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She told her friends

I was in a relationship with a woman I loved. In bed, one night, she asked/told me to lick her asshole. I did and she liked it, and it wasn't awful, and then, after that, I did it whenever she asked/told me to. There was more of telling than asking, but that was all right, because I loved her. Months later, because it was snowing, I gave her cousin a ride home after dinner. Her cousin told me that she and my girlfriend had been having drinks with six of their women friends from their hometown and that my girlfriend had told them that she made me lick her asshole. In fact, she had told them everything we did together in bed. These were friends that we went to dinners and parties with. I realized that every one of those women knew what I had done and that I had seen them, and they had seen me, many times after they knew. I was silenced and beyond surprised. I never imagined that my girlfriend would tell anyone. I hadn't told anyone. I wondered if I had ever told male friends about intimate acts that a woman had with me. I must have, but in more general terms, I think, and not to a group of men, maybe to one close friend. Her cousin repeated that she knew everything that her cousin and I did. She told me that, although she was 30, she had never been with a man. She asked if she could be with me, if I would make love with her. It was snowing heavily and the road was obscured and the windshield wipers were clotted with heavy snow and moving slowly. The wipers provided instants of amazing clarity, but the windshield was immediately covered again with snow. Sitting next to her cousin in the car, I felt cold inside and I don't know what I was thinking when I said, "Yes. Yes."

Did you get the message?

The one I didn’t leave that is. I called the other day but I didn’t say anything on your voicemail, just like you didn’t say anything when you called me. Don’t you just hate that? I’m still waiting for you to say whatever it is that you want to say. I’m still here, same numbers as always. Maybe we both need some closure?


How hard is it for a guy to dress appropriately for a date? Am I asking too much? I am not expecting him to be wearing a suit with a Roberto Cavalli tie. I mean you guys have no idea the process we take getting ready for a date. Its hours. Then the guy shows up at the restaurant and it looks like he rolled out of bed. Iron your dress shirts please. It just looks awful when its all wrinkly. I am o.k. with guys wearing sports shoes to a date as long as they're clean. Oh also shower everyday. On the bus and train you can tell when guys don't shower everyday. I am not saying all guys are like this. Some just need a little help because I read these posts and I think if they just present themselves better they won't be so bitter.

SOY boobs

I have a brother-in-law that refuses to eat anything soy because he's afraid he'll grow boobs. Disregarding all the crap he does consume that has it in the ingredient list (he's not one for readin'), and disregarding that soy is the largest US crop (so even if he doesn't eat soy the animals he eats are eating it), and disregarding that Asian cultures have consumed soy products for hundreds and hundreds of years (and are they known for big boobs?), don't you think if soy made your tits grow that women would be lining up for tofu and tempeh and guzzling soy protein shakes?

If you only knew

My homeless shelter, people lay around and watch tv all day as they eat waffles and bacon for breakfast and lunch and dinner includes roasts and mashed potatoes. Laundry is done and cookies and snacks are put out 2X a day. I work 3 jobs to make ends meet. There you go.

Sexy Neighbour

I want to have raunchy, dirty sex with my neighbour. He’s a big burly builder and he’s hot as fuck.

Here it is the real Whooper.

It goes like this, if we can not find a way to communicate meaningfully and from a place of total heart felt honesty. That dose not rlook like a sign reading one way street. Well than I and yourself will be forever tied unrelentlessly to the friendzone pole forever. Now I can live with this no doubt, but I hope to be less a matter of a hormonal curse when I'm around you. So we can be friends again. I will buy a shit ton of surgical masks to wear and sun glasses. So that my over whelming ugliness doesn't get you so hot and bothered. Or we both saddle that fucking horse(no bareback, saddles are not usually built for two.Oh please refrain from any type sexual reference here. Horse can be ridden both ways ...FUCK!! Lesson to others here stay away from horse metaphors and confusing complicated situations. Trust me when I say it's a legitimate concern here.


Roxy nightclub Saturday Feb 16th

We danced and talked at Roxy's saturday night and I don't know why I never asked for...

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