I admit

I'm a little older now and personally do not find that a women who drinks alcohol is attractive not one nary bit. Actually I would rather that my beautiful woman does not drink alcohol at all.

your feet go here

You know the stickers on the floor near the check-outs at a store? The ones that show a pair of feet indicating "6' social distancing?"in the lineup? I confess that when COVID finally eases off I hope those stickers stay. It took a pandemic for some people to get the drift that personal space is actually a thing. Remember when someone in a huge rush, with no self awareness at all, would just hang on the back of your shoulders breathing down your neck as if that makes the line go any faster or the cashier's fingers fly any quicker on the cash register. I always wanted to say "back the F up please" but thanks to the pandemic, I'll just politely glance at the sticker and then at them, and glance at the sticker and back to them. And smile. So much more civilized.

What I learned surviving the pandemic

- Slashing my spending on restaurants and takeout. I am a pretty decent cook after all. - Making my own bread every week instead of buying it - Severing ties with frenemy. Life is too short for “friends” taking swipes at you. - Donating goods and food to local pantry is the right thing to do because I have more than enough. - Your place of employment honestly does not care about you one iota. - Your hobbies are your life. - Brand names and people who wear/drive conspicuous logos are all about trying to manipulate you. - When people can’t travel and are forced to remain still and local, and get depressed, it says a lot about them. - We have survived a global pandemic.

Sex on MDMA

I've heard many stories about it. I've always wanted to try it. I've had sex on weed. It was a pretty mellow experience. Sativa gave me quite a stoner boner. Indica felt more suitable for cuddles. Then I tried having sex on cocaine. My eyes were wide open but I couldn't get it up. Now I think I'd like to see what's it's like to do the whoopie on Molly. Only problem is I'm not sure where to get some Molly.


I finally got a job. The thing is after so many interviews and so many rejections I felt basically unemployable and hopeless. The last interview I did I felt like I was on autopilot, uninspired, flat and dull. I imagined moments after leaving the interviewers mocking me and laughing at my CV as they toss it in the bin. Much to my surprise they called me the next day! I almost called them back to make sure it wasn't a joke. There is no moral to this story. Job interviews fucking suck and good luck and godspeed to anyone out there looking.

I admit

I’m dreading the full-on back to “normal”, back in the office, everyone back to school TRAFFIC in September.

Praise the rich

I hereby confess that I like rich people! They leave free nice stuff outside their houses so plebs like me can get nice things. If it were me I would try and sell it on craigslist even if it might only get me $20. But rich people don't need to do that, so they just put it outside. Praise the rich!

I wonder what it’s like...

I have no family in this city and I live alone. I see friends celebrating birthdays posting photos of birthday cakes & flowers & gifts they’ve received from friends and family. I’ve spent the last decades worth of birthdays alone. No cake. No candles. No flowers. No party. No dinners. My “closest friend” didn’t even bother to call. Sent a text. I always do something special when I know someone is having a birthday because I know how horrible it feels to have no one acknowledge it. I guess that’s my confession. More than anything else I want someone to celebrate my next birthday with me with a cake and candles. Silly maybe but it would mean so much.

Honesty Prize

I could have so much fun! Instead I was honest with women about my relationship status. What did I win for that? Nothing! At least not the perks I would have received had I lied.

NO, I don’t have to forgive

I confess that I disagree with the concept that we must forgive people or it means we’re holding onto negativity. When someone has caused you significant harm and has not apologized or acknowledged it, I don’t believe that we’re obligated to forgive them at all. That doesn’t mean that I think it’s okay to be obsessing about the situation, or that it’s healthy to hold grudges over minor things. But if someone has done you serious harm, I see no reason at all why we should be pressured to forgive them. I can carry on with my life, and I don’t sit around fuming about them, but there’s a couple of people who I will never, ever forgive for what they did, and no, I don’t wish them well.


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