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Why should our civic politicians tackle real issues like homelessness, petty crime, and traffic congestion when they could be tackling climate concerns and plastic bags?

When? WHEN???

So many cowards. All you have to do is open your mouth and speak. When are you going to do that?

Outburst and regret

Last night I lost it on a guy I thought was driving too fast in a residential neighborhood. He was but I was way out of line and acted like a psychotic person. To his credit he handled my ridiculous outburst very well. He tried to calm me down and then when noticing I was unreasonable wished me a good night and walked away. I stormed off and as soon as I turned a corner realized how stupid I acted and had immediate shame and regret. Anyone who might have witnessed this would think I was a lunatic. I went back about 10 minutes later to apologize but he was gone. In my daily life I think most people would describe me as unfailingly polite and kind. But everyone once in awhile an anger rises out of me that I can't seem to control. This is something I've decided to seek help with. I never want to be the person I was last night ever again.

Funny story

I had a box of extra fries that nobody ate and I hated to throw them out so I put the box on the balcony to give to the birds. The birds were coming and going grabbing the fries so I went back later to check on how many fries were left in the box, low and behold the whole damn box was gone, and it was a big box of fries man. I could just imagine two birds each having a side of the fry box in their little beaks flying off into the sunset. And I checked the ground, no sign of that big red fry box. I bloody missed all the action. lol Birds are amazing !

You know What ?

You know what is going extinct ? Animals, Vegetables and Minerals. Not a good sign for humanity !

A little guidance

I'm just a man who hasn't always been the best neighbor but I am becoming desperate to know if my fellow neighbors could find a creative way to let me know if they are all safe? I ask because listening through all the noise out there and in here has sooooo many possibilities running through my mind and many are completely impossible to imagine being real.

A little bit confused

Not sure if I should head back to Canada. I have been on disability ever since before the pandemic and hanging out in Mexico. Quality of life is so much better here.


My mom brought cashews to the Thanksgiving dinner. (We have told her for 10 years now that he’s extremely allergic to nuts.) She mocked him for his allergy. She told me I’m making up the allergy, that it’s my “idea”. She told me my son is weird. I never thought I’d say this but my mom is a bitch.

Comic Life

Somehow I thought the dream of Batman finding his Catwoman and living happily in Gotham was attainable. But I couldn't afford Gotham, I take public transit (no Batmobile) and Catwoman ignores me, and appears to have given up her pleather for motherhood. But I am wearing a black mask.

The forever war

Many people forget that World War 1, the Great War, was only 2 and a half years in length. There was a long build up of countries own issues, and much like the last 20 years of the internet, the science boom pre WW1 was the turn of the century. The social change between rural and culture was the changing guard of society. I read "when will the pandemic be over?" If you aren't making plans and haven't already started living a normal life, you may be one of the many who stay stuck. After my second vaccine, I had a normal summer. Outside of wearing a mandatory mask, which I don't do for mine or your health, but because it is mandatory, my pandemic ended at the end of spring. I have my passport renewed, I've ditched my cool masks for standard blue, I have not tuned in for a COVID update since June. My plans for 2022 are in full swing. This is not a confession, so much as a show of empathy for those who won't move forward. Who will stay stuck. Who will miss out on life. Nothing last forever. Whether it's the pandemic, parenting, career, drugs and alcohol, life won't wait.


Bicycling on the surface of the water

You were doing Tai Chi. I bicycled slowly, through deeply pooled water, not making even a ripple...

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