Double Standard

I work in an office and two women are pregnant. So one of the women is married so nothing but cards, gift baskets, and cakes for her. The other woman isn't married and she doesn't talk about the father at all. This woman gets nothing at work in terms of celebration for her baby. I asked my Director about this discrepancy and she responded by saying that they will not celebrate her allowing herself to share a bed with a man she is not married to. I knew she was religious but no idea she was crazy religious. I just think its wrong that our society looks down on unmarried pregnant women because I think they need the most help.

I love Trump!

Trump is proving an economy can boom when you put local workers first. Letting in masses of cheap foreign labour only benefits the one percent. Why can't Canadians see this??? Canadian real wages haven't risen in decades because of open borders globalism. Why does Canada continually stab itself in the back with uncontrolled immigration??? I'm voting for Bernier.

Alright dudes, real talk

You want to know the truth? Yeah, women do care about how much money you make, and how attractive you are, and how big your dick is. It's pure logic. We don't get paid as much as you, and even if we're an exception when we meet, our careers aren't going to progress as fast, we won't get the marriage bump in our salary, and the bare facts of biology mean our careers are going to get derailed at least somewhat by a pregnancy. Social roles being what they are, we're probably going to end up doing most of the housework, and all the household management, and being unpaid therapist to your emotionally crippled, uncommunicative self, while still dealing with all the extra headaches of shitty experiences of being a woman in this world. And statistical probability is that if she ended up in the role of the breadwinner, your lazy ass isn't going to go all wifely and do all the cooking and cleaning and childcare and planning and housekeeping that women keep up. Also, most of you are pretty terrible in bed and have no idea how to get a woman off, and think sex starts and ends with your boner. So yeah, if we know we're probably going to be dealing with all that crap no matter what dude we end up with, we're going to try the best we can to find a guy who will at least ease some of the financial burden, actually turn us on with their looks, and has enough in the pants for us to work with. If you don't have any of that going for you, you might want to get on board with that whole feminism thing and start creating a more equal society. Until then... well, these are the gender roles we got.

Just FYI

Anyone who reads Confessions regularly knows there's a "dating in Vancouver" flame war that's common here. Most of it doesn't faze me, but there's this one recurring theme that kind of sticks in my craw. Whenever men lament that Vancouver women insist on dating from a scarce pool of elite men, the retort is always, "who are you guys talking about? Instagram models?! You don't look at *real* women! It's your own fault" My new favorite come from the person who asked, "do you guys stand outside designer fashion boutiques or Yaletown restaurants looking for these women?" Ok. So, let me just take a minute to explain something about men. Heterosexual men are sexually attracted to women. I mean, ALL women. We don't care if you're tall, short, thin or plump. We don't care what color you are, where you're from, which religion you practice (if at all), how you earn a living, where you live, or what's in your bank account. I was going to say we just want you to shower regularly and dress decently but on second thought, lots of guys probably wouldn't insist on that either. The point is, no we aren't all prowling for models or sugar babies. That's absurd. We are attracted to most women and it ranges from small crushes to intense attraction. If you want evidence, I can tell you that Schwarzenegger and Hugh grant had affairs with women who were hardly models, and Hugh Jackman is married to a non-celebrity/model. If you're a woman, I can guarantee you that whatever your socioeconomic status or appearance is, there is a guy out there who wants to be with you. Know what's in a man's "checklist?" Be nice to us and fun to spend time with. The reason why all these men are whinging about rejection is that all the things I mentioned above about men, can't be said of women. Sorry, but the truth is that Vancouver women, models or not, tend to have very narrow opinions about who they consider attractive and they're not as disposed to giving anyone a chance as men are. I know this is where the downvotes will pile up, but I'm totally willing to die on this hill. Anyways, I think I'll leave it here. Thanks.

Completely sick of it

Why do we allow white males to act like total morons and get away with it? Trump as president, Kavanaugh as Supreme Court candidate? These guys are lower than the shit on my shoe. So why and how are they in positions of power? Is there no decency in our society where good people prevail? If I (visible minority) acted like how they do for one day, my ass would get kids caked to the curb. White male privilege makes me seeth. I look at my visible minority hard working friends and colleagues who never get promoted and I hate the entire system. There’s a revolt going on right underneath your nose.

