Shut up or leave!

I get angry when newcomers or visitors (and more often than not it seems that Australians are the worst for this) whine about or make fun of the rain here. You should have done some research before coming—we basically live in a temperate rainforest. You know all those beautiful trees and the lush green spaces you like to take selfies in? Not possible without the rain. Rain is life here, and it's beautiful. If you want nonstop heat and glaring sun, go to a desert. And show some respect for Mother Nature; the land doesn't exist to serve your delusional, ignorant vacation dreams.

18 Months Sober

It’s drinking on patios season, and I’ve been going through a rough patch. The temptation is strong. But I’m not going to cave. My health and wellbeing are worth fighting for.

Love hairy guys

They are just so f***ing, hot in bed porn sexy! I tried to like the hairless ones. No offense to them, but unless they work out and are packed with muscles, it's like trying to cozy up to a deflated balloon. Just not manly. I feel like I'm with a pre-pubescent kid. total turn-off. Sorry!

What I need

is very little, really. I have always made do on a fairly low income, and I like the feeling of being resourceful over spending money. A brisk walk outside is nice, maybe the occasional hike. Library books. Music. Public art. Good laughs and conversation. Someone who loves me unwaveringly, who I love ferociously in return. All of those things are free.

It Happened

After trying to find a girlfriend in the Lower Mainland for years I was about to give up. I was never good looking or successful enough. It was always one thing after another. I almost lost hope but went on vacation in the Netherlands and met so many amazing women. They were beautiful, cool, confident, had their own jobs, and challenged me physically and intellectually. I fell in love with one and she has moved here to live with me. Sounds really crazy and its completely unlike anything I would do but I had to take my shot. Don't lose hope people in Vancouver and take your shot at love.

Holy crap, last hangover almost killed me.

No kidding, 4 days of vomiting, no eating, chugging water, horrible shame and depression. Took my leftover bottles to the street guys on the corner. Enjoy guys cuz I am done with booze.

I like the rain

Yesterday, it rained a wee bit, and I remembered why I like rain here. It washes away the pee off the downtown streets, replacing the air with that clean smell from all our plants, flowers and trees that make the city pretty. The plants get a snack and get green again, that's nice. Most of all, though, is how it makes all the beggars scramble and disappear. The streets look normal. Nobody lying around in garbage hanging around every store entrance harassing people. The streets are normal, the way it used to be. Davie Street used to be a pleasure, and somehow city hall and the VPD have ignored the conditions of the streets. They put up all these cafe spaces and built a park on a side street and the neighbourhood is like Hastings, with crazy homeless everywhere. I think the city is doing this on purpose to drive out the residents as a favor to landlords do they can raise rents as everyone flees. You sure don't see that mess in the richer neighborhoods like Yaletown, Coal Harbour or Alberni Street; they'd never allow it. But when it rains, all that mess vanishes, and it feels like a nice place again. I miss the sun, but the rain sure offers a tempting trade-off.

Missed the mark

I overshot what I thought was normal in my friend group. They didn’t like me dressing up in my furry outfit at the last Bbq. Why not bbq while dressed up classy style as a penguin though? It was a grande day. I still feel accomplished.

Pat on the back

For those of you out there who have transcended limiting beliefs, societal expectations, self-doubt, excuses, ego, and fear and have worked your ass off to produce something you are proud of, I salute you. I confess that I hope to one day cut through my bullshit and do the same.

No Excuses

Ever since that time someone who was obviously texting and driving nearly went through a red light and hit my dog an I, I'm a real asshole to people who text and drive.


J from Montreal

You were heading for the West Coast Trail, and I was heading for the Juan de Fuca. We swapped a...


Savage Love: Cuckolding is a privilege, not a right

"I’ve been hung up on cuckold fantasies with my female partner for years now."