I confess, I finally used twitter, And I love it! You can shit all over trump and his fascist buddies I mean really unload And there's even a good chance one of them will see it haha Therapy!

Another LDR Sad Story

So I recently broke up with my boyfriend of one year. It was the second time we broke up. He broke up with me the first time as I had to move to another country for work and he thought he just can't do long distance. We agreed to stay in touch and remain friends, even though we've broken up. A week after my move, we started talking again and started catching feelings for each other again. He told me that the break up was a mistake as he's never been in LDR before and he realized how much he missed me. So long story short, we got back together. But the second time felt a bit different as he wanted to have a casual relationship with me while i wanted us to be just like how we used to be. Since we have different ideas of what we want in our relationship, we often argued about silly little things. I complained about how he wasn't giving me much attention and he on the other hand felt like i was being needy as he needs to focus on his work and other stuff too. So one day we decided to break up for the second time. Only this time, i was the one who called it quit. I know we both still have feelings for each other, and he even told me he hasn't ready to move on yet. But he only wants a casual relationship since we're away. If i decide to move back home, should i look for him again or should i just let this relationship go and move on for good? I'm feeling devastated. Friends are telling me to move on as we don't have a future together but i'm not ready to give up just yet. Any advice?

Remember the nights

I get to cook dinner for my retired parents 3 times a week since mid march. Never in my life have I ever got to experience this, and I assume in a month or so it will fade out and won't get to do it again.

Look away

I sometimes make meals for myself that I almost feel ashamed of. I mean classic not much cooking solo bachelor dude type meals. But worse than you can imagine, sometimes I just combine random foods that don't go together at all. I just eat it and don't care how it tastes. If you saw some of the meals I serve myself, would you still love me? If you truly saw how I live, behind the curtain, what would you think?

Metaphors and analogies

Whenever i speak to people i am forced to use metaphors and analogies in order to be understood. Having to say things multiple ways leaves me with little desire to communicate . I have only met one person(other than myself) who seems to speak and understand the words coming out of my mouth ...i just don't get it!


I got blocked on social media all because I called someone out on their bullshit. Why do people constantly get attacked for speaking up and telling it like it is? I prefer people to be honest and upfront with me instead of beating around the bush.


I watched Stranger Things late last year to see what the hype was about and I wasn't blown away by it. It's alright, but not amazing in my opinion. I used to be able to watch movies and tv shows years ago but now I barely watch any. I takes me months to years to watch something someone recommended.

I misread it all

All that tenderness. The need to be together. I mistook compassion for more. Confirmation bias. I am embarrassed and hope you can forgive me.

I'm like a stupid little

Child I talk to much I know this. I get hurt feelings I say silly stupid things, but I hate myself the most for not hearing a friend's words. They may have stepped up big time no I'm sure they did. I just can not remember a fucking word they said, I'm so saddened by their removal from my life. Ive sorted a lot out but, I wish I could here what it was they were going to say. So thank you friend for trying for me and I'm so sorry I let you down. I hate that it's too late now, hind sight thing. Please think of my stupid ways as a lesson as to whom is not respecting boundaries. You know already you deserve better much better. This message has been conveyed to I will always remember you but not what you said I'm such an asshole. One secret (if it was that) that is safe from disclosures.

She does weaving now

After disillusionment, men go drinking, and women...weaving? Mid thirties so the only alternative I see is running. Anyone want to gift me a loom?


Regents park

You had came up to me speaking about my sunglasses and I’ve turned you down saying I am not in...


Savage Love: Intimacy and hot sex don’t always jibe

Here goes: I’m a 32-year-old gay male and I have trouble staying out of my head during sex. I feel like there may be many issues.