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I tried cocaine and then ate a cookie that had 100 mg of THC. Big mistake. My body went into convulsions and I couldn’t stop shaking. My vision went blurry. All I could do was breathe through my mouth and my heart raced so fast it felt like my blood vessels were about to explode. I drifted in and out of consciousness thinking this was the end. I honestly thought I was going to die. So I lay down in my bed, thinking that I would probably pass away in my sleep. Thankfully, I just woke up hours later in my bed. I’m still alive and breathing oxygen. I may not be the most religious person in the world, but somehow I feel that God has given me a second chance. Time to clean up my act and get my head straight. No more blow or fancy cookies for me.


Are people sleeping less? I hear more and more people have recently begun sleeping less! Is it maybe since we sit around all day some days now adays... or did it start happening for you on a certain date !!! Thats the crazy part most people I've heard this from are saying the same season/month dates. I'm wondering if any of you guys are !

I confess

I hate those evanglists who trick people out money in the name of goodness. They are the worst kind of thief in my mind.

stranger danger

i'm conflicted. i'm having a very hard time. i adore the wrong person who bears no interest and even if they did, things would remain as they are. where i'm constantly ignored and then pulled back when they feel they've almost lost me. they're too self-absorbed to realize they've hurt me. it is terribly unhealthy. i'm no advocate for seeing someone to get over someone but i do feel if the pandemic weren't here, i could go on some wonderful dates and it would all be fine. i might not fall in love but it would help. now, i spend all my time alone. afraid of casually meeting someone, afraid that my mental health doesn't validate it. it's been especially awful this month. i am deteriorating, i feel so physically alone. i go to work, it's all fine, i come home and the sinking in my stomach reverberates throughout my body. i just want to kiss someone and be held, i guess. have company. that's it.


I’m sitting next to him and dying!! I want him that badly, help!!!

On Sincerity

I openly admitted my feelings to someone...and the punishment has lasted a decade so far. I will NEVER do that again.


addicted to video games addicted to drinking addicted to online gambling addicted to everything.. but me

He has adult ADHD.

He won't seek help, I don't know how to help, and he desperately needs help.

Two weeks

Ever since New Year’s, I haven’t been working. This work from home is driving me nuts and everyday I just stared at my computer all day until 5 pm hits then turned off my laptop. I don’t know whether my boss knows (hope not) or not.


Wanna race?

I was biking south bound down arbutus and you were tailing me. Was happy to chat for the brief...


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Although HIV treatment can render a person’s viral load undetectable, some jurisdictions require HIV-status disclosure.

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