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When girls check men out

A woman was staring at my chest today... That was interesting. People with big chests of any sex seem to just get a lot of attention from the world. It's an interesting fate.

I'm a guy who likes

it when women slap my ass. Why are these women so rare? :-(

Best day at work

My workplace is typically boring, but I saw a catfight between co-workers and it was really the highlight of my week. I don't know how I got sucked in by this. It seems so juvenile and I should be beyond it. It was as if a bumble bee took the attention of a full room after flying in during a presentation, but it had the intrigue of human drama.

Pay attention

My confession is that I’m finding it really frustrating to listen to people ranting about how awful someone is when I know how much that person has done for them. Why do some people only notice the bad stuff about other people? Like they completely forget about all the good things and focus only on the bad things like when that person didn’t behave well or something. I try to be a good listener and remain neutral because I care so much about all of them, but sometimes I want to shake them.

Artist studios

It's kind of cool how they're going under since they're all part of the neoliberal hipster world nowadays. Nobody can afford your art either :)


I'm glad that topless protestor went on stage and crashed Avril Lavigne's fake speech at the Juno awards the other night. That person was trying to make a statement. You call Avril Lavigne punk? Please....she's a phony hypocrite. Real Punk artists are the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Talking Heads. Emo whiners like Lavigne, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan etc. are the Muppet Babies of rebellion.

Brutish women roles in movies

They always act brash and have low-brow society accents... but they're always hot in the movies. Why are they hot? Is there no such thing as a real character in a film? They never even fart. Hot women and men are pretty much ruining acting. The characters just don't make sense. This is pretty much like watching soft-porn nowadays. Makes no sense.

Nice person

You know a nice person who really cared would have replaced the broken blade, that would have been helpful! So what does that make you ?

I'm almost 46

And have never been in a romantic relationship. Just too paralyzed with shyness. The crazy thing is I don't think this kind of situation is uncommon. It's just something people don't talk about. The stigma and judgment is too overwhelming.


Dark Lipstick

You were wearing a cute pencil skirt with white sneakers, dark lipstick and the most captivating...

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