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Hey there you.

I confess I made a huge mistake and you were not to blame. I let things that had no power over our friendship begin to gain a ton of it. I'm sorry and right now I can only hope you'll recognize that I'm changing for the better to amend this boo boo. Hang there kid I'm pissed at myself and anger is for the first time my muse for the better. We will sort out the past, or have it sorted out already. This is yet to be seen. Do better, more is required and you can get that what they sold from you so long ago back again, a real belief in loving connections. Ilu


im mid thirties and missed out most of dating life for the past decade. I want to eat strawberries and smoke and stay up all night and swim and do all the things we're not meant to do... at 30.. whos up for some irresponsible dating?


If I get reincarnated as a dog, I could lick my own balls.

Love that...

... Tribune Cousineau or whatever her name is! As an indigenous person, I can tell her our justice system was indeed different: endless proxy wars fought by women using their male relatives!

I'M the Protagonist

Does anyone know what that word even means?? I'm the lead character. It's ME. Sure I had a girlfriend and that is TYPICALLY a valid reason to reject someone, but I really think you should have considered whose story you were in. Now look what you've done. Chapter after chapter without you appearing except in recollection. That's no good. There's plenty of scene development: the scent of fresh mangoes, shit like that! You would have liked the setting. Damn it.

Easily Irritated

Stupid stuff bothers me. An example would be those vehicles that are somewhere in between a car and an SUV. I also can’t stand people’s obsession with coffee. Those are two of many examples that I’m too irritable to even share. Yes I’m a grumpy old coot. Bah Humbug.

I’m a plant murderer

It seems that no matter how I try to keep them alive, they keep dying :( I’ve tried succulents, palms, ferns, trees, you name it, they die.

Leader of the world

I have this fantasy about suddenly being deemed all powerful over all of humanity. And folks would be worried that this would lead to some sort of dictatorship. I’d go on tv and say “ This is my planet now”. That’s all I’d say. People would realize I’m just cutting a Roman Reigns promo, trying to get myself over and get rise out of them, and they’d soon know that things would be alright.

Slippery slope

Grown man, single, trying to stop cocaine use. 12 step programs haven't worked for me plus most rehabs are based on these principles - I've tried. Losing money , health and friends but the instant gratification to feel better keeps winning out . Any helpful thoughts much appreciated.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in English; I still don't know how to use a semicolon.


Exotic Princess Flying Into Firecrust

Woah girl.. slow down. You, gorgeous petite, dark haired goddess dressed in all black. Not sure...

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