I confess

I get a thrill out of seeing my words on this site, and I'm sure they will help solve the problems of the World.


Long before the study came out about alcohol being linked to cancer, I gave it up a couple years ago. Being sober has never been better. My mind is more clear, I have way better relationships with my family and coworkers, and I can finally hear myself think. It does take time to think normally again, but the road to sobriety requires self-discipline. Joe patience.


… for a job. Frustrated. I have a ton of skills but have not landed on my feet. An acquaintance with very few skills quickly got a govt job with good salary and benefits. Happy for her, truly, but my engine has been revving for so long, and still, no job. Frustrated!

I dreamed about you last night again

It always seems so effortless and easy when we're together. No bs from the past just happy purposeful contentment. Can two lost souls actually complete each other's circles in life?

Tik toxic

With all these young, careless teenagers doing dangerous stunts on TikTok and losing their lives, I’m surprised such an app even exists. Personally, I hope Tickety Tok gets banned and that creators of this stupid app go to jail.

If your mother taught you to lie

You should know, there are potentially serious ramifications to lying. People don't like liars or worse. Once a person knows you lied to them do you think they'll ever trust you again? No, they won't. If you brag to your friends sbout lying do you think they'll have any respect for you again? No, they won't.

I think it's lost

I got rejected. In my head at least, this was THE relationship for me. The rejection was crushing. Absolutely devasting. So I didn't get over it. I really thought I would get over it eventually... I mean that is what a normal person does, right? I tried the whole being with others to forget the 'one' thing, but after a decade or so instead my capacity to feel just faded. Maybe it's just aging as well, and it has allowed me to focus more on work and creative pursuits, and I still sometimes check on the person (virtually), but it feels like it's too late for my dream.

Somewhere over…

Skip the train over a yellow brick line now the train skips on you medical emergency delays delays should we look away? wash the matter resting in pieces but there’s no peace here things are dire when we’re too broke to pay attention except to look down Did you see the look of resignation? or was it panic desperation we can’t live this way I can’t tell you not to jump to another conclusion ends by any means some ends are just mean how to find another way click your heels to find there’s no place like home but does it even exist anymore Where can any of us go when life gets like this? we cross a yellow brick road knowing it’s been within us all along a means to escape now shoes glistened red something clicks into place we won’t live this way

If only Gordon Ramsay visited my restaurant

I would tell him if you don't like the food, get the *bleep* out of here. The tofu chicken is amazing. Way better than real chicken. Corporate chefs don't know what they're talking about.

Running errands feels intolerable

All I can think about is how ugly I am. Even simple tasks like grocery shopping is challenging. I know these thoughts are not true but they overwhelm.


You brown toque and mustache on new west...

You complimented my green earbuds and earrings at the new west skytrain Station while waiting for...