I am Not Rich

I own two houses with assessed values of 4.5 million and 2.7 million. I am sick and tired of people in the media portraying people like myself as wealthy. I have worked extremely hard for this. Working 7 days a week at two jobs with no vacations for years. Most young people have no idea what it takes to own property and save vast amounts of money or how much you have to sacrifice. You have to sacrifice vacations and going out drinking with your buddies. I see you on the weekends drinking and in the morning driving around in expensive financed cars you can't afford wearing designer clothes bought on credit. Young guy at my work is driving around in a brand new BMW and drinking expensive $5 coffee everyday and eating lunch out everyday and going to clubs on weekends and running up bar tabs paying one credit card bill with another credit card and he has the audacity to say they are entitled to own houses without putting in the work. He's getting evicted from his rental and he doesn't even care. Bragging to his friends about how the landlord can't touch him for six months and how uncool the landlord is. If you are a young person and are not working two jobs 80 hours a week then you can't complain about housing because you aren't putting in the work like we did.

I build disposable homes

I don't care about the quality of what I build anymore and neither does anyone I work with. Not my coworkers, not my boss and certainly not the developer that hired us. Whats the point? Sometimes the homes we build get left empty sometimes they just get flipped a bunch of times and sold to a foreigner. As long as it looks good when the buyers walk by everybody's happy. We may as well be building movie sets. I don't build with love anymore I build with hate, hate for the rich bastard who hired me to build a mansion just so he could sell it and make a bunch more money, hate for the system that has facilitated this kind of a market, and hate for myself that I have no choice but to continue to build poor quality luxury homes no one can afford to live in. I'm sorry really I am. Please don't buy anything built in last 10 years. Try to find one of those post-war homes that haven't been torn down yet. At least they were built by passionate tradespeople not broken hearted self-hating profiteers.

People Before Profits

I own six small apartment buildings in Vancouver. In my 40 years as a landlord in Vancouver I have never had to evict a single person. I have always followed my gut when selecting tenants. I can tell after a quick conversation whether a person is honest and hard working and trying to do good with their life. I of course run credit checks and check their work histories but for the most part its gut instinct. I was one of the first landlords to rent to gays and single women in the West End. I am so old that single women used have to have their father sign the rental agreements for them. You actually got better tenants because they appreciated the opportunity. I think this whole thing about landlords versus tenants can be solved by pure honesty and following the golden rule. People before profits is the only way to live.

Canadian Dream...

is dead. Upward mobility is gone. You fight daily just not to lose the class you were born into. This is what open borders globalism has wrought. A race to the bottom. Just look at the army of homeless on Vancouver streets. 30-ish university educated Canadians sharing 1 bedroom apts. Pathetic.

Day 1

Went to bed sober last night. First time in.... Well, a long, long time. Had one beer after work and went outside for a walk instead of cracking a bottle. Feels good man.

the old lady that called me a liar on the bus today

Dear Old Lady, you called me an asshole and a liar for not giving you my seat today. I guess you didn't know, priority seating is for those in need. not just you, for being old. I understand you might not have expected to hear that I needed to stay sitting. I get it, I'm young and look fit and I may not look hurt. but i wasn't lying to you when i said it hurts to stand up. you called me a liar. If you knew the pain I've suffered through in the past 14 months. If there is one thing in this world I wish for on a daily basis, it's that I could just stand comfortably for a few minutes. or maybe, juuuust maybe, one day that I wasn't in excruciating pain... but it still hurts to stand. walking is hellish. And you had the gall to call me a liar. You demanded my seat because you are a senior. But refused to listen to me when I told the truth. could you not see the pain in my eyes? I wish I could stand and offer my seat to those who need it, like I always used to do. but today, today I needed to stay sitting. You actually called me an asshole for being disabled today. think about that for a moment. look inside yourself, just for a second. do you have no heart? no soul? is that the problem? go fuck yourself. learn to respect other human beings.

Not a hot hiker

How do all these girls on instagram manage to take selfies of themselves mid-hike where they look flawless and model-like? I always feel and look so disgusting during a hike that the last thing I want is for my photo to be I'd rather focus on the scenery, not myself.

Canada Buys Kinder Morgan Pipeline !!

Justin Trudeau's liberals just secured my vote in the next election. He's FINALLY en-route to becoming his father's son. Oh yes.. in your face ti all the sanctimonious politicians and protestors who are against the twinning of the pipeline. You've NO idea what is good for BC residents, our fellow Canadians and even yourselves. Please leave the province so we can move on now.

Am I a weirdo?

I like the diversity training at Starbucks, but I also like Trump's politics and how he is defending American values. Sounds like I'm a centrist, but everything calls me a right and left wing bigot.. This makes me think that they're the ones being stupid.

