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What was I thinking (?) part 2

Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me 10 times…?!? Ya, shame on me… What was I thinking…when nothing happens, nothing happens…


My coworker is one of those braggart people who are always trying to impress everyone. He talks about his university degree and the job he used to have, and wants us all to think he’s really smart. But he’s also one of those people who uses big words incorrectly. He mispronounces words all the time and uses them in the wrong places. Sometimes the words he uses don’t actually exist in the dictionary. It’s actually hilarious and reminds me of some really funny skits on SNL or other shows. It’s so hard not to burst out laughing because in my mind I’m seeing the skits, but I have to nod seriously and keep a straight face.


I need to accept you like me, you get in touch when you need to vent. But you don't love me. I think you reserve love for you. You're a narcissist disguised as an awkward introvert. Despite the fact that I'm desperately lonely, I need to let go.

Break it Yourself

It’s not supposed to be easy to change. There’s a panic that says, ‘it can’t be done, give up, run, hide, play dead, die’. I need to know what’s on the other side if I push through but I resist envisioning it. I have to fail. Maybe badly. I hate this already. Here we go.

I only wear my nice underwear when I go out

All the raggedy underwear with holes gets used when I work from home. No $1300+ bus pass a year, -$100 in underwear & socks, -$1000 making lunches at home... but I still can't buy a house ever. Can't wait to get out of Vancouver.

One big toxic shock Vancouver syndrome

It seems like the left politics and culture from our universities are turning us all against each other and making everyone miserable, while avoiding the major issues that unite us all. We're all being thrown into poverty by the neoliberal world, which is championed by the universities. When people try to say something, they use left-wing cancel culture tactics. Gross times.

Balancing everything

I have the ability to balance important things in my life. I typically virtue signal all day while the world burns. It sure makes me popular with my friends!

Spare the sob story.

Being an Irish immigrant who has lived in London before making Vancouver my home. I have never been a fan of the British establishment. If anyone has any insight in to the Irish history to present, you'd understand why. You'd also understand why I find the humour at the release of a certain book. I really hope SNL do a skit with all of the main characters and invite Jerry Springer as the talk show host (Front seats please!). From the excerpts that were released online, It makes what they represent as I've always believed, a total joke. I think the Canadian public would agree, that we've got better things to spend our tax payers money on, than these individuals.

I wasted my 20s living in Vancouver

-And now as a single almost 35 year old I hate myself every day thinking back to my young nieve self. Why couldn't I have found love and success when I was 25? Why didn't it take me until 29 to realize how doomed I was?


Girl in the green jacket at Indigo Robson

I instantly saw you when I walked into the Indigo on Robson Street. Your green jacket and...

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