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I Refuse

To drink IPA. It's too good. It's challenging to drink beer in moderation so why allow myself beverage that taste and smell better than Bud. It's insanity. It's akin to going from weed to crack I imagine

Issues Horizon

I think I've been fixated on someone for over a decade because the relationship is unattainable, and I'd rather consider my (dream) perfect relationship doesn't work out because it hasn't started yet, than work on the fact that I don't actually know how to love anyone.


I don’t want to accept you’re gone. Perhaps instead you’re traveling somewhere and too busy to stop by to say hello. The idea of attending your farewell ceremony feels like filing a missing persons report. I recount the last time I saw you, how you looked, what we talked about, where I thought you might have gone and a party is gathered. To seek and find your remains for closure seems to signify the search is over. Maybe it’s like a game of sardines. One by one we discover and crowd together in the hiding place of death. Gathering in solidarity acknowledging a final rite of passage completed and waiting for our friends to join us.

I’m confused

Is it normal for someone to tell you that they never want to see you or speak to you again, but then act like there’s something wrong with you if you’re reluctant to speak to them if you happen to run into them in public? Maybe it’s just me, but if an adult person says that to someone they’ve been in a long relationship with, I’m taking that very seriously. I can’t imagine ever saying something like that to a person that I cared about at all, because those are words that you would have to take back pretty much immediately if you didn’t really mean them. Why do grown people think that they can say whatever pops into their head just because they’re angry, and not have to accept the consequences that result from those words? This should be understood by anyone past the age of 18 in my opinion. Either learn to control yourself and your temper, or deal with the consequences after the fact. Your choice.

I wished I'd listened to my mother

My mother hated the woman I married and her family. I don't know how she knew they were scumbags but oh boy was she right. The scummiest back stabbing aholes ever. I wished I'd listened to you mom! You know what to do!

Repeat After Me

Take your backpack off before you board any transit vehicle; carry it in hand/store on your lap or under the seat; and, only put it back on after you've disembarked. I feel like some people need to take a class for this, especially those people that require a demonstration of what it's like to get hit by a heavy backpack in the face. I mean I can't believe I'd have to move to a city like Tokyo to experience this kind of mutually beneficial courtesy on transit.

Work Cult

Organizational culture. What even is that? A bit like the four houses in Hogwarts. Congrats yer a wizard now. There’s the Market (Ravenclaw), Hierarchical (Griffindor), Clan (Hufflepuff), and Adhoc (Slitheryn). I think each workplace benefits from a combination of all four. But hell if we go back to becoming robots for Market culture. The burnout and depersonalization is inhumane.


Don't understand YWCA ? You took the last thing I had left. My integrity. Now I'm going to take what's only ever been important to you ! Your funding and donations and money !! Bring it on! I have finally figured out what my true destiny is, my purpose in life. To take down lieing ,money grubbing organizations like yours ! An organization that really doesn't care about suffering women at all. See you on Monday !! Click click cameras rolling ! Do you have the balls to show up and smile for the camera now ? Popo might apparently ! Kisses Lisa !

The “perfect”partner

I feel people have insane expectations these days when it comes to partners. My roommate just was ranting about her latest Tinder date. How he doesnt drink, and his job is lame and his bad taste in music. She went on to say that she could never be with someone who wasnt passionate about their job etc. I mean, do people have to be perfectly aligned? And so we ALL have to have dream jobs that we love? LOL. No wonder she has been on Tinder for years. I feel like older generations were more accepting of each others flaws and differences. My parents couldn’t be more different but they are still in love over 40 years later! Personally, i dont give a crap if you drink ( i dont) or what your job is. I just want to find a good person who is kind and not pretentious. The petty little details dont matter. Its the big picture.

Control Myself

If I could take pill to erase memory of my ex I would yesterday and rhats the honest to God truth. Key way to live in the moment. There is no honor or feel good nonsense to this unlike feel good types will tell you.


I Saw You See Me See You

I walked by you on the street along Hastings last week and recognized you from a patio last...

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