To the ladies at the office who whisper & gossip: Remember when your back is turned, the person you're gossiping with is gossiping about you. Listen to how someone speaks - if they're talking shit to you about someone, most likely they're talking shit about you to someone else.

I was too young to marry

I was 23 and she was 33. She was a widow of only a year with two little kids, I only wanted to be friends at first....we both had traumas. I helped her around her house, we hung out for supper, I was way immature but I had a frigging amazing job that paid a lot! I think she saw security in me for her kids, and an opportunity for herself to breath a little without financial concern. We did start dating, but honestly I didnt want the package, I just wanted a friend to talk with and share common healing from trauma....but she wanted marriage and security. I totally buckled to the pressure and we got married. We fought a lot up to the wedding, but so much had been put into it, I think we both felt too much pressure to keep it going. I knew it was wrong to get married to her from the very beginning. She was way too messed up from the death of her first spouse....I was too young and too messed up from my own trauma. Many years later, after many bad fights, lots of her bad drug usage, police calls, her hitting me many times, I finally had the courage (yes courage) to tell her I was not in love with her and I wanted a divorce. The divorce has been total hell, her kids hate me, her family hates me, I am a devil reincarnate, and her dead husband is the hero...he was there for 2 years of the oldest life, I was there for 16. I feel it was a total waste of time for me, that we all would be better off if I had more courage when I was only Ive raised two kids that dont want anything to do with me, I pay 2600 a month in child support and Im on the hook for their university. But since Im not the biological or adoptive parent I have no rights. I really hope that I can recover emotionally from this, I really hope they can too. Jeez this feels good to get off my chest

old money

I used to be rich, had everything handed to me houses, cars, cash. never had to work or put effort into anything, since I lost it all i now work full time to barely pay rent for a tiny apartment and have no money left over to buy anything. I strangely feel better about myself and more fulfilled now than when I was rich and lounging around on yachts.

Glass on beaches

I confess that I just don’t understand why people bring glass to the beaches. The amount of broken glass I pick up on my daily walks with my dog on Spanish Banks beaches is something else. Kids playing everywhere,dogs running,what the fuck are you thinking? If you have to drink beer on the beach bring cans for heavens sake. And another thing. If you dispose of your returnable cans or bottles,put them on the grass beside the garage cans. Someone will pick them up for refund fairly quickly. Will help someone out with a meal


A big thumbs up and thanks to those civilians who would not hesitate to stand up to goofs on transit, sidewalks and shops. You're out there and silent..but when we need you- you step forward. Thanks to all of you who stepped up and made a difference.

An honest day’s work

Currently there’s a CBC documentary on three restaurant dishwashers in Montreal. I have so much respect for these dishwashers because they put in a real, honest day’s work. They’re not looking down staring at their smartphones. They’re not frauds and pretending to be something they’re not. They don’t talk their way out of work and they don’t use talk as a smokescreen to hide failures and shortcomings. They don’t brown-nose to elevate their status. They’re simply busting their ass, soaked in sweat, getting their job done and being part of a successful team. In my office, apparently you can fuck up, not do your job, and continue to get paid handsomely, month after month. I have more respect for the “dish pigs” (name of the documentary) than the so-called “office professionals” that I have to work with.


For my entire adult life I have been ashamed to be a North American and wondered why the rest of the world wants to be like us.

Still crossing my fingers

That democracy in Hong Kong wins. It seriously sucks to have pro-communists protesting in the streets of Vancouver against democracy. That's the last I want to see that. Yay Hong Kong democratic souls! I love you!


How would you feel if the staff BBQ only served Beyond burgers?

The Alcoholic Culture

It seems that alcohol has become more acceptable than smoking of any kind. Prolonged alcohol use is dangerous for the liver and kidneys, but there aren't enough advertisements warning people of these dangers, only ones that make drinking alcohol look cool and sexy. Marijuana is frowned upon, you can't even light a doobie on the street without getting dirty looks from people waving their hands in front of their faces to dispell the smoke. I guess they prefer breathing in car exhaust. The fact is, there has been no overdoses or health effects from breathing in second hand smoke from marijuana or even smoking marijuana. I think the public needs to be better informed on these issues.


Beautiful Smile on the 240

I didn't notice you until we were across the bridge where it was standing room only and...


Savage Love: Parents befuddled by kids’ requests

"My son has always liked handcuffs and tying people up as a form of play."