Get out already

I'm sick of Baby boomers clogging up the workforce for the rest of us. Currently I have people in my company pushing 70 who don't know how to use a computer, meaning I have to pull more weight even known they outrank me. And it doesn't help that the Millenails are behind me. Just retire and stop taking "a contract from time to time" you're taking away jobs that those of us in our 30's and 40's need. Then looking at us and saying "Why can't you afford a mortgage?" Just get out!

Vancouver May Have Mountains, But It’s Got No Soul

We moved to this city about a year ago and we were really excited before coming here. After being here for a year, I can say that we made a huge mistake. The city is not only greatly overpriced, but it is also the sketchiest city I have ever lived in. It doesn’t matter what area of the city you are in, you have to walk over drug addicts and discarded needles, or listen to douchebags yell at each other about their workout routine in between sips of their energy drinks. I know there must be ‘normal’ people here, but I don’t seem to see them anywhere. Instead, all I see are professional rich kids and 30/40-somethings who watched Entourage one too many times. This city also has the worst drivers, and I understand it must be hard to learn to drive in a hundred thousand dollar Porsche SUV but I almost get run over while in a crosswalk at least once a month, which must be why my car insurance is twice as much as it is in any other province I have lived in. Vancouver - I hardly know you, but I think it’s not meant to be, and I feel confident saying it’s not me, it’s you.


I can appreciate them as art (the really well done sort, anyway) but whenever I look at people who have a lot of them, I can't help but wonder how silly they'll look when they're in their fifties and older... A small one here or there is whatever, but full sleeves? In your fifties and older? Trashy and sad looking.


When I see all the young people at 4/20, I think to myself ... "There's the next generation of addicts at Main and Hastings."

I am a Fraud

I am married with two beautiful children and a seemingly perfect life. My husband makes a very good salary and we have a big house and two vacations every year. The thing is I hate my life to the point I am having anonymous sex. I just have nothing to do during the day. My kids are at school and my husbands at work and he works late. The sex isn't very satisfying. With technology today its not very hard to meet. Its just the thrill of meeting someone and then doing something so taboo. Everyone think I have this perfect family and life but I am just as screwed up as everyone else.

Some folks just don't have a clue

Riding the Skytrain, guy beside me puts his dirty shoes up on the empty seat facing him. I say, "So no worries about the next person who sits on that seat and gets the dirt from your shoes on their clothes?" Yup I know I was provoking him but I just couldn't resist. Really, how selfish, rude, and just plain moronic are you to intentionally dirty up a public transit seat with your disgusting shoes? I keep telling myself to chill when I see stuff like this but it's just so hard to stay silent.


Those that are against nationalism, should not have nationality. I am Canadian, and this is Canada. Get out of my country if you don't like it.


NO, I do not want to come over and see your stone counter top! You don't invite people over to see your shit! Don't you have any dreams other than owning shit? If your life's work is owning shit, you should give serious consideration in exiting this world because you're a failure.

Japanese sex robots

I can see why they're getting big over there and why men are happier just working and being single for the rest of their life. It could lead to a more fulfilling relationship than a divorce and losing half of your property (likely more) while being labelled sexist bigots by the media and radical left.

I am Not The Problem

I am divorced with three absolutely beautiful children and I am 28 and at a point in my life where I want love again. I want the butterflies and everything that comes with it. My ex-husband was always too busy working to fulfill me on a spiritual and intellectual level. The problem is as soon as guys figure out I have 3 kids they lose interest immediately. My children are amazing and are a part of me and if you men can't understand that then you're the problem not me.

I have become a Vancouverite

I recently moved to Vancouver and I'm loving it. I no longer hold doors open for people, I do my best to use up all the cream at Starbucks during the morning rush hour and best of all I don't care anymore. While take the Canada Line to work, I passed a lot of farts without blinking an eye. I took the elevator after using the Canada Line and noticed a frail Asian man approaching in which case I frantically pushed the door close button and it worked! And to the woman who asked for directions at Waterfront station, I hope you enjoyed your tour of one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods. Bet you can't wait to move here like the rest of the tourists. Lastly, I must confess I hardly use the toilet anymore, it much easier pissing in the sink and no silly, I don't wash my hands. God, I love this city!

Thinking to myself

Are we at a point where men have to fight for equality? While they may be employed, they also are heavily homeless, suicidal, and are more likely to lose their children and possessions in a divorce. Men aren't even allowed to discuss this idea. This comment will likely be deleted by the GS instead of being allowed in the public eye.

I just want to be dead

Just got a breast augmentation and I love the way I look, but I'm on my period and I just got in a fight with my husband. He hasn't once wanted to find out how my trip was away to get my breasts done, all he wants is sex. He's a fucking idiot who doesn't give two shits about me. I'm sad and depressed right now and he's sitting downstairs watching a fucking movie, piece of shit. All I wanted was cuddles.

Seriously Conflicted

Oh my goodness. I was totally against him, and out of left-field he solves the North Korea nuclear crisis and returns three American detainees from North Korea. I'm a little bit conflicted right now. Trumpster-finkler. Neato.


Beautiful girl working at Chez Christophe...

You are the most gorgeous girl! You are Asian, have the most beautiful face, cutest smile and...