It finally happened to me today.

I knew it would eventually, but I was ready. I came out of the grocery store with my mask on and keeping six feet distance to everyone, walked to my car, all the while wearing my mask. A woman was getting out of her car next to me with no mask. As I'm putting my stuff into my car she says, "Let me guess - you're a liberal. Cause that mask ain't gonna do anything for you except make you look stupid." In anticipation of this happening, because I figured it might someday, I already had a response ready. I said "Look, I woke up with a temperature of 102 this morning (I didn't) plus I work around hundreds of people in close quarters (I don’t) so this is for your protection, not mine. But you’ve convinced me. How about I take off the mask and we hug like old friends?" I stepped toward her and acted as if I was taking off my mask. She stepped back away from me and went across to the next row of cars. I followed her, she kept walking away, I chased her, she ran... She fell down. I grabbed her foot. I pulled on her leg, just as I’m pulling yours :-} And seriously folks , wear the mask.

I am sorry

But my honest thought is "Third Beach Dumb Circle".

Here's the Thing, Entitled Dog Owner

Maybe your dog is normally sweet. Yeah, you love your dog. That's awesome. But if he makes other people feel scared, then you need to deal with that and be respectful of other people's feelings and experiences. It's an animal, and dogs sometimes attack and hurt or even kill people. If a human being feels threatened because of your dog's violent and unpredictable behaviour, that's a serious issue that you should respect.

While You Were Out

In the time since I was dumped, I managed to resolve a stressful, complicated tax situation, go back to school, start a new career that I've always dreamed of, and pay off my debts. I did all of this despite having a very, very blindsided and broken heart. It was't easy. And yes, I still miss him and I still mourn the loss of the future I thought I'd have with him. It saddens and scares me, especially at my age. And I don't know when that will go away. But I'm proud of myself. Sometimes, when I think about him feeling sorry for me, I daydream about telling him all that I've accomplished. Like, "I've been kicking ass and taking names, buddy, don't worry about me." To any other broken hearts out there: Keep moving forward. Tackle life — slowly, if you need to. But do it, and do it for yourself. You're worth it. You got this.

Oh, it's coming, all right.

I went to get a late nite snack and decided to go to Granville Street on Saturday night. I was stunned. A whole block cordoned with police cars and multitudes of people clubbing. No social distancing at all. Throngs of people clustered closely. It looked like spring break in Florida. Not even the police wore masks. It takes weeks to show symptoms, & one superspreader can infect hundreds in one go. It's not just getting sick, it's the months of rehab that people don't think about as you recover & we don't have the infrastructure for that volume. I notice wherever there is alcohol in the equation, there are large clusters, no masks, no social distancing. Every potentially dangerous scenario involves open consumption of booze along with futile, naive attempts to ask people to do the right thing. It's not happening at all, stupid leaders & medical experts. Open your eyes. Worse, the city wants to allow open liquor at over 20 parks & open plazas. Are they insane!? We can’t get people to be careful as is & we want to increase chances of spread!? We are screwed. Just wait. It's coming & the next wave will be far more brutal than the first because many of you think it's over, that it's not so bad, that it's a hoax, that the odds are in your favor... just like those who were decimated in the last pandemic. You'll see, & I don't care if you believe; you're practically dead to me already.

Are we doomed?

As much as I am annoyed with the baby boomers, as we cannot afford property or get livable wages, I suspect that once they leave this rock, our democracy will become entirely eroded. I honestly do not think the next generation takes democracy seriously. They're trying to enact communism instead of targeting the corporations and corporate lobbyists who have invaded our political and legal realms. I am definitely getting ready to leave Canada before it gets to that level. A lot changes in 20-30 years. I doubt that property prices will be good after millenials get what they want finally.

Things to be happy about:

1) I've never been this connected to my home, and what I choose to have in it 2) I've learned how to cook some pretty decent meals for myself, and for others who appreciate / need it 3) The people who love me have hung around: the people who didn't have f*cked off (thank god) 4) I've really cleaned up those music playlists 5) My houseplants are happy 6) I got off social media and all it's trappings 7) Guilt-free day-long Netflix binges 8) My neighbours have stopped fighting, and I'm glad that means they're happier now too 9) In all this time, I may not have written a novel or gotten into shape or learned a new language or how to bake bread, but I try to do one small thing a day that makes me feel good about accomplishing (today was writing a 'nice' Confession) 10) I have 9 small things that have kept me going so far. Tomorrow, maybe I'll have 10!

Young Man

The cashier at a retail outlet took my payment for my goods. He was behind the plexiglass without a mask which is fine. I asked how he was doing with all of this. He didn't know what I was talking about. I said, how are you doing with the pandemic? How are you making out? He replied as if nothing was going on and said he'd read that the virus was becoming weaker. He didn't seem to be too worried. I explained that this wasn't the case and that there's a lot of misinformation out there and that people are still dying, more young people getting it. I hope he listened to me, too young to get sick and potentially die. Staff walking around without masks at another drug store too, coming very close to customers and myself. Why aren't people taking this more seriously?

My friends live in fear of covid

They are sort of getting annoying about it though. They hardly leave their houses at all. They stream stuff online... They are afraid of going outside with others. It's so sad. It's summer too. These people will go insane during winter when the pandemic actually becomes bad.


casually beautiful

Blonde hair in a ponytail, casually dressed in jeans and Blundstones and carrying a black back...


Savage Love: Painted toenails kink small price for relationship

I’m a gay guy who’s involved with a guy I met a few months before COVID-19 took off. He’s a great guy: smart, funny, hot, healthy, and easy to be around.