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Can't stop thinking about a person from my past

I'm engaged to someone else and haven't seen this person in like 8 years but we started talking a few months back and now they are all I can think about. We talk daily about everything. They are also in a relationship and say they want me just as bad... I have never been so tempted in my life...

She could have been a fact

20 years later I recall some high school memories and realize that I missed out on either a hand job, blow job, sex or all of the above with this one girl that was a couple years older than me. I didn't have many friends growing up and thought every girl in the school didn't want to go out with me so I kept it all platonic with everyone til I graduated. I was a fat kid. Like really fat kid. I missed all cues. I was in her bedroom in that big house alone. No one else home. And here I am Clueless me just being all friendly and shit. GOD, I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!

Simple & Uncomplicated

These days I'm more than just content to watch the soup on the stove - and not the plot - thicken. There's really no substitute for a simple and uncomplicated existence.


I met a beautiful girl today at the park. She was easy to talk to and seemed really cool. Ive been single for so long it felt really amazing to talk to someone and share some laughs. As she was giving me her number she went on some anti-vaxx rant... Im so fucking done. Ive had such bad experiences with women in this city and the one time in years that I actually make an effort she turn out to be a bloody anti-vaxxer. I know I know, there are many many good people out there. I have no doubts at all that there are tons of great people here. But I dont ever seem to meet them. I dont ever admit this but im lonely. But ive been through way too much bullshit to put myself out there again. Good luck out there folks. I may have given up but im rooting for the rest of ya.

That’s all folks

Watching classic Looney Tunes makes me genuinely laugh out loud unlike today’s boring ass cartoons where witty characters just stand there and lack imagination. There’s a difference between being funny and witty.

A personal record

I haven't changed my glasses lenses in 6 or 7 years. Only in the last 5 months has my eye sight been getting blurry. I just hope that it's not double time downhill from here lol

Eating my words

I said bad things about some people a while back and I regret it. What I should have done was take deep breaths and maintain a better handle on my emotions. I’m sorry for everything. It’s late. The damage has been done. I’m not asking for anyone to be my friend. It would be nice if the people whom I hurt forgave me but sometimes there are things that can never be forgiven. If they want to forgive me or not, it’s their choice so I’m leaving the decision up to them.


Relationships don’t do it for me anymore. Ever since I went through a horrible break up, I just don’t feel ready for commitment now. Sex is the only thing that I can be bothered with. It’s at the forefront of my mind. I’m not in any mood for history to repeat itself since the last thing I need is toxicity and drama so I’d much rather hook up with a decent fuck buddy wheres there’s no strings attached or drama of any kind. Don’t hold it against me. We all have preferences.

Dreams die everyday

I moved away from Vancouver to get away from the memory of, and the chance of running into, an ex. Like a normal person, I always wonder what if? Yet, Vancouver does not seem like the city I left. It always does not seem like it will be returning to the sleep Pacific Northwest oasis it always was. Seattle is kind of the same. Maybe I am just being cathartic about a lost love, but maybe the lost love was the city I loved and which I grew up in. The dream I left is no more. The life I wanted that broke my heart wouldn't have turned out anyways. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe it was destiny.

Sex is good

Saving Abel's The Sex Is Good is a good song, however, it brings back memories from my 20's that I wish to forget.



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