Many men are single

Because men are bloody exhausted. Its so damn tiring to keep up with all the expectations from every direction. Men are taking a time out. We need rest. Deal with it.

Old building noises

Sometimes I wonder if the person who thinks it’s necessary to take a shower every morning at 5:30 am realizes that the entire building has to listen to the din from the pipes. It’s so loud that it actually wakes me up. It’s a really small building so I know it’s not just me that has to listen to it. How dirty does someone have to be to require a shower just because they slept? Couldn’t they just wash pits and groin?

Love having boundaries

I’ve been at a new office for a few weeks only. I’m not here to 1) talk about my weight 2) discuss my age 3) give colleagues reassurance that they don’t need Botox 4) discuss where I shop 5) hear about your mood swings I’m here to get paid to do what my boss tells me to do, full stop. I’m here to make money only. Don’t get the point of the workplace confused.

What ?

Your know if there was no more homelessness and people in need these useless organizations would become obsolete ! Think about that. Just like if they found an actual cure for cancer they would not make billions of dollars each year on pills and treatments that are only Band-Aids to making more money off of sick people !


The three grocery CEO’s brought before the government for questioning about the massive profits they have made did not convince me of their innocence. Not one bit. They claim that they’re not profiting from food, but from the other goods in the store. But even if that was true (which I don’t think it is), they’re still making huge profits from everything else consumers need! If they were in any way decent human beings, they’d reduce the prices of the other goods to balance out the costs of the food items. They’re scumbags making ridiculous amounts of money off of the backs of the people who depend upon their stores for their basic goods. They have lost any credibility whatsoever.

Cleaning Snow

It is a shame most small streets do not get clean and salt so I am unable to work and take partner to work too, there is no buses close and yet BC and the federals sending money to a war that is not even ours Shame on the City shame on the PM

You are not black just cuz you love hip hop

It’s very sad and funny to see how many, mostly Asian people, think they are experts in black culture. I get it, you love hip hop and your worship Beyonce. Thats all good. But dont talk to me about black issues like you one of us. Girl you grew up in Richmond drinking bubble tea. Stop fronting like you know. Also its mad creepy how the above people be fetishizing black people. We are not your trophy or status symbol you Kardashian wannabe.

Gen-z are future pedos

They are completely obsessed with calling everyone a pedo and yet look at Tiktok. The most popular accounts are the ones where girls wear fake braces and talk like infants. When gen-z grow up there will be an epidemic of child abuse. And before you idiots claim its pervy old men watching Tiktok, thats total BS. Its teens who are watching that shit. Frankly, I blame Anime. That shit rots your brain.

Online dating

It seems like it’s rigged against men so I think we should just stop using their apps.

Old man

Ever had a night where you're hanging out with people who are 10 to 15 years younger then you and you thinking "I should be at home with a wife and kids. I've really screwed things up. It's too late now, what the hell am I doing, how did I get here?" The whole night I'm just desperately trying to hide the fact that I'm too old to be there. Talking to women that are way too young for me, wanting to ask "do you have a single aunt? I really shouldn't be talking to you, I'm so sorry but I'm a desperate loser who is very lost in life."


Costco meet cute

We initially exchanged glances in produce but when you ended up behind me in line, I panicked....