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Hollywood North

When I tell someone I work in the film business, they automatically assume that I do something more exciting than I actually do.

As a Canadian:

I am proud to say that, even though the crime rates are on the rise. We don't have stupid people calling the police for stupid reasons,like Americans. Calling the police for having the wrong sauce in McDonald's or calling the police for waiting for takeout order.


That song by Miike Snow reminds me so much of my life. I change shapes just hide in this place but I’m still an animal.

hey you ......

So many years ago we had an affair that started at work. It was a wonderful time but ended with others interfering. I ended up leaving my spouse at the time, but we were apart by then. I ended up getting married again, we eventually reconnected and hooked up again. This went on for a long time, I know this ended up hurting you. We haven’t spoken in years. I think about you and hope you find someone to grow old with as you are a special person. I am very sorry for how you were treated at work and by me. You will always be a love of my life and always in my heart.

It was

a stupid childhood dream I always had. I'm not even sure why . Saved by a prince who wisked you away to his castle and you lived happily ever after.. Silly

I've seen a couple of retirement postings here recently

and I just want to give folks some really positive news. Hang in there! I've been retired for a year and it's awesome: - after years of anti-depressants I no longer take them and feel great - after years of self-medicating with alcohol I no longer WANT to drink - after years of wondering why I was the odd person at work who actually took pride in his work I now realize it was my lazy, toxic co-workers who I allowed to infect my head - I now hang out with awesome, supportive friends and am living the dream. Hang in there folks, it gets better!

To Much Air...

I confess that I have recently gone on the low carb and protein only diet and it seems that my butt seems to make its own disgusting music... Please anyone did your body do this to you while transitioning into a healthier diet? It's honestly ridiculous how much gas that I have. Perhaps it's just how much crap that I ate...

Genital Surgery

I simply don’t get why a women would want to get her labia surgically trimmed back. Don’t you know that most dudes are thrilled just to see one and they come in all different shapes and sizes (and your is likely REALLY sexy as is). It personally gets me hot. Own it you sexy girl!

Hello, is it Me?..

I Like to Pretend I'm a Fascinating person With something To Add But I'm a Bore With Nothing going On..


Beautiful Angel in #10

You, the most beautiful blue eyed blonde woman I have seen. Yes, you made an impression. You were...

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