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Comfort in my own home

It's nice to get home after a long and usually stressful day at work and relax. I unwind by cooking a three-course meal and enjoying wine alongside it. I usually do some appetizers like oysters, then a main course like fried chicken, and finally a La Bomb for desert. You can buy the desserts locally in Vancouver. After I eat, it's time for wine and a cigarette. Then I have another glass of wine and a cigar. Then I eat a bag of chips and some ice cream, have another cigarette with the last of my wine, and go to bed.

So annoying

I sometimes find myself running an inner monologue, or worse yet, blurting out that inner monologue to the poor folk who may surround me at that time, and then mid-monologue I stop myself because I realize how goddamn annoying I am.

The Food Is Good Too

Finally visiting my Somebody That I Used To Know's country, and it's chock full of mountains, coffee, cats and peppers. The question is why would anyone leave this place for crappy weather Canada?

They'll be waiting forever

I was done chasing for a while already. The goalposts kept moving, the bar kept getting raised, they brought so little to the table and thought far too highly of themselves to measure up to their expectations. I "heard" they're still interested but only if I do all the chasing. Seriously. They are not heroin and they ceased being my hero. And I can tell you this: they're going to be waiting—alone—for a very, very, very long time. I'm past wasting any more effort or time when I deserve something far more equal, respectful, and satisfying. I don't chase pretend relationship dragons. But the person that I predict I will eventually be involved in—who will make very it easy to be with— thanks Mr. Goalpost-mover for all their "efforts" as he drives me out of their his into theirs with his need to be clever and in control. Good times.

Yeah, about that fun thing

When I go for job interviews I always say I go to work to have fun. They seem to like the idea and I get hired. Trouble is, that didn't realize how MUCH fun. It's contagious, everyone gets goofy and all hell breaks loose. But omg it's so worth it. Revenge on the Man. aha ha ha ha ha

Two Weeks Naked...

Over the holidays, stuck at home sick so just fell into not getting dressed. Now, I can't stand having clothes on- get home from work,hit the shower and that's it. Spend all weekend unclothed. Now looking to relocate to a warmer climate with my own house and yard, so I can run around all the time with nothing on. And no,I'm not going to start hanging around Wreck Beach or anything like that.

Online dating

It seems like it’s rigged against men so I think we should just stop using their apps.

Happy Birthday to you

I was fallen into you since the day we met. 12 years ago. No one knows.


After 3 years of WFH, now it’s back in the office 5 days a week. I’m still adjusting. The standing on the packed Skytrains, I hate and go into a trance to tune out all the bodies. The needy coworkers, I just can’t deal with them. They are starved for conversation but I want to run away. My brain is still re-entering society and it’s taking a really long time

sheer frustration

I want to scream anytime I deal with corporations or offices in Ontario. Canada is NOT in one time zone, and getting a call at 5AM because they're open at 8am Ontario time makes no sense for national organization... like the utterly useless Caanda Post. promising they'll call in four hours when in their time zone they close in an hour. Not one person thinks to mention what time zone they're referring to when you talk to them, like only their time zone exists. Companies like these that dea;l with the entire country should reconsider their hours so that all the country is served. I'm sure someone in that part of the country wouldn't mind getting up a few hours later. But then again, they don't realize there is a "rest of the country", except when they want money.


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