Kind of in love

With how Trump is giving all of those neoliberals the middle finger and the communists wish they did it first.

Oh the humanity!

I still get a warm feeling inside when I nod or smile or say hi at someone passing me on my walks. I even feel a bit guilty for making myself feel so much better when people return the gesture. Keeps my hope in humanity alive. It's still the small things peeps.

Cloudy Summer

I really liked it. No awful heat swell. No real rain. No daily forest fire evacuations on the news. Perfect, beautiful summer.

Best crosswalk to stop traffic and feel powerful!

The best cross walk in the city is the one next to Mount Pleasant community center on Kingsway. You can literally cross the street causing so much heavy traffic to stop. Makes you feel like a Demi-god. It’s 1/2 a block before a light, and not necessary at all, and on a super busy street.

Scapegoat aka black sheep

It’s been noted that frequently the person in any family that gets labeled the black sheep is actually the family’s scapegoat, and that they’re also the only one who’s not afraid to shout the truth from the rooftops. So I confess: I am proudly the truth-telling black sheep/scapegoat of my family. I also played the same role in any of the many businesses I was involved with during my working years. It’s been this way for 7 decades and I’ve made my peace with it.


I'm working in retail for a summer job. It's hard to make correct change when people pay with cash! Especially the rounding!

Definitely becoming more of a

misanthrope, especially in my old age. Very solitary, almost hermit-like existence these days but I’m also more at peace and content than ever. A couple of friends I see now and then but mostly it’s just me, myself and I.

What They Don't Tell You

My boyfriend and I broke up. Now he kicked me out of his apartment and took the keys to his car. So now I am back living at home in my childhood bedroom. I am so much luckier then most people because I have my parents and a support system.


Cutie riding the All-City

I caught up to you at Fraser, you caught up to me at Kingsway and flashed me a big smile. I was...


Savage Love: Quick answers to your burning queries

Most people who are partnered with sexsomniacs prefer not to have sex with their partners when they’re unconscious.