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Only staying with my partner out of pity

I feel so bad for them. I tried to break up but they cried like a baby and I took them back. I don't know why. They won't even do anything to help themselves. They refuse to see a doctor for their pain cuz it costs to much (tooth pain) but yet they won't even do a simple thing like figure out their health plan. I know they have one. I dunno why I pity them so much...

When I Was Younger

Sex stopped being fun because my partner would get angry with me if I finished too soon.

Emotionally Numb

I confess that I feel emotionally numb. Can anyone else relate? I feel like my soul has left my body and I don't know what to do. It's not a good feeling. I have read a book called Soul Retrieval, mending the Fragmented Self and I'm aware parts of me have left. I am curious if anyone else has ever felt like this and what your experience is like/or any advice you have?

Going to miss working from home

Sleeping after a lunch break, after an exhausting week, has made for a good Friday afternoon. It makes no sense to go back to the office and pretend to work. May as well be rested.

I had a great pandemic

Objectively, I understand that covid 19 sucked ass, killed people and businesses, and created trauma, fear, arguments, and political drama. But since this is the Confessions section, and not the Public Statements of Good People Who Fear Cancellation Even Though There Is No Such Thing, I will admit that I might look back fondly on this period. I got really close with my family. My cat has never had more cuddles. We learned to make so many new dishes. I saved a ton of money not eating out and I also lost weight and got in shape. I picked up new hobbies and finally caught up on my reading. I feel slightly bad about this and it's nothing I can tell people in person because they may have had the exact opposite reaction, hence, a confession.

Catching the Sun

I was having a stroll in my neighbourhood today when a pair of ladybugs on a blackberry bush caught my eye. They were clumped together on the stem under the shade of some petals, like beachgoers napping under a parasol. Such cute critters! On my way back I looked to see if I could find them again and was delighted to find that there were more! There were additional pairs and some single ladybugs dotting the bushes. It made me smile all the way back to my apartment.

My Pandemic Meltdown

An apology to the two guys walking on Denman Street who I needlessly blasted for walking side by side on a narrow sidewalk. I severely over reacted in my frustration that so many people during pandemic seem indifferent to making space on crowded sidewalks. My pet peeve & fear brought out my worst. Sorry!


The only time I use cursive handwriting is to leave nasty anonymous notes for people


I admit I did an asshole thing: it was my friends birthday and I deliberately did not send a bday message. Two of my birthdays have passed, in which neither year he acknowledged it at all. Them, late in the day, I changed my mind. Sent a Happy Birthday text to him. He responded that it made his day and that I was the first person to remember and even say Happy Birthday to him. So I learned that he went literally the entire day without anyone reaching out. This is someone who has a few hundred connections on social media. I’m going to make the assumption that when my next bday comes up, I probably won’t hear from him again.


Cashier at Safeway Robson

I never really do this sort of thing. I was the red head buying crave meals lol, and your name...


Savage Love: Don’t let neighbour know you’ve seen his porn videos

Dan Savage advises a reader who subscribes to a neighbour’s porn service that he probably shouldn’t mention it if they bump into each other while running errands.

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