You know what ?

I think Jim Patterson should run for mayor. :)

Making choices

It is extremely unfortunate and even tragic that some of the best minds I have met (and heard of) over the years have been damaged by alcohol and drugs to the point that they spend more time wasting their energy on negative life choices and projects that would have been worth something -- if they had made better choices. I mean, do you ever notice how some people spend years on carrying a grudge and if you asked them how much time they spent on that grudge it would be for example as much time spent on getting a university degree or working a second job. Alcohol and drugs and even bad reading material, it clutters the mind and numbs us to our fellow human beings when taken in excess over long periods of time

Straining my patience!

I confess that I’m not the most patient person at the best of times. I do my best, but there are times when I seriously would like to just slap someone. Especially inconsiderate people who literally act like they’re alone on the earth. I was picking up some groceries yesterday, and trying to keep my distance and wait my turn if someone was at the same place I needed to be. So...I wanted some bagels, and this guy pulled up his cart at the same time I did, so I stood back and waited. And waited, and waited, and ...! The guy proceeded to microscopically examine virtually every bag on the shelf. He picked them up, put them in his cart, then picked up others and squeezed them, held them in both hands as if he was weighing them, pulled them out of his cart and put them back on the shelf, etc. This went in for at least 5 minutes while he completely ignored those of us who were waiting. (by this time there was 3 of us). If it hadn’t been for the fact that the bagels were the last item I needed before I checked out, I wouldn’t have waited. All I have to say is that he has no idea how close he came to being rammed by my shopping cart! Inconsiderate jerk.

Masks on transit!

It's not hard to find face masks anymore, nor are they expensive. And TransLink has handed out thousands of them for free. Why then, when we're trying to stop the spread of a deadly virus, are the MAJORITY of public transit riders not wearing one? It disgusts me. I take the bus every day, and on countless occasions I've been the only passenger wearing a mask out of about ten others. In those cases, I feel like taking the damn thing off — but I don't, because I know that I'm doing my part, and the world needs more of that. And I'm clinging to the hope that by wearing a mask, maybe I'll inspire at least one other transit user to do the responsible, respectful, and intelligent thing. Get it together, folks.

Stay out of BC

A friend of a friend is coming out from Quebec for a quick vacation and the selfishness of it makes me so mad. Why would this person think they deserve a non-essential vacation more than anyone else in these times? They aren't staying long enough to self isolate any time. Blows my mind.

Sports Lover

Yes I like watching sports and hearing that hockey, basketball and baseball may all be returning soon is awesome news. But not just because of watching a favourite team. I'm just really looking forward to watching entertainment on TV again instead of a US racial riot or another COVID-19 update. I love and appreciate Bonnie Henry big time but I'm looking forward to seeing that other blonde, Elias Pettersson of the Canucks!

And Best Monkey in a Supporting Role goes to...

My memory tells me I was something of a wunderkind in grade school. I won spelling bee’s (many), art competitions, lots of ribbons in sports and was always the kid chosen to give ‘the speech’ thanking our host when our class went on field trips. And somewhere along the line it occurred to me that none of it meant a thing to me. The next year, there’d be another winner, some kid (or I) might slip out of the starting gate and win or lose on that twist of fate. It was all destined to flow into history and - crucially - chance played a role in most all of what transpired. Most dangerously, I learned I could lie and people would believe me, because I was that sparkling talent, that destined one. As long as I played a role and was respectful, gracious and polite, and could make others feel at ease in nearly any social situation, life would be fulfilled. I learned to act a part. And it didn’t feel real. I’m much older now, and about as wise as I was in grade school and this idea - that we’re all acting - remains with me. It’s not a critique. How else would we know who and what to be if we didn’t have models for those roles? We often do not choose those models, but are instead, immersed amongst them. A famous experiment saw a baby monkey taken away from its mother and housed by itself in a cage. When a large snake was placed in the cage the monkey did nothing, and reached across the snake to grab its food. When the mother was reintroduced to the baby’s cage and they had been together for some time, they put the snake in the cage again. The monkey mom immediately began shrieking and howling and ran to the other side of the cage in fear. Only then did the baby monkey understand that the snake was something to fear, and so it too began emulating all the behaviors its mother expressed. Hmmmm. We should always remember that a great many of our attitudes and behaviours (Success, failure, fear, joy, sadness, trauma) are delivered to us by those we trust without reservation - parents, friends, ’experts’, our heroes. It takes courage to choose how to feel, regardless of who’s showing or telling you the ‘right’ way.

CERB Problems

I own a coffee shop with a few employee's. When COVID first came we shut down and my employee's went on CERB while I tried to navigate how to make the workplace safe and convert to a purely takeout option. Once things had been figured out I tried to get my employees back but they wanted to continue getting CERB and working just enough to make $1000. This is a fatal flaw with the CERB program. Restaurant employees can make more money then they made working 40 hours a week with CERB plus the $1000. I have tried to hire some new employees but most people are content to just sit at home baking banana bread and collecting CERB. I am working 16 to 18 hours a day and am at my breaking point.

I'm struggling a bit

with my mental health. Doing OK mostly, working out at home every day, lots of walking, even lost a few pounds because I realized I was getting a bit hefty from the extra pandemic eating. But it's the overwhelming onslaught of negative news that's starting to affect me. I'm in my 60's and this is not like any other time in my life, there's a palpable, scary vibe going on. I'm trying to be kind, patient and positive but the only place I feel safe is inside my small apartment.

Why are we acting like it's gone?

People, why are we acting like it's gone? it is still around, trust me. Yet every time I go out, it seems like less people are wearing masks, probably much less than 20% of us are masking up. And nobody seems to be socially distancing anymore, every time I go to the store or even when I walk my little Dog, it is a constant struggle to keep any distance. When I went to a store yesterday I had 3 different people come at me in complete disregard for my space at the same time. They corner you, one coming at you one way and one coming at you from the other. And none of them were wearing masks. This pandemic is not over. It is still bubbling under, and the disaster taking place south of the border could happen here too if we don' t remain vigilant and disciplined about taking care of ourselves and others. Don't make the sacrifices of the last few months useless. Put your damn mask on.


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