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I've been falling for a decade. Eventually I'll make one heck of a splat.

No manners

WTF is going on? Does anyone remember please, thank you and especially excuse me?

When I was a kid

I stole some bubble gum from Shoppers. I still feel bad about it today. Not for the corporation, but the sheer awkwardness for my parents and clerk who may have noticed (although I lied and said I got the gum from a friend on the playground). I hope this is PC enough for the confessions. Left wing, right wing, chicken wing.

Not giving the runaround

I’m different from most people which is why it’s hard for me to relate to some of them. It seems like some people I have met are very superficial, diplomatic and hypocritical. I’m the exact opposite. I do not mince words and I never beat around the bush. I’ve always been very straightforward and prefer to just be upfront, honest and tell it like it is. I find it better to be blunt so that way people are not confused by me. I don’t bullshit people and I myself refuse to put up with stupid bullshit from others. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf, but honestly I’d much rather be a loner then be surrounded by a bunch of two-faced hypocrites who’ll stab me right in the back. There’s absolutely no way in hell that I’ll ever make time for a superficial life. If what I say make no sense to some people, their loss, not mine.


I’ve been contemplating leaving my current job lately. I’m not happy here anymore for a number of reasons. Coworkers are so unprofessional and the general manager talks a tough game but does nothing about issues. The clientele that walk in here are the most shittiest, disgusting people that it’s ever been my displeasure to come across. The lack of hours certainly does not help my situation. After working in the company for two years, my morale has slipped down to an all time low and I see no point in staying at a dead-end job that’s clearly sucked the life out of me. I think tonight I’m going to sit down and start writing my letter of resignation. But first I need to find a much better job. I’ve applied to a number of places and I’ve had a couple of offers. I’ll see how it goes. As soon as I find a much better job with with more decent hours, hence a positive environment, then good riddance.

I confess that I'm getting to be

more and more of a recluse as I enter my senior years. Too much hostility, rudeness, flat out weirdness in the outside world. Give me my music, movies, books and the gym in my building and I really don't need a reason to go outside except for a grocery run once a week.

Here it is!

A whooper of a confession, I'm losing my mind and may be even crazier than you think. Why? Simple I let you convince me I was the bad guy, holy shit nice job. So now I think I have done all these shitty things to you, and in truth there was a couple I'm sure. It was not I who let the nothing die, bullshit that's entirely on you so suck it. It took me too long to see that you were ready to let me go on forever thinking I wrecked love. Fuck you we both did, you just as much as me, so take that ball and run with it in the other direction just as you are now. Bye I will probably miss you, but just not forever no more. I'm done being the only broken one you all suck balls, big hairy ones. Mic drop (I'm out)

I suspect we are doomed

Megan and Harry will move here and jack up real estate prices. They will start a YouTube channel to make more money than any average Vancouverite ever could.

Navigating Life Alcohol & Social Media Free

All the time...but what do I fill it with. How to stop myself from smoking weed and sleeping all day. Must find interest in hobbies once more and dedicate energy to art...

Inching up

I’m creeping up to the same age where my dad was let go from his job and never worked again. My male friends have reached this age, reaching the same fate as my dad: let go and not to get hired again in years. I get anxiety over ageism at work. I do my job well and execute my projects well. But I can’t shake the feeling that once past X age, they want to put you out to pasture.


Bald head, nice smile, international...

Me: black hoodie, coral scarf looking for my friend after we saw a movie ...

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