It hurts

It hurts me when strangers ask me if I have children. I want a child badly, but I'm now almost too old to have one. I didn't choose this situation; my story is complicated, like many others'. I just wish people would think before asking what they believe to be a simple question. For many of us, it's not simple — infertility, miscarriages, trouble adopting, etc. It's a very sensitive topic for some of us. That's all. Thank you.

Dog Sh*t

I confess I cannot stand dog owners who bring their dogs out to sh*t and don't bag it and dispose of it. I work at a school and walking the field area today I encountered a dog dump. This is where kids play, you are a disgusting hopeless human, you are not worthy of your dog. Next in line are the freaks who pick up their steaming fresh newly manufactured dog sh*t, bag it and either leave it there or beside a garbage bin. Is there any way of calling out these selfish bastards?

Sick Of Socializing

Everyone I've ever met has made me sick. I'm sick of the whole friend lifecycle. I get taken advantage of a few times, and it's over. The exact same thing with every new person I meet. Well fuck it, I don't want to know anyone new, I'm going it alone, and this covid shit is the icing on the cake.

Pandemic time kindness at Surrey has station

Today after work, I went to get gas. I first walked into the store to pay and since there was a customer in front of me trying to count his change, I had to wait a few minutes. Once he had paid for his things, he turned around, and asked me if I was getting gas. I said yes, and he told the attendant to add $5 to my gas, as he said he had made me wait and he felt bad. I reassured him that I wasn't in a hurry and that I didn't want to take his $5, as he looked like he didn't have a lot himself. He insisted and walked out of the store. It was a very, very sweet gesture and whoever you are, thank you so much!! It was completely unnecessary but I truly appreciate it. I hope someone does something really nice for you soon. I will pay it forward and thank you again.


My boyfriend of more than 10 years has become an anti-mask idiot. He is so amazing in every other way but he has suddenly become obsessed with anti-government, anti-lockdown bullshit. I think his friends are a bad influence, they are a bunch of motorcycle/tattooist dudes. They are great guys, super fun but when they all get together it becomes a confederation of dumb anti science bros. Its becoming embarrassing. All their social media posts are so cringe, they remind me of Trump supporters, even though such a comparison would infuriate by BF and his friends. How did my life turn into this?????

marriage not made in heaven

If I would have just said no when she asked me 27 years ago I would not be here right now saying this to nice complete strangers. I will never do that again.

Happy Anniversary I guess?

Coming up on a year now since I last had sex or any kind of intimacy with a man. Being single in the COVID era is tough so sending everyone else in the same boat some positive vibes! I’ll be over here cuddling with my pillow :(

Not Gonna Lie

I truly appreciate being told I’m the hottest chick he’s ever fucked. Not only is it a real compliment but it’s quite a vulnerable thing to admit and that makes me hot.

USA Today

I want to move away from Canada so I can be further away from the USA.

I don’t open the door to strangers..

Because I have experienced a violent break-in. Thanks to the dude who called me a fag today because I made you use the intercom. Hope you may read this and understand why.


Cute butcher, shy meat eater

You work at Windsor meats on Hastings, and give off a causal metal head vibe. I came in the week...


Savage Love: Pussy-averse partner is possibly a necrophiliac

Advice columnist Dan Savage says there could be several reasons why a woman's former lover insisted on being so phallocentric during sex.