Advice for Men

I am a married man and my advice to young men after seeing divorce for most of my friends is as following: 1) When selecting a woman make sure she has a job, education, and strong work ethic. 2) Looks are not the most important thing. Go for a 7 with a good personality over the 9 who has no personality. 3) Make sure the woman knows how to cook. 4) Watch what she puts in her body. A woman in her 20's can eat like a pig and still look good but when she hits her 30's and 40's there is a very good chance she will be obese. 5) If a woman has only male friends. That's a giant red flag. 6) If a woman tells you she is crazy she probably is. 7) If a woman tells you she has cheated on a partner in the past avoid her. Chances are she will do it again. 10) Make sure she knows how to save money and not spend money frivolously. 11) Make sure she doesn't do drugs or drink excessively. I think if more men listened to my advice they wouldn't be divorced and living in their car eating cans of beans for dinner every night.


As I get older, I am no longer enticed by material goods, or listening to someone talk about them. I just can't relate when someone shows off a box of $200 skincare regime, talks about wanting a Ferrari, getting a new Tiffany ring, etc. It sounds like a foreign language to me almost. I don't value, seek or place any significance on this stuff. As I age, all I want is freedom. I want to go where I want, when I want, spend time with people that I care about, and not be beholden by the clock. I don't see why people want X thing over Y thing, or chase limited edition anything. I guess what I'm trying to say is, people seem to have lost the meaning of what is worthy. People chase what others tell them what is worthy. Would I drive across town to get a coat that is normally $700 but now $200? No I wouldn't. It's like people are chasing this high-class lifestyle but they're all working class followers just wanting to buy shit. I'd be more than happy to get up early with someone to watch the sun rise and walk around outside for a few hours, and talk about ideas, goals, plans, and not talk about buying stuff. Or is it that people who don't have ideas, goals and plans, fill up their life with buying stuff?


I hate ostentatious Hydro gobbling Christmas displays. What are those people thinking?

A tip for the non tipper.

I just wanted to shed some light on my industry and how it works to give YOU the much appreciated customer a little Insite on why you should tip your food delivery person. Some of you may not know that we are part of the food industry and we depend on gratuities to make a decent living in Vancouver. Do you not tip your pizza driver? Do you not tip your server if you are at a restaurant? We provide a service and we ride hard on our bikes to insure your food makes it to you fast warm and unscathed. The way it works is that we get $4.50 per delivery no matter how far we ride from pick up to drop off it’s a solid $4.50 a delivery, now on an average we do about two an hour, all depending on how busy the restaurants are and how far we have to ride to the restaurant and customer . Although there is a per kilometre insentive but only from restaurant to the customer however most times I ride 5km just to pick something up going half a block away and then to not get a tip Is discouraging . I think how our app is set up the customer assumes we don’t see that they don’t tip, but I can assure you we know. So we average about $9.00 an hour, so you can see why your gratuities are important to us. we haul around big pink bags, we play in traffic hoping motorists are paying attention trying not to get killed busting are butts trying to stay dry and warm at the same time, all to bring you your delicious food, we are a convinence to you, we make your life simpler, we make life better one delivery at a time. Don’t be that guy/gal that your servers talk about at a restaurant, we see that you don’t tip and we know when you dont value are job or service or you’re just straight cheap. Either way, I’m assuming some of you didn’t know how our industry works and I’m hoping that’s the case. And I’m hoping tipping your food delivery person becomes more common than it is now.

