I must be "entitled" for believing that I deserve to afford to live comfortably working 40 hrs a week.

Its O.K.

It is so hard to find a decent man in the lower mainland. You know someone who wants a commitment that will lead to marriage and kids. I make $90,000 a year and its o.k. if the man I am with makes a little less than me. I don't care about how much money you make as long as you do good honorable work. I am tired of dating these guys with no jobs or ambition who think dating 5 or 6 girls is acceptable. I should be your number one. When I text you - you should text me back. Don't wait an hour or two to respond. I just need one decent guy to spend the rest of my life with and then I will be happy.

Money stuff

Most of us are uncomfortable talking about money publicly. I’m wondering much money do you need to make annually to feel secure and comfortable? And how much savings do you have? I’m 42 yrs, make 120k annually, saved up 600k in RRSP, TFSA and savings. No debt besides mortgage. I still have moments where I worry it’s not enough. I grew up dirt poor so that probably impacts my view of money.

Hoping gas prices rise!

I hope gas prices rise For me it has meant reassessing how much money I'm giving gas stations, big oil and the albortions who support them Now I take transit whenever I can My car stays parked unless I really need it If we all did this it would be a major kick in the balls to dirty tar sand oil, and the albortions who support it (no matter how much it endangers others) TAKE TRANSIT BC!!! It's faster in rush hour than your car!

Give Love

I have three amazing kids and they're my life. I have been divorced for the past 2 years and am having so much trouble getting out there. Once single guys hear I have kids they lose all interest. My kids already have a dad so I don't understand why guys are like this. I am not telling them to take my kids to the park or a hockey game. I am a great mom, an amazing cook, and easy on the eyes. Men should be begging to date me. Single moms deserve love just like everyone else.


What is it with sellers online who post their USED furniture for so much in asking price?! So many times I'm shocked to see junk from Ikea for sale so close to retail prices but the description says "condition as is" People are delusional, who think their stuff is worth way more than it actually is.

Love is in the air

And I’ve been loving my husband and my boyfriend and a handful of other lovely men.

I don't mind the fire

It is a natural part of forest rejuvenation, and a different climate of forest will likely take over. It is a beautiful natural cycle.

Torn Jeans

If one day somebody told me that people eagerly pay to buy torn jeans and wear them in public as well, I would have told them that they are crazy. Nobody would buy torn clothes unless there is something mentally wrong with them. I was wrong. Now they are promoting mud-stained jeans and coveralls! What would be the next fad: Shit and piss stained jeans?

I confess!

I wish I was the ruler of the world. I’d stop factory farming and mass production of plastics. I’d abolish oil and make sure we lived sustainably. Solar power would be the only power. My life would be pure bliss and I’d never be bored because I’d travel all over the world in my personal solar powered flying saucer admiring gorgeous architecture and world class art. I’d make sure that artists everywhere were creating more beauty for us to admire by paying them high salaries. I’d donate money to developing nations and make sure everyone everywhere had clean drinking water and enough food to live comfortably. Male humans would have vasectomies at birth to manage population. There would be an end to war and famine and we’d all live happily ever after. The end.


Green Jacket Girl after Kevin Morby

After seeing Kevin Morby at The Imperial, I was walking past the bus stop on Main Street and East...