I am in my mid-60s. Since I became sexually active at 17, this pandemic period is the longest I have gone without sex - seven weeks. When it becomes feasible, I am going to engage two hookers for a threesome and bang until I am exhausted.

James Bond Ruined Me

I grew up on Bond films and I think it severely damaged my ability to have relationships. I'm not saying it turned me into a cold womanizer or anything but it did probably help to create an insatiable thirst for the 'exotic'. Falling one after another for women from different geographies I never know if I actually care for them or if I'm simply intrigued by the new and trying to fill a cultural bingo sheet.


I'm so happy to be single right now. Not getting nagged to an early grave. Fuck, he was annoying. Even the friends I've seen (at a distance) are annoying as hell. I love lying in bed for as long as I please, getting up at noon to listen to jazz, eating pancakes with lots of maple syrup while sitting on the balcony as the sun shines all over my makeup free face. Nothing beats it.

Talked to Pops last night...

he spent 4 months in a backyard tiny bomb hut every night during the blitz. Then another 4 years under rationing of food during WW2. He then would buy bread for the German P.O.W.'s when he could. Kinda makes me sad when some in our community feel like their being all of a sudden controlled by a communist entity, when they are just trying to do what's prudent at this time. Chin up people no need to panic after only a month.

Does Freedom die here?

I'm at odds why is so many people are in such a hurry to lose their rights and freedom all of sudden without so much as a thought. Freedom of speech , wether you like what another person says or doesn't you owe it to them and honour their right to free speech because our Fathers died to protect that right. Holding one opinion only creates a vacuum where only those thoughts can exist thus creating an island which alienates everyone else except those who are deemed likeminded. . Those who choose to live by cancel culture are only one misstep away from being cancelled themselves and you simply don't know everything even though your phone might tell you that you do. I do not want my kids to live in a world where they aren't free to speak without being attacked online from mobs of arm chair generals who live on the currency of loneliness and fear.

Why go back?

I don't understand why so many people want things to go back to the way they were pre Covid. We did so many things wrong that are coming back to bite us in the ass. From storing the elderly in seniors homes like used auto parts to spending too much of our money on imported crap that we didn't really need, we have been living a very unsustainable and unhealthy way of life for too many years. My hope is that our future is far from the life we used to live and an opportunity to make meaningful and impactful changes to how we treat each other and our planet.

Ashamed to vent

I paid my rent and bills then off to work at the mental health clinic. Haven't seen my boyfriend since early March. I feel like I'm paying for everyone who is at home and baking bread. I feel resentful and angry when I know I should be grateful for having a job and a paycheque. No one asks if I'm ok and I'm alone. I listen to other people's problems, fears, worries.....I can't care anymore. Sorry.....I know people have it worse than me. Thanks for the 7 pm cheer.

The Cool Ones

I like the cool people. The ones who are kind. The ones who give space. They move gently. When they can — when they feel up to it — they look you in the eye and give you a smile as they walk past. But they also recognize when others can't do the same, and they say to themselves "That's OK." They listen. They read. They educate themselves. They share. They practice humility. They are reasonable. They acknowledge their privilege. They feel and express gratitude. They are discerning. Yep, I like the cool ones. And guess what? Plot twist: The cool ones were cool all along — pandemic or not.

Not just doctors and nurses

I notice the majority of the praises are only going towards doctors and nurses during this Covid-19 pandemic but about other essential workers such as grocery workers, food delivery people, security guards, janitors, mail/package carriers, bus drivers, law enforcement, first responders, health care aids or support workers who are working in the DTES?

Stag and Vixen

I don’t want to be degraded and I don’t want her to indiscriminately sleep with any guy but I love that my GF fucks other men. It works for us. She’s possessive and jealous. I’m not. It’s only natural to be attracted to other people but this allows us to share those experiences. It keeps our sex life and our relationship exciting. It works for us!


I saw you in the emerald glow.

It was a radiant post-apocalyptic night. Our eyes met, and I knew that it would be safe to go...


Savage Love: Stop eavesdropping on sex next door

I’m an apartment dweller in a dense urban area. Last night, I overheard my neighbours having sex—no big deal, right?