Not Fair

Landlords listen up! Are you aware that tenants with children actually cause 3.75 times more damage on average than pets? Are you also aware you are violating the human rights code to not rent to me and my non human companion? I depend on them to function in life and you are doing yourself a selfish deed by slamming the door in my face when I'm in dire need of a safe place to live. Stop this "no pets allowed" bullshit. I've seen little snotty faced brats do far worse damage than any pet as big as a horse. Frustrated.

thanks but no thanks

I was at a traditionally male shop today with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was talking to the sales guy & I stepped in to listen, then got very interested in what was being sold & (without interrupting) asked a question. The sales guy glances at me, then proceeds to explain the answer to my question - to my boyfriend. I ask again, a different question. The guy barely looks at me this time and keeps explaining shit to my boyfriend. Guess who has a big fat paycheque though? I do, not my boyfriend, and I'll be taking my business elsewhere where I get better service and acknowledgement thanks very much. Ya big sexist turd.

Not Settling

I am a good person and I deserve love in my life. Its hard dating in the city. Most men are only after one thing and once they get it they disappear. My friends and I are all beautiful, intelligent, hard working, and accomplished people yet we're all single. I will not settle for anyone who doesn't light my soul on fire.

It finally happened

Been messaging with this guy for years. There was a chance to meet up face to face, with me flying to his city. He declined meeting up. So it really is true, and it is disappointing: there is no point with social media, because the end goal is not meeting up. The goal is to just type and like and emoji on and stare at your phone. There is no point anymore in social media for me. If we are not going to meet up face to face and bond, what is the fucking point? I’m done. I give up. White flag. Social media dies today for me. I’ve read about how this all happens to people, and yup, it happened to me today. I’m done looking at people’s lives, dogs, kids, pizza, beer, vacation pictures. It’s meaningless after all. No contact is exactly the point. It’s broadcasting, to no one in particular. A tv station with no audience in mind. I’m unplugging once and for all.

i hate my dad

I hate my dad. Growing up, i never felt close to him. He was controlling, spiteful, and dictatorial. I never thought of him as my dad. He is a stranger that acted dad-like from time to time. My body reacts to even the mention of him in a such a negative way. My chest tightens and i am immediately filled with anxiety just knowing hes in the house. Everything in me screams to get as far away from him as possible. I want to move out so bad but dont have the financial means.

Good reminders

I was at Costco tonight and a little girl was running around, singing at the top of her lungs the "chorus" from Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Over and over and over again. She ran by me at one point and I smiled at her but secretly thought, "This is a great reminder of why I chose not to have children." EIEIO!

I’m grateful this Christmas

Man, when you look at the shit storm brewing all over the planet it’s a good time to count your blessings. With a roof over my head, a job and friends I’m feeling fortunate.

My boss is a toxic nightmare

My boss is really hard to deal with and I’m not sure I can do it much longer. Apart from being super demanding they give instructions, then contradict themselves, go back on said instructions and blame me for getting it wrong. Sometimes I’ll come around the corner after just having had a frustrating scenario with my boss and they’ll be whispering to another colleague and the whispering will stop when I’m around. My workplace feels like high school. My boss talks shit about anyone whose back is turned and also makes faces right beside/around people when those same people are not looking in their direction. Other times they’re really funny & overly good to us. It feels like an abusive relationship and I am exhausted.

So I tried an experiment this weekend

No booze. Not a big deal for most people but I haven’t had a sober weekend in many, many months. So I ended up hitting the gym Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Woke up feeling clear- headed and rested. Not feeling God awful depressed on Sunday like I usually do. And my weekend actually felt like a weekend, not a drunken blip before I return to work. I think I’ll try this more often.

Craft a Dream

In my dreams I craft a world where you are tortured all day every day. You are left. Alone. With nothing and no one. You phone but they do not answer. You text but they do not answer. You beg and plead for their attention but no one, nobody gives a shit about You.

I will not kneel

I don't care if I am the last man earth with hair on his chest. I'm not shaving or waxing my chest. I don't care if I am the oddball, if people think it is old fashioned, I don't care if I never get laid again. Sometimes you just have to take a stand for what you believe in.


ICBC surveillance guys

Your attempts at incognito surveillance weren't so good. Sitting outside my house and/or...


Savage Love: Overcoming the “cringey” factor

"What can I do to get to a point where I can enjoy intercourse?"