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Are we doomed?

As much as I am annoyed with the baby boomers, as we cannot afford property or get livable wages, I suspect that once they leave this rock, our democracy will become entirely eroded. I honestly do not think the next generation takes democracy seriously. They're trying to enact communism instead of targeting the corporations and corporate lobbyists who have invaded our political and legal realms. I am definitely getting ready to leave Canada before it gets to that level. A lot changes in 20-30 years. I doubt that property prices will be good after millenials get what they want finally.

Stanley park attractions

I'm a senior , age 70, who doesn't live within walking distance of S park. For about 60 years, I've enjoyed cooling off in the water at 3rd beach but I can't get there now as the road is closed. What's the point of opening up a lane for vehicle traffic if the parking lots are all closed so that you can't actually stop to do anything?

Cat people

Are people who act like cats. You go in for a friendly pet, and they retreat, reticent and aloof. But when you act that way yourself, they come angling back, tentatively sniffing around and looking for affection. I’m going to act a cat too and meet them on their terms.

I don’t understand

Why When I was walking my toy dog on leash And warned you I was afraid of your off leash pit bull with non friendly energy You would call me a fat old cow

Smartening up

I gotta say that this WiFi dimmer switch in my bedroom is the bomb.

Self Conscious

I started filming the guy controlling the drone at the park until they got uncomfortable and left.


There should be a law where if your workplace is 27+ degrees inside then it's mandatory you have A/C or don't work at all especially when you have to do labour.

Time for one thing

I can either prune the trees outside or my eyebrows and then it's off to errands. What one will I pick? Trees, of course.

Charity Start-up

My experience working at a charity start-up was that I was used for free labour while hoping to land my first real job in an office. I never did land that job. Looking at the WE scandal makes me reminicent of when my eyes were first opened. I know there's tons of good places out there, but I suspect that we don't want to run our charities like corporations or else they start hoarding real estate and creating non-taxable bank accounts like holding funds, etc. Lame. I wish academics studied corporate structures like this. Not the most fun confession, eh?

Bad person

When I think of people who I used to be friends with who gradually kind of dropped out of my life, my first thought is that it must be because I'm a bad person and no one likes me. Truth is, I'll never know the reason.


Marble Canyon Motorcycle man, lady with...

We met at Marble Canyon, near little town Clinton, I was driving a new Volkswagon, I asked you if...


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