Vancouver Has Taught Me

I moved to Vancouver from Regina about 3 years ago and I was a good guy when I got here. I was a hard worker who had this view that there was good in everyone. That got me nothing with women and my career. I looked around and realized everyone is lying and a big phony so I need to be as well to keep up. I tell women I am some type of big shot with tons of money and that gets me laid. I lie non-stop to them and since I say things with confidence they eat it up. At work I am a jerk and that got me a promotion. Yeah coming to work on time and exceeding all work expectations got me nothing but being a total jerk gets your noticed. If someone isn't performing at work I call them out on it and I am not nice about it at all. No more walking on eggshells. I fire people who aren't performing and don't give a #%$@# about it. You think you aren't paid enough then go get another #$@$#@ job and don't complain to me about it. My boss promoted me to Manager and said I have a take no prisoners type of attitude and am willing to do anything to succeed. Vancouver has brought out the worst in me and maybe this is who I am and I can't go back now.


I just came back from Brazil and the men were chasing after me and my friends in the streets. Everyone was so friendly and the Latin men are so sexy. Its such an open culture. Men danced with me in the street to street music and they could dance and move their hips. I consider myself an ok dancer but I had trouble keeping up. Its more of a traditional society where men are expected to be men. I offered to pay for my drinks and meals and not a single man let me. They considered it an insult. Even the conversations were amazing with both the men and the women. They had this amazing zest for life and asked me about Canada and its place in the world. I had this amazing adventure and high and once off the plane I was so depressed. Not a single man smiled at me or even offered to open the door for me. Nobody dresses up here either. Conversations are very awkward here. I asked a guy a question and he was like "huh huh" and gave me a mean look. I just asked a question. It was nice to feel wanted for a change and I think I will look for a Latin man here.

I Don’t Wanna See NO SCRUBS

I’m disturbed anytime I ride transit (either the Canadaline or 99 B-Line) towards VGH and see nurses WEARING THEIR SCRUBS to and from work. Dragging who knows what into who knows where... Were these educated folks sleeping during “Germ Theory 101” Do they not have change rooms at work? Our healthcare system is... falling apart thanks to “educated”, diploma-holding, careless idiots.

Complete MindBend

One of my girlfriends planned a vacation with her boyfriend and he told her that he couldn't afford to pay his half. So she went by herself. So I am complaining about him to my husband and he has a different point of view. He tells me that they should have done something less expensive together. I tell him that she works hard for her money and why should she have to sacrifice because he can't pull his weigh. My husband then reminds me that he paid for every single meal and vacation when we were dating and told me to imagine what would happen if he went without me on vacation. All of a sudden I realize how angry and hurt I would be. Now I am imagining this poor guy eating a can of soup over the sink while she's having the time of her life on a beach. She doesn't deserve him. I can't believe how shallow and spoiled I acted and love my husband for giving me a reality check.

Heads up walking phone users.

I will continue to walk right into you hockey style and knock you down or that fucking phone right out of your hand if you want to walk right at me whilst you look at your phone and think Im going to move for you...both men and women. Get your goddamn heads up you selfish scumbags or get hurt.

Men’s Rights

I couldn’t sleep, so I scrolled thru Netflix and landed on a new series, Follow This. In one of the episodes, entitled, Men’s Rights, it briefly explored the burgeoning men’s movement. I thought it would anger me, but it only saddened me. I’m obviously a woman, and I’m horrified at the state of our world right now, but I honestly didn’t know men were in as much pain as they are, deep down. To read about it on these pages is one thing, but to see and hear their depth of anguish was awakening. I wish we could wipe the slate clean of our culture and start again as equals who treat each other with kindness, respect, and compassion. Being human is challenging for all, regardless of gender.

Shove off

Get off the fucking train for a second if you are blocking people from exiting!!! How hard is that to do?? If you can't fathom doing this simple courtesy I will seriously shove you right off the train myself

I got a job offer!

... in American, eh. Dude. Their economy is booming. Maybe we need Trump Jr. up here to replace Trudeau Jr.? I am starting to see that the US economic strategy is working extraordinarily well. Maybe we should stop our communism up north and get on board with our neighbours down south.


Cute boy walking on South Burrard

We walked past one another and smiled, I had a long black and silver skirt on, we then both...


Savage Love: Boss must realize risk of jacking with worker

"Being naked, erect, and sexual in the same room as my employee felt wrong."