Disrespectful Concert Goers

I attended the Ty Segall acoustic gig recently. 75% of the crowd didn't listen to the artist they paid to see, instead they talked to each other. I could barely hear Ty over the crowd's chatter. I don't pay to hear your drunk chatter, I pay to see accomplished musicians do their thing. Were half of you there simply to look cool? Shut up, listen, and be respectful at concerts.

Really, a Question

Why is it that, when hetero people are found having an affair, the other woman is always the one who gets demonized? The man's wife takes all of her anger out on the woman. The man takes his anger out on the other woman. The couple's friends and family vilify the other woman. She is flogged with anger and insults while he "made a mistake". Wait, he made a choice to make a commitment to his wife. The other woman has zero responsibility to his wife or family or friends. Oh, and wait, he made a choice to have an affair. or multiple night's out with another woman or women. So, why is the other woman the villain but the man is just flawed?

Don't be Ageist.

You're going to be 40-50 in the blink of an eye.You'll be shocked how fast the years went by.

Pierced Septum

I don't get why septum piercings are now somehow a part of queer culture. They look ugly and ridiculous on anyone. Unless you're cattle, maybe.

Phones and concerts

I have stop going to music concerts. The wall of glowing phone screens in front of the artist I have paid to see is not worth it. Prince was the only artist that would stop playing on stage if he saw one phone come out. Wish there was more artists out there doing the same.

Contoured My Ass.

The eyebrow trend for 2019 looks a lot like the trend for 2018, Neanderthal eyebrows. Why not just grow a moustache ladies, maybe sprout hair from your nipples? Lets cancel the 'contour' trend shall we?


Someone explain how someone can "present as female" (or for that matter "present as male") without pulling from a bunch of BS archaic definitions of what a woman is to be or do *aka long hair, dresses, make-up, high heels*<<<----- these are things literally any human can do regardless of their biological sex (their dna and genitals....lets also note that as far as our genetic "sex" goes there is more than just male and female......and society needs to drop the stigma for these people). Only things that makes me a human female are my genes and my reproductive organs. So the only way for you to KNOW I am a woman or "present as female" is for me to pull down my pants and bend over or tell you myself. I can dress in whatever, where my hair however engage in whatever activity I like and beyond that my body may not be what is "expected" of a woman. There are lots of woman who you may look at and not know they are women...cuz you cant see their genitals and they dont dress in the historically dictated BS standard of what a woman is to look like. I want everyone to wear what they like, do what they love, love who they love regardless of their genes or what does or doesn't dangle between their legs. I want dresses, heels, suits, EVERYTHING built to fit beautifully on all kinds of diverse bodies. I hope we as a society kick out the concept of "gender" soon because female is not a look, it is not a style, it is not something one "presents as". It is genes, ovaries, uterus etc; dealing with the functions, malfunctions and social expectation connected with that biological system. Terms like "present as a woman" seem to do nothing but perpetuate the oppressive past expectations that strong ass women fought to overcome.

Emotional Labor

I wish my husband would just do the things I want him to do around the house without being told.

A woman had sex with me without my consent

I know it seems unlikely, if not impossible. But, if I was a woman, I think it would more likely be believed. A long term relationship had recently ended. I was cuddling, more than once, with someone new. But it was clearly understood that I did not want to do more, at that time. Okay, so cuddling without clothes poses risks, but I didn't see how anything like intercourse could happen without my consent. But it did. She moved so quickly and took me inside her. I was surprised. I froze. It happened. After, I remember saying, "I guess I've really been unfaithful to (the ex), now." She smiled and said, "Yes. You have". She seemed very satisfied with herself.

I hate my partner

My partner is a narssastic bully. We never talk about anything but how fantastic he is. I'm desperately lonely and counting the days until I can escape. I have dreams of my own home where I will be free from his cruelty and constant demands. I hate him so much that some times I'm afraid I will blurt it out. Meanwhile everyone thinks my life is fine... even if my partner is a bit of a jerk.

Old Fashioned Dating

Its just so hard to find a good guy. Everyone seems to be dating 4 or 5 people and then swiping to find more people. I went on a date with a cute guy and he told me he was seeing 4 other women. He was honest with me but at the same time I can't believe this is the new dating reality. I mean aren't you worried about getting a disease or something. Maybe I am old fashioned in dating. What happened to dating one person at a time to find that special someone. My mom met my dad at a church picnic. Dating seems to be dead now and all people seem to do is hook up with each other.

Translink Rudeness

I've had it. Every time a Sky train or a 99 bus is packed, the seats that are supposed to be set aside for the elderly and disabled are taken. Usually by teens. Mostly female teens. On the bleeping cell phones. Yeah, missy, I'm talking about you. You might lift your head and consider whether you really need that seat or if someone else standing right above you deserves it. A little courtesy would go a long way.

This is pretty fucked up but

Sometimes when I'm waiting for someone to come over, some casual hookup from the internet, I wonder and sort of hope that they'll kill me.


Everyone is so easily offended nowadays.... it's why I appreciate straight white men, and how calm they are when someone calls them racist.


Savage Love: Sex-shaming bro is the bad guy

My asshole MAGA brother “stumbled over” the Tumblr blog where the wife and I posted about our sexual adventures.