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Happy Birthday Flaky!

You confessed your dismay within this forum over no one remembering your birthday last year, and I wasn't going to let that happen again. So I hope that you have a great one, Flaky!


I suffer from erectile dysfunction. I was with a woman today and I couldn't orgasm. That didn't stop me from giving her 15 orgasms over a 2 hour period. I used to be embarrassed by my ED but now I am not.


As a friend, I don't know what my responsibility is to you. I want to see you grow, change, move past the pain and trauma of the past. But you don't want to do that. You want to stay stuck and hurt. Possibly for the rest of your life. I can't change you and yet I can't walk away. I hate seeing you like this and don't know what's next for our friendship.

If I was in your situation I'd probably do it to

But the stories you're spreading in support of your buddy are lies and there, of course, is always another side of the story. Jsyk, I hated him as soon as he dismissed a native mother and happy little daughter like they were garbage one day. I definitely spoke up. I don't dig racists. Sorry, not sorry. Ps, get a brain dude.

Is a small penis a dealbreaker?

I have a small penis. Very small. My girlfriend agrees it is small but says she can get over it. So here is what I want to know: is she lying? Any women who want to comment on this please do - if you met a guy you like and then discovered he was very small down there, would you break up with him? Would you be upset and disappointed?

30 years now

I confess I have had it with the NHL. Tired of the ever increasing ads on the rink boards and glass targeting the local viewing market. I used to enjoy seeing the permanent ads from other cities which gave a feel for their own companies. Now these stupid ads are flashing and changing via virtual technology and it is so distracting I don't enjoy the game anymore. Too many commercial breaks and inserts. Waaaaay tooo many gambling commercials. 30 years of no Canadian team winning the Stanley cup, 30 years of Bettman NHL with dumb shoot outs and 3 on 3's. No thanks! I'd rather knit something than waste my time on this boring, predictable monetized soap opera.

Lost Job

My boyfriend lost his job yesterday and I don't know if we can go on. The bills are going to start piling up and its not fair for me to have to pay them all. I don't even think I can pay them all. Were struggling to make ends meet. I am going to move back in with my mom and dad.

Weird Brother.

I'm 36, my brother is 29, we share a apartment here in Burnaby....I got home from work was tired decided to turn the tv & watch South Park because I was to lazy to watch anything educational, anyway my brother comes in half a hour from work & see me watching South Park & says in a cranky voice "why are you watching that stupid ass trashy shit" I then said "fine whatever watch whatever you want I need to shower" well after 20 minutes or so I get out of the shower go to my bedroom get clean clothes on & walk into the living brother is watching a Jeffrey Dahmer documentary on Netflix or Tubi....I said myself "seriously? Is this educational?


You know I think every person in Vancouver should get at least two dogs then there would be even more shit and piss everywhere. You may think your picking up your dog's shit like good citizens but what about the runny shit you can't possibly scrape that all up with your little, tiny, thin doggie bags and you don't ! Cause I hit some on the grass today so thanks for that ! Almost puked .

I swear to God…

I will NEVER go to the store by myself again ;)


Roller Skating Pixie Vanishes in East Van

You and a friend were celebrating her birthday and came into the bar after an evening of roller...

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