I don’t understand

Why When I was walking my toy dog on leash And warned you I was afraid of your off leash pit bull with non friendly energy You would call me a fat old cow

Global Megacorps

I think Amazon and Walmart are great and buy stuff from them all the time. All hail the giant mega corps, who make our lives easier and provide cheap stuff! I understand many of the arguments against them, but I don't find them particularly convincing. You can buy overpriced stuff from local small business all you want. I will take my cheap convenience, we can all live together. This doesn't mean you are better than me, like you probably think you are. Maybe I'm broke and have no choice, its Walmart or I'm sleeping on the streets.


That’s my reaction when some guy I’ve never met greets me with “sweetheart”, “doll”, “honey”, or any other similar word. You’d be the last guy on earth I’d ever go out with. And before that guy who always comments that if the guy was 6’3” and hot I wouldn’t mind jumps in with his same old drivel, I’m going to ask you to please shut up because it’s obvious that you don’t have a clue about women and what we want.

Young people

I’m so tired of their sneering and laughing in the stores or on transit. Laughing at us middles age folks with our masks. And being laughed at for caring for my fellow human beings really bothers me. I think we are in for some serious shit and it bothers me that they aren’t taking it seriously.

Everyone's an asshole now

The pandemic seems to be bringing out the worst in a lot of people, from people who are being extra, extra snarky and snapping at everyone, to that guy in Ontario who assaulted the grocery store worker and was shot and killed by the police, to people ridiculing people who they don't believe are taking appropriate precautions (not a helpful approach)... I don't see it getting better anytime soon. I don't know. It's hard to take.


I haven’t worn heels since March. It’s fucking awesome! Don’t think I’m going to need them anytime soon (no concerts, no dinners out, no office presence, no clubbing) and donated them. Free at last :)

Selfish Love

I've dated my bf just over a year. We don't live together but have had conversations about one day joining households. I adopted a kitten on the weekend (too small to take home yet) and he is very pissed I didn't consult him. I had told him early on I wanted a pet, but I suppose for him it was something far off in the future. We don't live together, he could be gone at some point (whether we break up for this or something else) and he has zero financial obligations to my pet. For me the timing is right. I don't know that I owed him a consult on this? It feels really crappy to be yelled at and accused of being selfish on this.

I feel like an idiot

I confess: I’m a sucker for people I love. I’m generous with whatever I have, and I don’t have much. But I’m doing a slow burn right now as I’m doing without luxuries like vacations, new clothes, stuff for my place, while watching the people who owe me a bunch of money carry on like they’ve not a care in the world. I loaned these people money in good faith, with their promises to pay me back quickly. They’ve both got way more income coming in than I do, plus they’ve been eligible for rent reductions and other covid related financial arrangements. So apparently they now feel free to spend the money they’re not spending on rent and car payments, etc, on extras for themselves, completely ignoring the fact that they’re supposed to be paying me back! So yeah, I feel like an idiot for being stupid enough to trust that they would respect me enough to pay me back before they spend on luxuries that they don’t need. Lesson has finally been thoroughly absorbed now though. The bank of “me” is officially closed. I don’t care how dire your situation is from now on; you’ve shown your true colours and I won’t be fooled again.

Self Conscious

I started filming the guy controlling the drone at the park until they got uncomfortable and left.

I'm "non-binary" in terms of "gender"

By virtue of my genes and genitals I'm also a female- depending on the day one may assume me to be "cis gender" a term I frankly despise as it only enforces expectations, stereotypes and judgments on what it is to "look like a woman" (or man etc). When asked my "sex" on a medical form or something where its reasonable for them to note what body parts I have, without hesitation I circle "F" - but note that the options of "Female or Male" leave out a range on inter-sexed people - folks who's biology does not land in one of these categories- because genetic sex IS NOT A BINARY EITHER! I've decided these days when possible to leave the"sex" or "gender" boxes blank as in most cases my genitals shouldn't matter nor should how I "present myself". It's been a long journey for me as a woman to feel ok with my body parts and personality- as a child I was dubbed a TomBoy and struggled a lot with how i felt and the things I liked to do and if I was still a girl because I didn't like many girly things. It felt wrong just existing most of my life, but I'm done with that. I dont mind "non-binary" because it doesnt tru to describe what I AM, but notes what I'm not. Kind of like I'm "not straight" re: sexual orientation


Champlain Square BC liquor Store Asian girl

Hey. I briefly talked with you in line at the liquor store. Wondering if you want to drink with...