The hotness that is Constance Wu

What a gorgeous woman; smart, poised, outspoken, beautiful, self-aware, sexy, healthy looking, and more. A bonus is her short fingernails.

Clothing pricing

CBC reports that Wal-Mart is charging more for plus-sized women's clothing, but not plus-sized men's clothing. While that inequity between the sexes is unreasonable, I have a different take on this issue. I am a small-sized person. For years I thought it inequitable for me (and other small-sized persons) to subsidise the clothing pricing for larger-sized persons. The cloth and labour components are greater for larger clothing, yet I paid the same price for my smaller clothing. While I do not applaud Wal-Mart's sex discrimination, I hope to see a wide-spread correction to the injustice that I experience.

a real confession - not just a rant or navel gazing

over the last 40 years i have had sex with about 5000 different women (2 or 3 a week). some women have been gfs or wives, but most were hookers. i have never been loyal to anyone i went out with - even if the time with that person was a week. i crave variety. i crave strange. i can't stop myself and i don't want to stop. i have yet to be caught even tho there were close calls. in all these yrs only one sti - lucky since i like risky sex.

re smokers in apartment buildings

Now that my partner and I are living in a condo I can definitely relate to the number of complaints about smoking. We are vegan and are in a same sex relationship and in the processing of having a surrogate carry our child. Due to the extra expenses we cannot afford a detached home and live in a condo which we thought we could handle but there are many reasons why this place is not working for us and smoking is one of the worst. We would also prefer if our strata would ban the meat barbecues as we feel that these are generally unhealthy and the fumes are toxic. We do not smoke or drink and we have a church we attend so our preference is always clean living but we feel that if people were required to live up to these standards they would soon grow to embrace them. Non smoking neighbors are always going to get our respect but we have learned who the smokers are and we are applying some subtle social pressures to their lives as well in this building. We have to fight for our rights somehow when the rules do not change fast enough

Times Have Changed

I have been renting out my apartments for years and have seen a huge shift. About 10 years ago I had a lot of difficulty finding tenants to the point I had to offer free cable and internet to just get people in. A lot of the time I would only have 3 people to choose from and most were sketchy at best. Now I get hundreds of emails and can pick and choose. The last couple I rented to both had great jobs. One was a teacher and the other was an engineer. In the back of my mind I kept thinking why are these people renting and not buying. In my day these kinds of people would be living in Kitsilano or the West Side. I am a groundskeeper by trade and it just shocks me how the world has changed. Young guys I work with live in their cars and shower and shave in the community centers. I am just lucky us old tops got in while the getting was good or we would be in the shits. Something is wrong if two people with good jobs can't afford houses in Vancouver.

Good Advice

My mother told me before I got married to keep a nest egg for myself in case my marriage went bad and to always work and never depend on a man for anything. I have been saving $100 a paycheck and putting it away for 10 years. This amount is now over $15,000. I have never told my husband about this nest egg even though we have seriously struggled financially at times but its my money.

I did it

I have holes in my clothes, I’ve declined attending weddings, I’ve missed out on live entertainment, pub nights, overseas vacations and pricey dinners out... but I did it, my mortgage is paid off. I cut coupons, I collected bottles, I shopped on sale or not at all to stretch my dollars. Took the bus to avoid gas and parking fees. I definitely feel for people who pay high rent in Vancouver without building any equity over time. I now know that when I retire, my government pension cheque will NOT be going to rent. I can relax now and pick up the things that I avoided for so long in order to pay off the bank. I don’t regret skimping all these years because now I have Financial Freedom!

My one requirement for a potential partner.

The only thing I really look for in a potential spouse is someone that is a Christian and loves God, and always puts Him first in their life. I could never fully trust someone that doesn't.


I deliberately sit next to people on the bus who take the outside seat on purpose. You are not special and transit is shared seating.

The rain is here!

Thankfully that means that we no longer have to be tortured with men going shirtless when the last thing any of us wants to see is a big hairy gut and some man boobs! Don’t even get me started on the hairy backs....

Most environmentalists are intellectual hypocrites

Take away straws, stand against a pipeline (yet not realise it will still ship by rail), recycle this, compost that. Yet the single biggest thing you could do for the environment with the biggest impact, is to stop eating meat. It is water intensive, land intensive (habitat clearing or more crops dedicated to feed the livestock). Don't give me your local, grass-fed, free-range bullshit you scientifically illiterate hipster fucks. The right is right about the left, super biased and just like all blind partisans, only believe in ideological truths. Go plant-based, or shut the fuck up about pipelines and straws.

I think...

I am going to become a late-in-life lesbian. There is something dreadfully, terribly wrong with men. How difficult is it to be decent? To be considerate? To call, to pay a compliment, to make breakfast or dinner once in a while (once out of every twenty times that I do it), to write a beautiful letter, to admit you're wrong when you are, to show romance or chivalry? I am not even asking you to have a ton of cash--I just want to be treated nicely. I've dated guys from the ages of 24 to 56 these past several years (not exaggerating) and for whatever reason they are just lost. Just lacking in decency and sweetness and consideration. Dad, you are the only gentleman I know.

I've seen numerous posts here recently

about the lack of real "confessions" and how this forum has turned into more of a "rant" forum. OK, here's a confession. I'm a middle aged single guy who lives alone and I find that online porn satisfies all my sexual needs. Yes, I know the haters will say I'm objectifying women and desensitizing myself to authentic intimacy. So be it. I have great male and female friends in my life, I have a job that I enjoy and I'm financially independent. After a divorce and several common-law relationships that were emotionally painful I'm very content with the present lifestyle. Do not judge, it works for me, I'm happy.


Al Halbrich trail

It was after three and I asked you about Neverland Falls as we crossed paths. I made it and got...


Savage Love: Even Mr. AmazingMoves needs some pointers

Is it okay to give myself permission to give up on partner-based climaxing?