Rejection is better than being ghosted

Went on a date, it seemed to go well, enjoyable and genuinely engaging conversation. Sent a follow up text the next day to hang out again... and nothing. No response. I also don't believe in games like waiting several days or a week before messaging someone after what seems like a solid first or second date. I think this is callous and anti-social behaviour, the least you can do is send a courtesy text that takes 30 seconds, something like "Hey sorry you're not the right fit for me". Literally one sentence, it goes a long way. Ghosting is harmful to those of us with anxiety and mental health issues, please don't engage in this shallow culture of online dating and ghosting. Obvious exceptions may be if that person was crazy or made you uncomfortable etc., but when it's an overall pleasant date without incident, a simple text message helps. In this day and age, romantic connection is extremely difficult and this sort of behaviour just contributes to the negative culture surrounding dating apps. Many intelligent and thoughtful humans engage in this behaviour, and they likely don't mean to hurt or for others to take it personally, but it's always personal when it comes to rejection and matters of the heart. Again, all I'm asking for is a simple one sentence text message that takes 30 seconds with a polite rejection.


Are posting on Facebook, they are on dates, going on group walks, vacation, restaurants, dating etc. Basically living life as if it's just normal times. Is it just me, or is this incredibly disrespectful in the current climate? It makes me a bit sad actually as I've lost ALL respect for these people.

karen roommate issues

I don't know what to do but I am going crazy. So onions are the #1 food used worldwide. My family taught me to cook (not just buy frozen pizzas from Wal-mart), so any time I cook, the douche karen lights up incents and opens up all the windows during winter. This occurs even if I cook with the door and window opened in the kitchen. I don't know... I just want to say this is a 1990s karen from ontario who has never been exposed to another culture. The slightest woft of an onion will make her go far-right passive-aggressive. I guess those are microaggressions but it's all based on her "superior" cultural view. What a cunt.

Don't stop for me

I never use crosswalks. In fact, I actively avoid them. I just don't like stopping traffic unnecessarily. If you wait 30-60 seconds, you can usually scoot across during a break in traffic. I never press the button either. I mean, who likes red lights? People like me are the unsung heroes of the world.


I’m seeing a guy who I’ve known for a long time. Right now I’m ready to throw in the towel because he is so childish and so ridiculously cheap. Seriously, it’s just incredible. He won’t come out and just say how he feels. Instead, he “punishes” me every time I insist on my boundaries being respected (I tell him he can’t use up all the food or I tell him what groceries he needs to buy, etc) by withdrawing and making up some bogus excuses for why he can’t see me. “The gas is too expensive.” “I have an appointment 6 days from now.” Etc. So childish! These things ONLY happen when I’ve told him that he needs to pay his fair share of the expenses I incur because he’s spending so much time at my place. His cheapness knows no bounds. He’s not being “ thrifty”. This is unadulterated cheapskate territory. He literally will do absolutely anything to avoid paying for anything. Sure, he’s debt-free and yay for him. But he’s only managed to do that because he gets everyone else to subsidize him for everything. Including his family and the few friends he still has. Now he’s asking me if I’m sad because he just told me he’s not coming over this weekend. No dude, I’m not sad. I’m DONE.

ready to settle

vancouver, home to the players, fuck boys, and booty calls. It's impossible to date here... I'm tempted to head elsewhere for love this is bullshit

So long

I am now a former Early Childhood Educator. I have worked in Before & After School Care, Preschool and Daycare for so long. After a decade, I am finally quitting this field for good. I can no longer work in an industry that disrespects me on so many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and yes financially. You start off by making $15 an hour and a dollar more if you have your infant toddler or special needs certification. These wages are nothing more than pathetic. The income has been a sad joke for many years. It’s not nearly enough to support a family, pay the bills, let alone feed yourself. If the provincial government wants young people to sign up for ECE courses in college or university, then raise the damn wages already! Start paying people what they’re worth. Whenever I told people that I work in childcare, their answer was always “Sounds like fun.” Sure, it’s lots of fun. Go spend eight or nine hours in a Daycare and you’ll see how much fun it is dealing with lots of issues: trying to maintain control over large groups of highly energetic children with very short attention span‘s, being taken advantage of by other staff and dealing with such obsessive diaper sniffing, helicopter parents. No thanks. I’ve burned out quite enough and I’m not about to go through anymore burnouts. I’ve applied to other jobs that offer way better salaries than this crap. Went for a couple of interviews in the last few weeks and have gotten some multiple offers. So I’m going to sit down and start writing my letter of resignation. Well Childcare, it’s been alright for a while. But I just have to let you go. Let’s face it. You and I are not a very good fit together. You and I are through. Nice knowing you. Good luck.

Eating out

I'm not so happily married, I will go into the missed connections, dating sites, when I don't feel seen in my marriage. I use it like an ego boost when I feel low. If I'm really dying for supply, I will write cheesy ambiguous song lyric post so my partner won't know it's me, and talk to women for a boost. I strung along and abused one in particular, it's part of my condition...Anyways, just my luck who walks into the same restaurant me and my spouse were waiting, aaarggghhh. I hunkered down into my booth so she couldn't see me. I think I got away with it. My hamburger tasted good and I didn't want anything to spoil that.

Living with a dog owner

I live with a dog owner who treats her dog like her surrogate child. It's horrible. Dogs don't get nuance. This dog needs clear training, as a dog. I suspect, with all the echo chambers online, dog owners will eventually want their fur babies to have human rights (if not already). I honestly believe these people are psycho.


I have become old, and therefore invisible. That was OK, until Covid. Now being invisible far too often means stepping off the sidewalk - sometime into traffic - to maintain a safe distance from someone much, much younger than me. Someone who doesn't even see me, because I have become... invisible. Makes me sad.


Met you at the warehouse

The last day of your 2 week stint at the warehouse, you stayed 15 minutes after your shift while...


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