miss engaging in anonymous encounters with men. Such things are not just for married or gay men, you know. Because women can do no right by society, especially when it comes to expressing their sexuality, those quiet encounters can be a special place to express one's own truth. I pine for those days, but youth is no longer on my side, and I can no longer participate in something so dangerous (as it most certainly is for women.) Women, get your kicks while you are still young enough to get 'em.

Confrontation fatigue

There are people in my life who believe that it’s acceptable to confront anyone who says or does anything that they think is unacceptable. I mean, ANYTHING. How they speak, how they dress, absolutely everything is up for critique. When they themselves are confronted about this attitude however, they insist that they’re just offering “advice” so that whoever they’re critiquing will be able to improve. It completely escapes them that their opinions are not necessarily the “right” ones and that perhaps the other person has an equal right to their own opinion. It’s exhausting and infuriating being around them. I am much more of a go-with-the-flow type and I don’t think it’s my place to be continually advising or correcting or critiquing other people, even if they happen to be family or friends. So kindly stop sharing your opinion on everything I say, do, or wear. I promise to give you the same respect.


i always feel like i have to play a role.. how lucky it would be to just be completely, myself.. and have those around me love me. I can't attract others without stepping a little bit outside of myself. perhaps i am naturally too introverted.. it just seems like a constant struggle to be something, or to not be and to be endlessly lonely.. how do you guys do it?

Hard to find

In other countries, I can find politically moderate goth girls... but not in Canada... at least Vancouver. Dating is brutal for the alternative folks here.

Hopefully we can evolve away from this

I joined a group of women in organized, socially distanced sporting event. We performed well and beyond what I think most women could perform. And then the conversation got dragged back woman feeling shame because her X body part wasn’t X. I felt disappointed that this even came up. Here we are, doing cool shit together, without a care in the world or so I thought, and then she voiced her visual body comparisons on everyone. Your body is a passport that will bring you to worlds you desire. You are strong and you are a high performance machine. Our sport is so freeing; you need not wear makeup or deal with any constraints. Do not enslave yourself with constraints of your own to meet some imaginary benchmark of your X body part. I met this woman for the first time today and hope that she will learn to never mind about all that shit that holds you back from freedom.

The World has gotten quieter and it's Wonderful

The World has all these wonderful sounds with less airplanes in the sky less cars on the road less people out and about. If you stop and listen the Symphony of sounds is much more pleasing to the senses. The vibrational tunes are wonderful and I can only hope we keep changing for the better.

New friends needed

I haven't seen my "friends" in over a year. I don't think we're really friends.. So now I'm thinking of ways of making new healthy friendships or acquaintances. I have a lot to offer and this brunch would be better with other people involved. This introvert needs a game plan. I'm in awe of all the people at the beach in groups having a blast.

Is this a joke?

People don't have money in Vancouver, but now they're all paying for food delivery? Even people on EI eat out more than I do. I'm seriously a grinch, eh? I don't see why anyone bothers try anymore. This is all gonna blow up in our face and hard-working people will have to clean-up the next recession mess.... but on the scale it might occur at, I am doubtful we can really do the heavy lifting next time.


I didn’t think it could happen again, but it did. I was resigned for so long and so guarded. She’s thoughtful and kind. She’s helped me so much. She’s beautiful and funny. She tells me these things too, and I’m coming around to believing her. She makes me feel good about myself, and I’m growing because of her.

Is it?

I'm always surprised when people are surprised that politicians are corrupt. How are these 'scandals' news? It's no surprise that you have to step on people to get to the top of the pile.


Champlain Square BC liquor Store Asian girl

Hey. I briefly talked with you in line at the liquor store. Wondering if you want to drink with...