Let's give Alberta to the USA

Really. They're America-lite. Can we impose a cession on that province and get back to being Canada? It is not the fault of British Columbia that Alberta decided to base its ENTIRE economy on one industry, and now that that industry is starting to absolutely go by the wayside--because the world is actually advancing--they are floundering and acting like entitled little shits. I just watched a protest where people were actually donning yellow vests (a la France) and walking around with signs saying "I [Heart] Oil and Gas." It was like a bad, yet embarrassing dream. And then there's pandering jackass Andrew Scheer supporting them all the way, as he knows which side his Wonder Bread is buttered on. Electric cars and solar power are the future, and there is nothing Alberta can do to stop this. Destroying our landscape, threatening our wildlife and environment, and creating more pollution just because they had no Plan B is unacceptable. Fossil fuels are finite and most countries in the world are working steadily, competitively, to develop alternate forms of power...even China is very strong in this game. (Part of this might also involve seeing Saudi Arabia reduced back to a desert wasteland, given how subhuman they have behaved since coming into vast wealth, but that is a whole different post) Their cowardly mayors even skipped out on the recent conference addressing energy and climate change; Whistler's economy has suffered drastically because of Alberta's contribution to climate change, and Whistler's mayor wanted some answers. What did the mayors of Alberta do? Refuse to attend and address this issue. I will not support a backwards province that wants desperately to remain the Texas of my country. Let's form a committee and slice them out of the map and hand them over the USA, where their bent for guns, cattle slaughter, cowboy hats, and blood-for-oil will be welcomed wholeheartedly.

To the pretty girls out there

If your going out on the town tonight have fun tonight & smile, it make you look more attractive & approachable

I confess I'm losing patience

with co-workers and their horrible, broken English in their emails. If you're employed and communicating both internally with co-workers and externally with customers and vendors you should be able to put together an email that is not full of spelling and grammatical errors. Some of these emails read like they're composed by children. It's embarrassing and makes the entire company look unprofessional..

Hidden talent

I’m continually surprised by people I meet. So many of my friends and acquaintances have amazing hidden talent that you’d never guess they had by outward appearance. Average people doing fantastic things. One is a famous visual artist, and another is a middle aged man who does labour as a city worker who has 30 of the most incredibly beautiful aquariums in his rental suite and is an expert on fish and ponds. One is a snake expert, another is a tiny little elderly woman who happens to have a full-fledged carpentry shop in her basement where she makes beautiful handcrafted furniture and art pieces. One is a very talented musician who looks like a homeless person but lives in a mansion. Another is an unassuming-looking middle age woman who once worked for NASA and is a renowned expert in a rare field of science, while also raising three kids as a single mother. So you see, it’s vital that we don’t make assumptions about people based on outward appearances, because you never know what genius they may be hiding.

An amazing new year we're stepping in!

A minority individual calls you a bastard - this is a freedom of speech. You call him one - this is racism. A foreigner calls you a bastard - this is a freedom of speech. You call him one - this is aggression. Someone is shitting on your head - this is tolerance. You are asking her/him to stop - this is intolerance. A woman beats a man up - this is gender equality. A man beats a woman up - this is domestic violence.

Gross people

Tonight my husband took me out to a lovely dinner at a high end restaurant to celebrate something. At the table next to us was another "couple". I couldn't help but overhear that it was a married man and his mistress (she made a joke about his wife in a mean way, they held hands and were flirting /playing footsie). These types of people disgust me. It's so pathetic. To top it off, at the end of their dinner, the man pretended that he had forgotten his wallet and the mistress paid. I'll bet he just didn't want the bill to show up on his credit card or debit statement. Married women, if your husband is "working late" on the 22nd, ask him what he ate for dinner. If you have a joint account, look at the statement and see if it shows up. Who pays with cash these days? People like this disgust me so much!! If you're going to cheat, why even get married? Grubby mistress: why would you pay to be the other woman? Why are you wearing trashy cage stilletos in a nice restaurant and talking about your child's dirty diaper? Dbag Man: are you so pathetic that you'd rather be with this woman, listening about diapers than at home? You two should be drinking Wildcat in the park, not out in public at fine dining establishments.

Conversation 101

With the start of 2019 I dove back into the online dating scene. One of the first things I noticed is that there are a surprising amount of people that don't seem to know how a basic conversation works. I'm a straight female, so I only have guys to base this off of, though I'm sure it's an issue with females as well. It's so odd - a guy I match with will initiate a conversation, yet put no effort into keeping it going. I'm under the assumption that a conversation is a back and forth, answering a question, then asking the other person a question etc. to find out more about each other. I will ask them questions about themselves to learn more about them, only to get a one-sided response that doesn't ask me anything in return or keep the conversation flowing in any way. Eventually getting bored, and assuming they aren't that interested since they are putting in zero effort, I just stop talking to them. Yet a couple days later, I'll get a "hey, what's up" message or something vague like that, implying they still want to keep talking to me, as long as they can continue to put in no effort and have me do all the work. I'm not sure if it's just guys that want to use online dating to hook up with minimal effort, but even if that's the case, these guys don't even initiate a meet up in person to hook up, so I really don't get it. Just a tip. If you are looking to start dating, you should probably learn how to have a proper conversation with someone so that they aren't always the one having to think of what to say. I don't have time to deal with people who are too lazy to think of basic conversation topics, and will move on to someone who makes an effort.

Teach Them

My current boyfriend expects me to tell him what groceries we need. I mean why can't he open the cupboards and look? Then just the other day he asked me what chores he had to do. I mean I am not his mother. Mothers are doing their sons a serious disservice by not teaching them how to cook, clean, and get groceries.

Don't Judge

I work 28 hours a week at a restaurant and go to school full time for Nursing. With rent, food, transportation, and the cost of school I am one paycheck from being homeless. So forgive me for not wanting to date a guy who doesn't have a good job and his life together. Eating mac and cheese and ramen noodles for dinner is no fun. The heat breaking down and your landlord not fixing it for 2 weeks is no fun. You just have to take it because there's a 100 people that would love to live in this crappy suite that only has a hot plate and mice. I am a good person, smart, and good looking so I only date guys with a professional career of some kind. Be it an engineer, accountant, lawyer, entrepreneur. Of course I want him to be nice to me and funny and all that. Just in my current situation I can't afford to date losers who are aren't going anywhere in life.


I saw you in Hub Bub

You were standing next to me in the waiting line. We shared a few glances but then your order...


Savage Love: Boundaries are not just for bottoms

It’s fully engaging in the role-play itself that’s hot and exciting.