Stop bashing parents

I confess that I’m sick of seeing posts from people who think they’re virtuous and superior because they’ve decided they don’t want to have children. Personally I couldn’t care less whether you do or don’t, but this stupid attitude has to stop. When it comes down to it the majority of people who state that they don’t want kids either don’t have a choice anyway, or don’t want them because they prefer having a life without obligations to anyone else. I’m not judging you for that. I believe that anyone who has the ability and means to have children should be able to do so, although I also believe that those nutcases who pop out another one every year are irresponsible. Be reasonable! If no one has kids anymore, who do you think is going to take care of you when you get old? Who’s going to be working and paying into the social services that you’re going to need at that time in your life? Get off your high horses and admit to yourselves that your attitude has nothing whatsoever to do with you caring more about the state of the world just because you don’t want children. One thing I’ve definitely noticed about the people I personally know who once said they were never having kids who subsequently did have them, is that they became much nicer overall. Having to be fully responsible for another human being tends to make a person less self-absorbed, more understanding and patient, and often gives them an entirely new appreciation for life on earth, not to mention maturity. Those of you who think you’re extra-special because you don’t want them are delusional.

I'm Home Sick For A Country I Wasn't Born In.

In Rome after a late supper, the locals will get out of their small apartments and hit the streets to Struscio. To Struscio is "to rub" or stroll through the neighbourhood checking one another out to see who's dating who, see what people are wearing this year, men will check out woman and yes woman checking out men, catch-up with neighbours or just sit on some stairs and eat ice cream or have a beer and watch the nightly event unfolding. No matter how hard things get economically Italians seem to always find a bit of magic in their lives. I can't understand why a city like Vancouver in a country that's quite prosperous has so little magic? What's going on here and how can it be corrected? it's a city (and country) with so little magic.

“Value” Village

No one should ever have to not buy what they want at Value Village because it’s too expensive. That happened to me this week. It’s garbage. In both senses. Literally, you are paying for what other people threw out. Why are there dresses there for $30 when they’re $14.99 at H&M? “Hey Value Village, get your shit together! You got the shit for free!”

Pregnant and pissed!

I'm 6 months pregnant and commute by skytrain every day for work. I've been absolutely appalled by people's lack of etiquette in offering a visibly pregnant woman their seat. I would say 1 in 10 offer me their seats, the others pretend they're sleeping/ watch Netflix or play games on their phone/ avoid any eye contact with me. I shouldn't have to ask! Of course I want your seat- my back hurts from carrying a human around 24/7 and I'm effing tired. Come on people, bring back common decency before I lose my mind!

Stop smoking near me

I don't want your cancer. Why do you pay to poison yourself? Imagine the house you could've bought by now instead of buying cigarettes all this time. I thought dumb people would have evolved by now. Stop smoking beside me while I'm at a bus stop, go destroy yourself somewheres else. For the love of pete.

OK So Maybe I'm Not A Team Player

... because I don't want to be obligated into spending $45 on lunch, tips and drinks every other Friday. There's other people I'd rather do that with outside of work.

Dining out in Vancouver

With every passing day, cooking and eating at home seems more and more inviting. I simply can't get behind dining out in this city anymore. Walking into a restaurant brings you face to face with obnoxiously loud music (always the same 5 songs, every time), and deafening ambient noise. Why is every table always packed full of people screaming into their phones? Why is a lousy pint of beer easily $9-10 now, and why does the server who brings it to me and then vanishes for 45 minutes expect a 25 percent tip on top of that? Making your own food at home (and buying your own beer) is way less stress. You save a ton of money, can be in your sweatpants, and aren't stuck with any annoying people around you at all. (And before anyone asks, I'm in my mid-30s, and a guy - so I can only imagine how folks older than me might feel). Has eating out - even causally - gotten less and less pleasant (or affordable) in this city? Or is it just me?

Dating Strategy

My strategy for dating is simply numbers. Ask out as many women as possible. Some are bound to say yes. You would be surprised how many cute women are on the rebound or desperate on any given day. Women crave sex just like men and you are bound to get one that's been cheated on recently or in a dry spell. Then don't make yourself too available. Always tell them you'll check your schedule. Make it seem like you have a lot going on. Things like family functions, sports you play, sports you watch, trips. Women want a guy who has a full life. Don't try to impress them with a fancy dinner. Just a normal place is good for a first date. Make yourself mysterious and interesting. Women love gabbing to their friends about whats going on with the guys in their lives. There is nothing wrong with this strategy and I think a lot of guys can use it in their daily lives.


Bel Cafe stylish fedora

You: gorgeous suit, coffee with 2 friends/colleagues discussing traveling. No wedding ring. Me:...


Savage Love: It’s time to consider the extra lobster

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