Are tattoos for losers?

It used to be that displaying a tattoo meant that you were somehow a creative, interesting and countercultural individual. I never thought this but that was the idea. Now, every Tom Dick and Harry has a tattoo. It just makes you look like a conformist, weak and easy to manipulate individual. A person with zero creativity. It makes you look like a loser. I am so glad I never got one.

Damned evangelicals

Drove home yesterday to find one of the four stop intersections in our neighbourhood was loaded with evangelical people on all four corners with pre-made signs about Jesus Saves and other ridiculous sayings trying to convert people to their religion. First off they were a dangerous distraction to drivers, secondly, you don't convert people that way (the vast majority will never be change nor do they want to) and lastly why are they so arrogant as to think their 'street ministry' will get them more members and extra points with their 'saviour' or church?? Soooo stupid. What if atheists or satanists tried the same thing to convert THEM to another way of thinking? wow. SO offensive. We don't need our souls saved!! It's ok to be Christian but for heaven's sake?! or for Christ's sake (ironic)?! STOP!!! Put your useless and obnoxious efforts into something more productive - like volunteering for a food bank or raising money for the homeless. Quit trying to impose your beliefs on others!!!


And controversial, but given the current over population of Canada Geese, I think we could permit a small number of these birds to be hunted for food for charity meals as part of a social program benefitting folks in need.

So soon forgotten

As a proud prider I find many of the articles these days very interesting. A recent article highlighted the associated of Davie street with white men. I suppose it is a positive that today's youth of pride do not have to go through the AIDS/HIV epidemic to the point that they can associate the recent past as "white men." When people have become more concerned with intersectional issues, it likely means they no concept of having sex, feeling like shit a few weeks later and then having the doctor(there was specific community of dr's and healthcare providers on Davie street) come in, give the 50 yard stare before telling you, "you're gonna die relatively soon." The word BIPOC wasn't part of our dialogue because it was prefaced on inclusion of our community.


Is not what it was years ago. I’m tired of all these current reporters that keep airing out their personal feelings, wasting valuable broadcast time. Real journalists are supposed to report the news, not comment on it.

King Charles - NO

The true King is Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, they bumped Martin but what he stood for will always be the lighthouse to guide us out of these perilous times on the edge of WW3 and environment crisis.

Coronation punks

A lot of younger left-leaning people were complaining about the coronation. Punks don't like the Queen nowadays, but they used to want to save the Queen. It's strange how these people are such dinks. They're angry at everyone and literally put all of their money into dressing-up and think they're somehow special and make the world a better place. Everyone at the coronation had so much fun and people were so happy. They were from all walks of life and lots of different backgrounds. But punks... They're left-learning whiny losers if you ask me. Too bad they don't contribute anything to the world but don't shut-up.

Vancouver may be considered "No Fun City"

But considering what is happening in American states with repressive politicians like in Florida or Texas or Oklahoma or Nebraska etc what with freedoms being taken away (unless you're a conservative Christian or straight white gun loving person who distrusts the "riff raff"undesirables who look out of place in their little towns & counties) I'm glad I live in boring woke No Fun City like Vancouver

I miss the 90s

There was still innocence around. People were allowed to be creative and have fun. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer are a good example. The librarian was trusted. He wasn't just considered a creepy adult hanging around Buffy. People were allowed to get their creative juices going without the government and special interest groups acting like authoritarians. I seriously wonder how much more the government and creepy interest groups will sow the seed of distrust on our society so that they can grab more control and power over people in every sphere of their private life that was once protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedom.


Roller Skating Pixie Vanishes in East Van

You and a friend were celebrating her birthday and came into the bar after an evening of roller...