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I'm a cis gay man & I have a crush on a cute guy in my building, thing is he's married....but here's the thing, his wife apparently has cancer and is receiving treatment at St Paul's.....I kind of hope it doesn't turn out well for her...yes I'm a jerk but, maybe he will change his mind about me.

A wildly polarizing topic

I am increasingly annoyed with soft parents. Don’t be mean to your kids, but also don’t let them be disrespectful to the world around them. Sometimes I want a coffee in a coffee shop with a friend— A rare treat these inflated days—- and I don’t want to hear or witness your brat kid running around throwing a tantrum while you wait it out. Please by all means do that at home. But in the world we need to be mindful and respectful of our community and neighbours. I can tell you with certainty they will learn boundaries and how to understand some outbursts have a time and place. Not to diminish their feelings, but to not put their need to scream above everyone else’s right to enjoy the world too.

Vancouver post #2

Who wouldn’t want to rent a BEDROOM for $1850 / month in a shitty shared apartment on MARINE DRIVE? Is it just me or are these people losing their minds?? Newsflash… your apartment isn’t that great…. Morons

The flaw in the family

I was married to a woman years ago and was invited to her parents house for Christmas dinner. There were four of us and the turkey was the biggest the father could find. It was some way for him to brag, I guess, the turkey could have fed a football team and just the idea of so much food for so few people was disgusting to me. The father thought it was a display of opulence but to me it was a grotesque display of waste. There worst of it was after a few drinks and while we ate her father told us that his secretary had become pregnant and he fired her for some trivial, made up thing. He then said; "That will show her for expecting to get maternity leave from us!" My wife and I had a fight as we drove home. I wrote this because, even though I didn't see it at the time, that kind of psychosis ran right through the family and when I discovered that psychosis in my wife I kicked her out of my life immediately. The point is, if you're dumb enough to ever get married and you see something alarmingly strange in her family that it's well rooted in them too. So stay, the fuck, away.

One big toxic shock Vancouver syndrome

It seems like the left politics and culture from our universities are turning us all against each other and making everyone miserable, while avoiding the major issues that unite us all. We're all being thrown into poverty by the neoliberal world, which is championed by the universities. When people try to say something, they use left-wing cancel culture tactics. Gross times.

It's a drag

As comment to the Straight's article regarding the rise of hate groups targeting drag events I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with these protesters? Wake up you people that think this is some sort of grooming effort for pedos. You are idiots and were likely dropped on your heads as babies. What are you afraid of? Drag has been around forever - centuries. Back in the day male Shakespearean actors played female roles as did Kids In The Hall and Monty Python. Those of us that are old enough remember being entertained by Flip Wilson's character - Geraldine Jones, Milton Berle as Auntie Mildred, famed Canadian Craig Russell and now Eddie Izzard and Queen of the Queens, RuPaul. This is performance art at its finest and should be revered for what it is - a celebration of women and men not some sort of warped and twisted view held by extremists. I swear some doctor somewhere has been prescribing goofball stupid pills to these fools.

Government plant-based meat mandates

I am glad we haven't gotten to this point yet. It's so gross to know corporate America could own our right to eat meat and replace it with highly processed soy-beans and chemicals because it is fashionable with brainwashed young people.

Madonna on tour

Maybe I'm making assumptions but somehow I don't think young people (teens to those in their 20's) care about the washed up clown....she should give up....but then again there's lots of suckers out there.

Cart before the horse mentality by Justin ( Bozo) Trudough

Unless you are indigenous, we are all immigrants to our great country Canada. I love our multicultural society in every way, I know we need plenty of new Canadians, However the morons in Ottawa need to provide the proper financial support for our ailing health care system before luring immigrants to Canada for a "better life" which includes "universal health care". Right now Canadian people are dying in rural emergency waiting rooms due to a total failure by our Government to prioritize funding for our ailing health care system. This is unacceptable and I a must confess that I am not the proud Canadian that I was ten years ago.....

Last Night

Last night, dressed in my maid uniform, I made and served dinner to my wife and her boyfriend. Afterward he and I talked for awhile before he joined her in bed. I cleaned up the dinner mess then went to bed in my room. He spent the night with her and left in the morning.


Handsome Man with dark cap / florescent...

You were sitting on the right side of the bus just in front of the back door - we saw each other...