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I did it!

Today is my last day in retail. After many years off and on, this is it. Next week I move to the island for a job more in line with my interests and education. I’m so freaking excited to never serve shorty customers again. Some of you out there need to take a hard look at yourselves and how you treat people. All the eye rolling, passive aggressive “sigh” and what not. We don’t care. You are not special or important because you buy things. lol

Can we all be dishwashers?

I'm sure this will be an unpopular one... I work my ass off 40-50 hrs a week like most people, I have a chip on my shoulder for the wealthy and privileged, and I'm on the side of people trying to make a livable wage. I really am, we shouldn't have so much poverty in a first world country, it's shameful. But if dishwashers and baristas are gonna make upwards of 50K a year, do you realize that absolutely NOBODY is going to want to be hospital manager, industrial electrician or engineer etc for an extra few bucks an hour? I can tell you I sure as hell wouldn't. Wouldn't the world kind of stop turning?

Parking Garage Redhead

My new hobby is googling all the Seinfeld episode hotties...and then being horrified at what I find and feeling depressed.

Shades in the rain

I wear my sunglasses when it’s cold rainy weather. They’re polarized and keep the wind out of my eyes.

Job hunting

Taking a break from the cover letter writing, resume customizing, company researching and interview preparing. I’m drained. I’m the kind of person who can imagine myself working at each company. Mentally I can visualize myself there. And then I get the bots notifying me I didn’t make the cut. Dead ends after hours of energy output. For anyone looking for a job like me, I feel your pain and hope that we find a fit soon, at the salary we deserve. For those that had their jobs handed to them, because of their dad, friend or husband, I have no respect for you as you’ve ridden off the position of others without doing any of the heavy lifting.

They "broke down in tears."

I wish this expression in the media would disappear. Why is a person "breaking down" when they express emotion publicly. It's so culturally biased and old school. Apparently a British stiff upper lip is still valued.

Off the sidewalks cyclists!

You were cycling down the middle of a crowded sidewalk, (helmetless, of course). I was feeling grumpy and chose not to step aside. I bumped you with my shoulder and you got really angry. Someone reminded you that cycling on the sidewalk is illegal and dangerous. You threatened to beat me up. Luckily I'm too old to beat up, you said. I may be old, but common sense and the law are on my side: Cyclists: stay off the sidewalks.

Another Rainy Day

When I have to say "FUCK Translink". 20 minutes late to work; 40 minutes late getting home. Thanks a lot.

Why can't I move on ?

I have lost many friends to death and drugs. My ex and I broke up a year ago and I always thought we would stay close as he was my best friend and told me he would be. He has a new girlfriend ( whom he started dating a week after telling me he loved me and would reset ) and has completely stopped talking to me. Which he should right ? It has been a year and I can't stop crying , and ruminating, I am depressed and ill. It just doesn't make sense to me that the love of my life is with some one else and doesn't care for me after 5 years of being best friends. I feel nauseous , illogical and I just wish I could move on.


Enchanting blonde, Union Market

Waiting outside the Market, you and your friend were staring at me. You were wondering about my...


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