Music dose NOT belong on the SEAWALL

Hello World! Hey, you going for a bike ride, rollerblade, skateboard or even a run? STOP blasting your crappy music from a loudspeaker for everyone to hear, there is not a single thing I can think of that is more offensive than this. I am outside enjoying the outdoors, I DO NOT want to hear what YOU think is good music, even if it is I have no desire to hear it and then have it stuck in my head for two days. Put on your earphones like a normal person and let the public enjoy the outdoors in peace.

I scared the hell out of a passenger

Well, there's more to the story. I was waiting to cross the street at Burrard and Georgia... and there was a car waiting to turn right... a fancy convertible with a douchey driver and a -- well, I don't need to insult her look, but it goes with what happened next. She was smoking a cigarette, and she contemptuously threw it out of the car, where it landed right by my feet. So I picked it up and threw it back in the car, where it must have landed on her lap or on the floor, I'm not sure. She screamed. I heard the driver yelling "What the FUCK!?!" But the light turned green for me, so I started crossing. And I heard some yelling and honking behind me, but I didn't turn around and there was no big explosion, so I think everything is just fine... as it should be under the circumstances. So yeah, don't litter.

This might be lame

I love my cat so much. He makes my day better immediately, every time I see him. He came from a shelter and I often wonder why someone would give him away because he is so lovely. I'm grateful that they did, because now I have this little animal purring next to me, filling my heart with joy.

Lack of Fortitude

Living outside of the lower mainland and continually hearing and reading about the so called ‘housing crisis’ in Vancouver and area is becoming increasingly frustrating. The cost of housing to purchase or rent on the lower mainland is admittedly ludicrous, but what is more so is the fact that people continue to choose to live there. Some even believe they have a given right or deserve to so demanding the government takes measures to ensure affordability. The lower mainland does have a lack of affordable housing but the citizens constantly complaining about it possess a lack of fortitude. Throughout history human beings who couldn’t make it where they lived packed up, said goodbye to their loved ones knowing full well that they may never see them again and left. They possessed the resolve to recognize that their present situation was less than desirable and that they were the only ones who could change it. They trekked across vast and dangerous lands or sailed unpredictable seas aboard leaky wooden boats searching for opportunity and a livable existence. The greater province of British Columbia is such a place. British Columbia, which doesn’t end at Chilliwack, features dozens of communities both large and small that offer affordable housing and opportunity. There are many communities where home (not just a cramped condo in a concrete high rise) ownership is a reality, where commutes to work are less than 15 minutes and where there are as many recreational and cultural activities as in the lower mainland. Most are within a day’s drive or short flight to Vancouver, if you really have the need to go there, and many are actively looking for new citizens of all backgrounds. So what’s keeping the complainers and others from taking advantage of what this province has to offer? A distinct lack of fortitude. The courage and strength to leave behind the known for the unknown, even if the known is suffering with a three part time jobs, pay cheque to pay cheque existence. The courage to leave behind basement living in your parent’s home and 3 year wait lists for daycare. The strength to leave behind the support networks of family and friends to see if you can make it own your own. No one owes anyone the means to live in Vancouver and no one should expect to be helped out of a situation that they choose to stay in when there are countless opportunities within a day’s drive. So suck it up, pack it up and move. I did fifteen years ago and except when I’m hearing about the housing crisis in Vancouver, I’m content. Michael Bruce Williams Lake

Enough all ready

I am tired (and exhausted)of having to ignore evil glares, off-handed comments and abusive behavior on the bus and train when I sit in the assigned/designated seating for seniors and/or disabled. I may not look "disabled"enough for you, but my stage 4 breast cancer has qualified me for disability and that seat. Let me die with dignity and ride transit in peace; I am tired of debating with random strangers why I get to sit.

"I'm Sorry to Hear That" is a meaningless cliche

I hate it when people say it to me. It's a meaningless response to a person expressing actual pain and suffering. If you break it down, it actually seems to mean "it sucks that I'm hearing this" when what you really mean is "I have empathy for you" which is actually pretty cold and narcissistic as well. I think it's better to say "That sounds really difficult" or "I can tell how much you are hurting" and follow up with "are you okay?" or "is there anything I can do?". Well intentioned or not, don't be a trite asshole whose empathy consists of an empty 5 words. Note to self: start a counselling business where people pay 100 dollars to lay on a a couch and rant for 20 minutes before I say "I'm sorry to hear that". For an extra 50 I'll throw in "my thoughts and prayers are with you".

Generation Jones

Mr ridiculous brother in law gets into such a deep funk to the point he has trouble getting out of bed over the state on the planets environment and how that will impact his two children's future. They live in a four bedroom home with a den, dining, family, and a living room that's never used and the last child is leaving home next week and they have no plans to downsize. They own three cars. Two daily drivers and a collectable with a carburetor and exhaust that wouldn't pass emissions if it was manufactured in the last 20 years. They go to Hawaii or a cruise three times a year. He had an opportunity to move to the UK but turned it down because the living space in that country was too small so that gives you an idea where he's coming from. Needless to say, their carbon footprint is f#%king enormous! That generation feels it's their birthright to live like that but when confronted with idea they might have to downsize and do something for somebody else or even their children's future in this case, they refuse to make the effort. It's a generation of children raising children.

Bring Riverview back

People who are mentally ill need Riverview Hospital back. At least they had a roof over their heads until Gordon Campbell came along and basically shut it down. Now these people have nowhere to go except out and about wasting police resources dealing with their bullshit.

I confess I prefer hanging

With potheads than drunks. 100,000 stoned folks at Sunset Beach and not a single major police incident. Whaddya think might have been the result of 100,000 drunks gathering together?

Septum piercings

I really don't know where people get this idea from that septum piercings look good? They really don't. YOU LOOK LIKE A COW. The fact that people smile to your face, and lie to you about the way you really look, and tell you that you look good with a ring through your nose, is sad. Septum piercings are unprofessional, unnecessary and completely unattractive in both males, and females. TAKE IT OFF!


At whole foods Cambie in line

I saw you and we chatted after you knocked over the shelf as we were in line. Then we chatted...