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It’s rare to see it

But I don’t see vancouverites wearing goretex and jeans anymore. This city is dead to me. Yup central.

I would love to be

Part of a wild wolf pack... just howling, hunting, sleeping with my friends. Oh my god. And we'd eat mushrooms :)


I bought one sometime in late winter and I used it every day for a month or so. I have not used it since because it's a pain in the ass to clean and dry out each time. I think I wasted my money on this thing.

Friends always go out

Even during Covid, my friends go out and do stuff. I sent them one picture of me at a bar after I went out like one night during the whole pandemic, and now they want me to wear a mask or not hang out. Mostly I am just social distancing, going to the gym, or visiting the rents. They're out smoking cigarettes and drinking though while socializing.

Just don't understand it

Our economy just seems to keep on growing even if recessions and pandemics keep on hitting us. I am not complaining, but... I do wonder how this is possible. I suppose we are fortunate, even though the benefits are unevenly distributed.

Hey Translink!

I don’t know why this pisses me off so much. They tell us masks are mandatory but I don’t see their employees wearing them. Bus drivers, sky train attendants(never see masks) and even the transit police. What message does this send to us?

On Love and Completeness

The manic pixie dream girl was supposed to complete me! In the Hollywood plot the male protagonist is generally doing fine but needs to save the hot slightly moody creative girl from her slight moodiness, and she can in turn save him by being hot and creative. Instead, she turned out to be far more complicated, and the glimpses into her life made me wonder what the hell was wrong with me if this is the love I think I deserved. I wanted sex not existential crisis!

heart beats

Only seen my love interest for a few brief moments,felt my heart swell.downtown...harbour center around 3:30ish pm. You'd think after 5 years of zero nil contact that Id be over you. Still though ....many have tried ...but none of them are you. :)

Best night under the stars

Typically I wouldn't meet with strangers. However,a few months ago I got to talking with this tall dark and mysterious man. His roomates were out of town,and invited me (and 3 othors )and my pup over for a bbq. Even went to buy some red wine,yet sort of confused me when he was flirting with the short blonde chick. BUT,after waiting to get into the bathroom after drinking a few rounds-he kissed me discretely. Lol...later on that evening he was holding her hand.Asked if I wanted to "sit closer". I went for it ...that got some nearby pedestrians pointing at us. What got me fucked up was thay joint,seriously staggered down to the beach,and they followed with a blanket and pillows. Didnt quite expect to wake up to the sun,with these humans... Made for an interesting turn of events... I really wish I didnt sneak away at 5am without getting # Wondering if I could spring up by that place unanounced.


Denman @ Davie

I was a customer at the restaurant that you work at. There was a bit of a mix up in our bill but...


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