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The irony

The people I know who are the quickest to label someone else as judgemental, are also the most judgemental people I know. (Yes, I know : ) )


... miss my ex. It has been nearly 15 years. Oh well.

It's me

I read some cards you had written in the "before". Nothing profound in them, just the word "love", with your hasted scribbles. Never known pain like creating a conversation with someone who is no longer there. I have sat with my sorrow for so long, she finally told me, her name was "grief". It washes over me in waves. Some days, I drown. I will get through this, but I am not sure I will get over it. It's me: no self-appointed psychologists, or otherwise need comment. To know and to experience are very different things.

Not a Fetish

I am a big girl and its so hard to meet a decent guy who loves me for me. I am 5'0 and 250 pounds and I am curvy in all the right places. I just wish I could meet a guy who didn't treat me like some kind of fetish.

Doggie Poop Bag Wrongful Accusation.

II falsely accused a dog walker of throwing his poop bag by a tree. He was walking ahead of me and I saw him throw the poop bag and I said, "Hey, you can't just throw your poop bag anywhere" and he looked at me baffled and then as I got closer, I realized he'd thrown it into a garbage bin beside the tree. I apologized profusely but even his dog looked pissed off at me for the wrongful accusation. Sorry, sir. and your doggo.

Enough already

Some of you people need to STFU up about Donald Trump. We’re NOT American. Why don’t you start paying more attention to what’s going on in your own community? There’s real issues to worry about. Get a life.

My grandma passed

and does not want her ashes to be in Europe with her husband’s. They were married for over 50 years and he set up a tomb for them in Hungary and everything, but she decided she just wants hers in the ocean with her son here in Vancouver. Imagine staying married to someone for that long and then not wanting to be buried with them. Kind of makes me glad I’m single!!

Have the extremest know-it-alls

considered how the original Indigenous inhabitants of these Unceeded Territories feel when they hear the hate-filled comments of the children of immigrants calling down their misguided wrath on recent immigrants? How about this for an idea? People of good will put their hands and hearts together to help avert the perils of today's World from the massive destruction of a pending WW3 and environment collapse .... OCM Coast Salish affirmations

Mirror mirror on the wall

Sometimes I look in the mirror and nobody’s there. I just keep on staring. No reflection on me of course.


Happy Day Cafe on Kingsway

You were sitting by yourself & you ordered a few Curry Fish Balls and a few deep-fried Spring...

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