Can someone tell me

Why we have so much trouble with indigenous claims , with them stopping almost every initiative to improve our economic status as a nation, when they don't seem to have anything like this problem in the States. In the States ,when they say it's going to get done, it gets done. In China too, when they want a project to go ahead, like the high speed trains, airports and highways ... it gets done. Doesn't matter who protests .. it's going ahead. In our country you can't build a fucking shed without someone whining that it's their land. Surely if the Government is legitimate (and it is) then whatever they decide is needed should either go ahead, or that Government should be turfed

Where did it go so wrong?

If Jesus was a hippy who taught love peace and Socialism, why are so many Christians so conservative and mean?

If we go out on a date

And you expect me to pay, then I'm going to ask how many dinners you expect until I get laid. And just to be fair, this post isn't aimed at any gender. Just an overall statement.


I still think it's better to have sanity than sex.

Don't hate me

Hit a bit of a dry spell last week and I slept with a big girl if you know what I mean. The sex was really good and she treated me like a King. Even made me breakfast and cleaned my living room. I told her at the start I am not looking to date and just looking to have fun but she told me in the morning she sees a future for us. The thing is I know I can't date her and I feel bad about it.

I'm a vegetarian, and..

...because I just went through a brain-melting breakup in which I was afforded no succor, explanation, or maturity, I went to A&W and I got myself a Mama Burger combo (I think that's what is was) with an iceless root beer and I had a few shots of vodka and fuck being a vegetarian today and fuck that guy. It all tasted fantastic. I'll be in agony tonight and tomorrow, but we do what we must in times of need. My heart is broken. I am not going to find solace in kale, for fuck's sakes.


It's amazing how LandlordBC justifies the 4.5% rent increase next year. Did any of you read it? It's probably still in the top 10 to the right of this confession. Whose wages grew this year? Mine didn't. Even if they did I'd get maybe $100ish more a month? Great! That will go to the expensive food in the store I have to buy. Heck! Maybe I could even afford brand name for fuck sakes. Just because you see a stat that may show that wages increased this year for some people that does NOT mean you can take it from us right away. We NEED these wage increases. We have been fucked in the ass by the Liberals so hard that we need time to heal.

Vancouver Has Taught Me

I moved to Vancouver from Regina about 3 years ago and I was a good guy when I got here. I was a hard worker who had this view that there was good in everyone. That got me nothing with women and my career. I looked around and realized everyone is lying and a big phony so I need to be as well to keep up. I tell women I am some type of big shot with tons of money and that gets me laid. I lie non-stop to them and since I say things with confidence they eat it up. At work I am a jerk and that got me a promotion. Yeah coming to work on time and exceeding all work expectations got me nothing but being a total jerk gets your noticed. If someone isn't performing at work I call them out on it and I am not nice about it at all. No more walking on eggshells. I fire people who aren't performing and don't give a #%$@# about it. You think you aren't paid enough then go get another #$@$#@ job and don't complain to me about it. My boss promoted me to Manager and said I have a take no prisoners type of attitude and am willing to do anything to succeed. Vancouver has brought out the worst in me and maybe this is who I am and I can't go back now.

So conflicted

Like so many of us, I’m considering moving completely away from the LM. The whirlwind pace of changes taking place here over the past 10 years is finally driving me away from my beloved home town. On the one hand I still love it so much and will miss it terribly, but I think that I’m already missing it because my hometown is gone. Where I presently live is becoming 100% devoted to the desires of foreign investors and tourists. The necessary services that we locals actually need are being eliminated one by one, so that all that’s left are touristy boutiques and coffee shops and expensive restaurants. I now have to go further and further away to get the things I used to be able to get just by walking or riding my bike. It’s not the livable place it once was. All of our beautiful natural places like the forests and beaches and parks, are no longer a place of refuge for me to escape to. They’re overrun with crowds of loud tourists tromping over the vegetation and snapping 1000’s of pictures while talking at the top of their lungs all at the same time. It’s hell! But the trouble is that I can’t figure out where there is left to move to that won’t be so far away from my family and friends that I’d be even unhappier there than I am here. A quandary that I guess so many of us are in as we are colonized.

Can't Deal

My girlfriend has a kid and I just don't get along with him at all. He has had no discipline in his life and has no manners. He is 14 years old and I have caught him with drugs and alcohol. He cusses to my face and his mom and knows I can't do anything about it. He has fistfuls of cash which leads me to believe hes probably selling drugs or stealing. I am not his dad so I don't discipline him and this leads to a lot of animosity with my girlfriend. His dads in jail and I am fairly certain hes heading there as well just the way hes going. So last night I made mac and cheese for dinner and he says he doesn't want it and just throws the bowl on the floor and then his moms scrambling to make him something else. This is what I am talking about. He has no rules or responsibilities and his moms just catering to this. I am just tired of this and I just can't be in this relationship and am pulling the cord.

I did a little experiment

While taking the Skytrain and walking through the downtown . It was an experiment to see if I could recognize potential nutcases, people likely to open fire on a crowd or go postal, by my own judgement of their appearance. This would be a very handy gift for someone to have because we could then pick the people up before they got to do anything nasty. Sad to say that I'd already picked out enough to fill out a fair sized jail before I got home. You could fill one cell block with weirdos on the Skytrain alone, so I guess my amateur profiling experiment was a total failure.

So Embarrassed

So last week a few things in my place needed to be fixed so my Landlord came to fix them. OMG there is something about a man that can fix things with his hands that's such a turn on. Just like twisting the screwdriver and knowing how things work is such a turn on. Hes like 45 but has that salt and pepper hair going on and he goes to the gym. Hes 20 years older but I can't help how I feel. Like I can't explain it. He just is so confident and is the strong silent type like Don Draper. I could have eaten popcorn and watched him fix things. I am just super embarrassed because I am never that turned on.


Gave my friend with benefits a blow and go and the jerk didn’t even say thanks after.Thinking he doesn’t deserve this great service anymore.

Febreeze stinks

All you people walking around reeking of Frebreze are making me gag and wheeze. Please, for the sake of all of us, switch to unscented laundry products.


Skytrain connection

I was sitting on skytrain and noticed you standing by the door. You were wearing a hoodie and...


Savage Love: Even Mr. AmazingMoves needs some pointers

Is it okay to give myself permission to give up on partner-based climaxing?