Prayer for Love

So this may sound crazy, but my mom who is very religious (Sikh) often tells me that sometimes when we want something and god isn't giving it to us, god will listen to the prayers of others. In other words, a complete stranger can connect with god on your behalf- its like the stranger is a liason or a good luck charm. I would like to ask you wonderful strangers out there to pray for me- that I find love and happiness. I know it is selfish, but it would mean so much to me. I am currently suffering from low self esteem, body image issues, chronic pain, depression, work stress, financial stress and terminal illness of a loved one. I am broken and need help. I am a 29 year old single female, who has never dated, had a boyfriend, anything. I am kind, have worked hard my whole life, contribute to my community, and treat others with respect. I feel so lonley, I want nothing more than to find peace, love, confidence, happiness and a spark in life. Please pray for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. -N


Reserving seats in a movie theatre is ridiculous. And what’s even more idiotic is when you tell us we are in your seats when the theatre is empty. Just sit wherever you want princesses, just like in the old days. PS. Never going to the Fifth Avenue again.

For all you transit riders

For the last time, take off your f*ing backpacks and large bags if it's getting packed. And keep moving to the back of the bus. Geezus.


This confession was inspired by one I just read from yesterday called “poor travellers” First of all I would like anyone reading this to know that I spent my late teens and early adult life homeless and living on the street/outside in general in Vancouver. As such, I feel I have a pretty unique perspective on this issue. There are several reasons I ended up there, but briefly: drug addiction, family problems, falling through the cracks... blah, blah, blah the usual stuff. No one to blame but myself really. My life took a turn for the better just over a decade ago. But before that, I did my best not to be seen. Which of course is impossible, but never in my life did I sleep on the sidewalk of say, Granville street downtown. I did my best to sleep “comfortably” in alleys, stairwells, under bridges, and the occasional abandoned house. (It was never comfortable; one morning I was sleeping in an alley behind a business on Main st. somewhere south of Broadway. The weather was cold and wet. I was pregnant. Despite having fallen asleep somewhere outdoors and not in anyone’s way, that I thought would keep me dry, I woke up being drenched with icy cold water. It was coming out of a hose the business owner was deliberately spraying me with. I’d like to think I was able to have a hot shower somewhere after that, but I don’t recall. Another time, a group of young guys thought it would be fun to throw large rocks at my tent, not knowing at first if anyone was in it. There was someone in it, me, and it wasn’t fun. I tried yelling at them to stop. I tried yelling for help. They didn’t stop, and help never came. I was scared to come out so I just covered my head with a pillow, hoping they would leave soon without causing me any serious injuries) Despite never receiving welfare and never having had a job during that time of my life, I never once panhandled, scammed, stole from people’s homes or cars. (I also want to add that I didn’t sell my body. That was my personal choice. Some people don’t get to choose, as for those who do, it is a perfectly legitimate line of work in my opinion.) When I see people panhandling or scamming it makes me furious. I still struggle financially, nothing like before, but I still can’t afford to hand out my pocket change, nor would I for anyone who asked me for it. The panhandlers and scammers may have it a little rough. But I’ve known so many of them personally and I am telling you, firsthand, many of them are self serving, lazy, entitled a$$holes, and are undeserving of your money. Christmas time was always tempting for me to panhandle when I’d see the hundreds of dollars a day, the food, and the presents those leeches sucked up. But honestly, I’m glad I didn’t. The exceptions I give are to seniors who I can tell are not career panhandlers, and anyone who has something to offer that I want or I enjoy. For example, a guy selling his art outside a nightclub (still need to get my own K.Foster), or a busker playing the guitar and sharing her beautiful voice with the world. You wanna give money directly to someone who needs it? Give it to the guy in the dumpster. The kid sleeping in an alley. The lady who tries to conceal the tent she lives in in a wooded area you go to walk your dog. Wanna help someone directly without giving money? Offer a ride to the elderly person using a walker with a few bags of empty bottles you just drove by at a skytrain station or bus stop. Don’t have a car? Offer to help them on or off the bus. Most people are too proud to ask for or even sometimes accept help. Use your better judgment and just help when the situation calls for it. And by no means am I saying you have an obligation to be a good person. My message is for those want to be, but need a little guidance. Basically, open your eyes! Observe the humans around you. Be curious, use your imagination and get in touch with your empathy. Be kind! And thank you from the bottom of my heart to the few who were generous and kind to me when I had nothing to offer them in return!


If I go into a restaurant with friends or family, it is to enjoy a tasty meal and our own conversion. I hate it when a server hears a tidbit and decides to make a comment...sometimes nice, sometimes sassy; please , just smile, say thank you and mind your own business. You do not need to know or comment on personal details. The last irritating encounter was at a restaurant on Main.


Solo Brunch with a Book

I was eating brunch alone at the bar, reading a book. As I left you stopped me to tell me that...


Savage Love: Men making mouth music mistakes

I was discussing my lack of oral sex with Sam and he said he’d be willing to “help me out”.