Stay single. Don’t give in to society

I truly feel the key to being happy and content is being single. Sure, relationships may be exciting at the beginning, but how many people are truly happy in them? All you hear is about cheating, drama, stress...

Thank you

For not staring at me last week on the streets. I got off medication about 2 months ago that messed up my hormones really badly and my face is covered in pimples, scars, cysts, you name it. It was my first time leaving the house without makeup and I was heading to the doctors for my acne prescriptions. I only had one person stare at me in disgust. Just a reminder that not everyone who has acne doesn’t care about their health or is simply a dirty person. Sometimes it’s the luck of the genetic draw (my mother also suffered with skin issues and hormonal imbalances), could be stress or other health issues. Don’t be quick to judge and please don’t stare. You don’t know how much courage it took to leave the house.

Mansplaining is not a thing

Confronting irrational choises based on emotions with logic is not a bad thing. 95% of the time that logical opinions are cast aside as mansplaining, is because the rebuttle is based in facts, while the original opinion is based on feelings. The age old sentiment specifically states, the truth hurts.

I love kids but

...a library is not a place to take them, and even if you must, there are sections for parents with children. Any parent should do their due diligence in finding these and going to those designated spots as a matter of consideration instead of imposing their sense of entitlement on the larger public. Or, conversely, go somewhere that noise is acceptable. To parents like these, I say this to you: not everyone thinks your children are precious...nor the way you impose yourself in interacting with them as if you are the only one who matters because you chose to exercise your right to breed. Just because I can drive a car doesn't mean I should automatically do so. I had to take a test to prove I was capable enough to have the right. So you can understand when I say that self-entitled parents like these make me wish that parents in general had to take classes and get a license before being allowed to have children. The world would be much better off.

Vancouver taxi companies suck

After leaving a friend's party at 2am on New Years night, I was surprised - and glad - to see a decent number of cabs on the streets. We hailed one which stopped but as soon as we tried the doors, we found they were locked and he drove off. A couple minutes later, another slowed down just long enough to say that he didn't "want guys in his cab". I haven't supported ride-sharing in the past because I believe a certain amount of regulation is needed for passenger safety. But it's obvious that the cab companies in this city don't follow regulations anyways. So fuck it. And them. Ride-sharing can't come soon enough. I want to see all those shitty entitled taxi companies eat it financially. Had they just offered a decent service, I would still be on their side.

I love my alone time

The older I get, the more I appreciate alone time. When you can be comfortable being alone, you reach a new level of freedom and confidence. Even travelling alone is great - I can do whatever I want, see whatever I want, eat whatever I want...


I was doing laundry and popped down to McDonald's for the dry cycle and I saw a man and his son sitting in the restaurant at a table just hanging out, the boy had his head down sleeping and the dad was looking at his phone and they had a bunch if stuff with them. It was 12: 30 am. Man my heart went out to them. I wish I had a big buliding so I could give everyone a place to call home. I so wanted to help but i cant even help myself right now. I hope Im wrong about their situation. It was so late for a little kid to be out. The dad looked like a really nice guy. Dam shitty world sometimes !!! You feel so helpless.


I heard him packing this morning before I left on my walk. I felt hope. I didn’t feel any anxiety about him leaving. I wanted him to leave. I feel like being with him was holding me back mentally. Then relief when he actually did. I haven’t cried.

Harry and Meghan

I don't want a dime of my taxes spent on supporting their lavish life.

Living life on my own terms

I love being single and I can say that with 100% honesty. I have so much to accomplish and do and I can’t risk any distractions or bad decisions at this point. I’m excited for what’s to come. I spent so many years on fake friends and shit boyfriends. I’m doing me now. Thank you God.


Bald head, nice smile, international...

Me: black hoodie, coral scarf looking for my friend after we saw a movie ...


Savage Love: Don’t look to Hollywood for sex advice

I worry that I may be unintentionally using the pain that I lovingly experience from my partner as a replacement for the pain I used to experience from my bad habits.