She could have been a fact

20 years later I recall some high school memories and realize that I missed out on either a hand job, blow job, sex or all of the above with this one girl that was a couple years older than me. I didn't have many friends growing up and thought every girl in the school didn't want to go out with me so I kept it all platonic with everyone til I graduated. I was a fat kid. Like really fat kid. I missed all cues. I was in her bedroom in that big house alone. No one else home. And here I am Clueless me just being all friendly and shit. GOD, I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!

social media

I just make posts to seek validation for my selfish behavior

Broke Again.

One of my unforeseen stress responses is to literally light money on fire. 400$ last weekend was dedicated to paying the casino for instance, and disappeared almost with contempt. I make an OK wage, and could get by saving, and tucking money away, and work on being debt free. It would be nice to no longer be indentured. But for some reason, I actively get rid of it, as soon as I get it. I’m not naive enough to think I just hate money anymore. I would love some for actual goals. However I do sort of hate it, or am scared of its effects on people. I’ve been on the parameter of life of some very well off people at times, and I’ve …seen things I really disliked. I just wish I wouldn’t instinctively burn all my money as soon as I get stressed out or run down.

That’s all folks

Watching classic Looney Tunes makes me genuinely laugh out loud unlike today’s boring ass cartoons where witty characters just stand there and lack imagination. There’s a difference between being funny and witty.

Where are men overly represented?

Confession part: I’m a straight female in my 40s that hasn’t had sex in several years. Online dating isn’t for me. Help wanted part: I work in a female-dominated industry (90%+ female, with queer women overly represented). This would be a dream come true if I were the latter, but I am not. Does anyone have any tips on where (hobbies, professions, etc.) there are too many straight or bi men? I need to go there and soak in some testosterone. I’m started to get a skewed perception of Vancouver from my bubble.

Young Love

Thirty years ago on this weekend, I left home for college. My highschool sweetheart and I had a drunken quickie in the bathroom during my going away party. She never told me for a long time, but she had gotten pregnant and miscarried. I feel so badly for what she must have gone through alone because of that accident, poor girl was so young at the time.

Gettin older

Well, now I have that ‘old man smell’ for as young as I am...sub 40. The pleasing part is that it doesn’t smell bad :)

Fired because of what I know

Long story short a few months ago I was fired from my job of 5 years. It was because I spoke up about *redacted* which is against *redacted*. Anyways I tried to say it was wrong (possibly illegal I dunno I ain't a lawyer) but I know if it was leaked it would damage company's image and possible future contracts a definitely their reputation since they work so closely with a crown corp. I want to come forward but the lawyers got to me forced me to sign on a dotted line. I have proof because company was rather dumb in their policies (another thing I tried to warn em of but....) The reason I want to come forward all of a sudden is because my highly immature former manager decided to message me on Facebook yesterday to tell me how horrible I am.... A year after she left the company and yeah... I don't get it either. She's like 50 years old, gets on Facebook just to trash talk a 26 year old... Who does that? I'm just so mad that shit with this company is still having an effect on me. I honestly am at the point where I'm willing to be sued for breaking an NDA just because I want revenge on the company.

Feeling a little guilty but I’m sure it will pass soon

I had to buy an expensive item ($1999.99) and I used emotion to swing the price down to $1500 tax in with free delivery. On one hand, proud of myself, on the other hand, manipulation of a human is not what I’m about.

It’s a kick to be back

After being laid off for over a year, I’ve been recalled back to work and will start this week. My job involves municipal government. I won’t tell you exactly where, but let’s just say that the future lives here. It’ll be nice to get back into the swing of things. And no, I honestly don’t care what type of police force we end up with. I’m just glad to have my job back.


Crosstown liquor store bike gal

Hey. You were exiting Crosstown liquor store on Abbot street yesterday evening, around 6 or 7pm....


Savage Love: It's harmless for a straight guy to tease gay guys for fun on Grindr

Dan’s expert says that as long as you are doing no harm on the hookup site, you can indulge your kinks.