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Unrequited nusance

I get crushes on people quite easily. I know it’s just chemicals releasing in my body but infatuation to me now adays is more of a pain in the ass than a fun thing. Unrequited crushes are always uncomfortable but it’s even worse when you can recognize your own pattern but it still won’t go away.

I confess

I have just been recently been given a gift from someone who I think I'm not entirely aware of. It was just about the strangest darkest and fear filled experience I had to face. See I some how forget fear is healthily part of the human experience. So when very young not sure how it suddenly became a robotic pass off. I missed something big time it's a thank you. You have changed my life because I survived that which I'm sure was only bringing death. It had totally new experience because now I love another with this unrecognized heart felt feeling that I'm now very drawn to. I was terrified not that this time I may not see her again, nope that possibly I may not get to know as I must, I need it, I want it. She is all I have ever been seeking and I think we both know she is an unbelievable being of unseen strength and a beauty. Sure it's totally fucked I get it this is a not Monday after school special b.s tv show were talking about a movie with a heavy rating. So the reason I have to be so thankful is you gave me the power and intestinal fortitude to go after this. It's an ugly metaphor but completely applicable because it refers to the strength of self within I had previously lacked to finish anything. So grateful yes, scared of course, but it feels like I'm actually living for the first time ever. Thank you help me again now I beg you. I did not pick this it was pushed on me I believe because there is something bigger and better has yet to write it's finish. You are the only reason she and I would of ever had a shot. Ball struck heading to net, it's your play "friend".

Depressed when visiting parents

Is it normal? I moved away to get some freedom to be myself and when I’m visiting, I’m stuck hearing moral judgments that I have to conform to all the time. I’m not conservative by any means, so I tend to feel trapped. Does this happen to other people?

Single, lonely long weekend

How this single, lonely Vancouver guy spent the long weekend: 1) Doing laundry and cleaning up my apartment 2) Grocery shopping 3) Reading these confessions 4) Browsing for porn and masturbating to it 5) Oh, and exercising at the gym, going for a run, catching up on my PVR'd TV shows, and dinner with family. This is the only thing about the long weekend that I post on social media, or tell my coworkers tomorrow if they ask.

Girl Stealing From Car in San Francisco

I saw a video today which purported to show a woman who appears to have a substance abuse problem being confronted by a man who is claiming she is stealing from cars. My first thought was, "So what? You deserve it you scumbag." but I started to think a bit more deeply, and I realized that I still thought "So what? You deserve it you scumbag." The only honest ethical consumption under capitalism comes from stealing from tech worker's cars. So, the next time you pick up an organic green juice at Whole Foods, just consider how much better it would taste if you got it out of the grocery bag in the Honda Civic outside.

I confess I cannot imagine

The professionalism it must take for the doctors and nurses to take care of that Brampton father who killed his 11 year old daughter. I ‘d have a hard time not smothering the fucker with his own pillow.

Gerald Butts...

Hehe. That's a funny name. I don't see why he is protecting the magistrate Trudeau from reality though.

Doing the dishes

I can't stop thinking about the fact that my neighbours hear my every move. I know that is part of apartment living, and it goes both ways. But it just feels like I have no privacy. I have strangers in all directions who hear every time I turn on the water or take a step or play music or go out or make dinner or laugh or whatever. I feel kind of imprisoned, I would like to whistle and a sing all day but I don't because they will hear me. It's not their fault, I'm sure it's mutual and I probably inhibit myself more than I need to. I just don't see a light at the end of the tunnel because I don't see how I could ever afford to live in a detached dwelling. How do you deal with it?

Coat check self zip-up

If you’re paying them to check your coat, you’d think they could zip it up at least instead of getting you to do it. Weak sauce Vancouver coat-checksters. ... I guess that’s the level of qualification you need for that line of work though.

Life of a Guardian

My cat owns my sock drawer. Some days when I get home from work, I'll find my drawer open with socks strewn all over the floor in my bedroom, and even out in the hallway. One or two sometimes show up on the couch because she likes carrying them to her favourite spot near the window. I wonder if she looks out of it with a sock in her mouth. On these days I usually find her on my bed nomming on the end of one like a bunny (she certainly looks like one with her white fur) chewing on a carrot. And she looks up at me when I come in as if she's done nothing naughty and gets all purry. I totally give up. I'm just going to leave the drawer open for her. Maybe I should buy her some of her own? Who knew cats liked socks so much? I love her to bits, but sometimes she's such a weirdo.


coffee shop barista

hi, u are a barista and I think u've been dropping hints. I'm bad at that non-verbal...

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