Social housing

It must be nice to just sign-up for that.... I wish I didn't try. I have the slightest bit too much money so I do not qualify, but work my ass off. I can see why people just quit their jobs and work their way into the permanent "take care of me government!" system.

Things are really weird in Canada

Like, why aren't people getting along? It's a relatively safe area that people want to live in... instead, people are being forced to agree with ideas like it is some extremist totalitarian time?


I recently went to a bar with several of my friends and could not understand why we were all single. We are all beautiful, educated, and intelligent women in our 30's. Any man would be lucky to have us. The only men that approach us are the type that only want a quick "hookup" but not a lasting relationship. Seriously where are the quality men in Vancouver. I am sick of being single and spending my Friday nights watching Netflix and eating leftovers.

I want a sexy 90s office romance

It was really easy to flirt and romance at the office. Today, it's just an idea that gets you fired. No wonder everyone hardly lives at the office and dies single these days.

“Woke” is a joke

I wonder if I’m the only person who feels that the word “Wokeness” is so overused these days. It’s just another laughable “controversy” created by people who claim to hate cancel culture but spend their time cancelling groups they don't like.

Hunkering down

I can’t help but feel ripped off left, right and centre. What used to be a loaf of my favourite bread is now 1/3 smaller at the same price. Like the bread manufacturer thought consumers would not notice. It’s so obviously smaller! My previous go-to pastry used to have a full egg across the bun. The egg is now a 1” wide strip down the middle. I threw it out in disgust. A mid-level comedian is coming to town next year. I searched for tickets, and it will cost $2200 for 1 ticket. So I’ve decided that while restaurants are struggling, and theatres need filling, I’m not partaking in these consumer shenanigans on my dime. Not buying Xmas presents, not giving my money away for the next several months. So tired of this “new normal”.

Maybe I Should Buy You a Drink

I live in an amazing time. Compared to my great grandmother who immigrated here after the Titanic; who optimistically on the boat manifest wrote her occupation as typist, crossed it out, and then a little too optimistically wrote 'cook'. Side note Lil Gran would have been better as a typist. She was a terrible cook and reknowned for making tea and biscuits for dinner. I incidentally take after her in that regard. In her time, crossing an ocean was an amazing feat. Fast forward over a hundred years and I've crossed multiple oceans, lived in countless countries, drive, live independently, vote, have a job, use a washer and dryer, don't have to get married or have kids, and can wear pants. It's an amazing time. Yet... why am I miserable? Do I expect too much? In the pursuit of independance I find myself at a loss for companionship. Maybe a protocol or etiquette to making introductions has been lost over time. And perhaps if I was paid as much as a man I could afford an obnoxious dog I don't have time to train instead of a partner. So what is the next innovation for women? Tinder has lost it's spark.


I don’t want to leave. Vancouver is home. But on a Friday night, or any night for that matter, where am I? My apartment. Sitting in candlelight lost in thought. Embarrassingly the place is barely larger than my childhood bedroom growing up in the back country. There’s pressure to settle down in a small town. I have little life outside of my job here, my favourite haunts that I can no longer afford, friends that have moved away. The neighbourhoods are changing. More skyscrapers sprouting on the skyline. I skim through events hoping I’ll find something that sparks a feeling of life in me but nothing comes. I want to live and I don’t know why or how. Starting again somewhere else feels like defeat. My life isn’t a Hallmark movie. I don’t know where to go and I don’t want to leave, but it feels like there’s nothing here for me. There’s no place like home, anymore.


I am working 80 hours a week and am barely getting by in this City. Between rent, cost of food, and everything else its like I am saving barely anything at the end of every month. I don't care what anyone else thinks I need a guy that makes decent money. I can't marry for just love.

One Wish At A Time

When I see a full moon I wish for the health of my parents. They are the age demographic where luck is definitely needed. However, this past full moon I admit I selfishly wished for a date with my dream woman. I realize it's coincidence but one parent almost immediately became hospitalized in the intensive care unit and I had to fly home halfway across the world. My flight layover turned out to be in the dream woman's city too. I admit I searched for her a bit...but I found a fountain instead, and flipped in a coin and changed back the wish.


B from BCAA

Dear B: My mom caught her car over a curb this evening in front of my building so she called BCAA...