Can't find employees? You're the problem.

Vancouver is filled with business owners and managers who have no idea how to be a boss, and then complain about how hard it is to fill positions. Don't be surprised if your business has a bad reputation because you are cheap or a jerk. After interviews, follow up, don't ghost. If you are demanding post secondary qualifications, don't offer minimum wage. Know the labour laws. Don't assume everyone is out to get you, because you have terrible people picking skills and are to cheap to hire HR or recruitment specialists. Be a good boss, you'll find good employees. If you can't afford good employees, maybe you shouldn't be in business.

Luxury yacht employee with dirty secret

I was working on a luxury charter yacht sometime in the 00s. It was a lot of fun and we dealt with very eccentric people. One night we were hosting a family reunion for quite a large international family. There were nationalities present. I was bartending that night and had the pleasure of conversing with them. Thru out the night I met an odd elderly couple from Australia. The woman looked like a bedazzled Miss Frizzle and the husband like any regular bloke. The woman would come to the bar and drink nothing but grandmarnier. After about 2-3 hours into the cruise the woman came up to me and asked if had seen her Australian flag tote bag. She said it had her thongs(flipflops), purse and cellphone in it. The staff team took this request quite seriously and started to search all three decks. After an extensive search there was still no sign of the bag. Where could it be right? She would keep coming up to ask us if we had found it. Mind you she had finished half a bottle of GM. We started to assume she was crazy and had dementia. I was the biggest factor in this accusation as I had started the whole discussion. Even going as far as making jokes about her dementia... She was really annoying tho... Nearing the end of cruise underneath the lions gate bridge I was relieved of my bar duties, I decided to take my camera and take some photos of the starry night from the top deck. I walked out onto the deck, everyone had gone inside, it was just the jazz musicians gathering their belongings. We chat a bit and I help them take down some tables they were using. As I pulled the table cloth off one of the tables, something caught my eye. I looked underneath and there it was...... The fucking bag she was looking for. I look inside and sure enough the contents are confirmed hers. I remembered all the jokes I had made and couldn’t bring myself to recant them and assume error. Then all of a sudden without any hesitation my brain told my arm to grab the bag and throw it off the side and into the ocean. It landed with a small splash and sunk like a sack of potatoes. I wonder if she ever became crazy causeof me.....

Real Problems

I let my dog poop on the lawns of all the brand new empty houses that displaced my neighbours. Let the real estate devils pick it up.

Not Satisfactory

Years ago a woman who works as an instructor refused to go out with me so I wrote poor teaching evaluations for her online. I feel bad about it now.

I confess, I'd do it again.

There were three of us waiting to play a public piano. Out of the three I was next and the two others guys were much better than I. There was a little native girl, maybe three, playing joyfully. None of us minded waiting and the girl and mom were having a great time. Up rolls a guy in a wheelchair, he says to the child; "can I play the piano?" He scared the child off. I said to him; "there are three others waiting and intimidating the kid is not cool" He looked at me bitterly He then asked us to move the stool out of the way so he could play I said; "wait your turn" The guy actually said; "But I'm in a wheelchair" in a whiney tone I couldn't believe the entitled attitude of the asshole I sat down and started playing The guy sat close by yapping like a little dog He called me all kinds of names and called me an asshole I cussed the a-hole out good What an attitude and the mouth on the douchebag I'd do it again, in a heartbeat I confess, I hate assholes

Worst industry ever

Construction. No, really, it is the worst and it's due to the people. Safety is a joke. They give you orientation but many "safety officers" just read through the items like reading a grocery list. Thanks buddy, I can read already, what are you good for besides being a figurehead? Worse is when something bad happens. Unsafe conditions? Turn a blind eye. The project is more important than whether someone gets hurt. I had one safety guy glued to his chair and vaguely indicate where bandages were, and this is no fly by night company either. Harassment? Ignored. In fact, how dare you complain. Guess who gets sent away or worse, fired? Not the monster who makes his coworkers pay for his shitty existence. Forget Worksafe, this is underfunded and filled with helpless inspectors who know they can't do a thing to make a real difference. They push you to mediation instead of holding companies accountable. Truth be told, mediators just want to get home within the first hour they meet with you so they push for garbage. Either way, once you go that route you may as well change careers because now you're poison. It's a rotten industry with horrible people getting away with the kind of crap that would stun you and nobody from the top down cares. Young people aren't changing it either, they're carrying the same stunted torch of bad behavior and poor attitude that makes it your worst nightmare. I dread the weak-willed temperamental selfish bosses, the pissy workers, the everything in between. I'm ditching this nightmare with huge regret that I ever chose it to begin with. It's filled with ex-cons, bullies, cheats and liars. Think about that next time you pass by a construction site. It's a personality crisis made of steel and stone, retched and corrupt.

Get a Hold of Yourselves

When people with coffee stains on their teeth ask me for a third and fourth refill while staring at me all wide eyed and quivering it makes me want to pour it over their head.

Old tattoos

I confess that I wish I could live long enough to see how all the people who’ve covered themselves in tattoos now, will look when they get to be as old as me. : ) : )

Personal space

My roommates partner hid in my room to scare me today and it made me so angry. I don’t care if it sounds like I’m overreacting. I’m so irritated. Not only was he in my room completely uninvited, I didn’t invite him to grab me either. Nothing pisses me off faster than unwanted invasion of my personal space. Hide around the corner to startle me, for what purpose? I live in a kind of sketchy part of the city. I already look over my shoulder constantly. My home was broken into while I was present earlier this year. I’ve been followed home, I’ve had a stalker. Someone jumping out at me in my own home is not pleasant, or even slightly funny to me. Keep your hands to yourself and stay out of my space! Why do people think it’s entertaining to make others uncomfortable or scared? Grow up!


I confess that one of the final nails in the coffin was the incompatible belief systems between us. I had managed to push down the revulsion I frequently felt when they would express blatantly sexist or racist behaviour, although they would claim to be “just kidding”, because so many other things about the relationship were great. But the staunch support they had for that monster down south was a definite tipping point. I just cannot understand how any decent person can support someone who is so obviously completely corrupt and morally repugnant. To me that indicates a truly problematic character flaw, and that feeling added to the other issues was eating away at me to the point where I just couldn’t ignore it any longer. Some things are simply too important to deny.



First saw you behind us on the beachs... you were adjusting your lounge chair "of course you...


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