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See No Evil

I'm friends with a manager at work. I'm pretty sure they don't want to know how much their employees goof off in their absence.


I drink tea made from a weird Chinese mushroom. it's supposed to make me live forever. I don't know about these things, but I'm giving it a try!!

Why So Jealous

A friend and I were both in Toronto and went out on the town around 10 years ago. Nothing romantic happened. To this day, her husband is still jealous, even though he'd already slept with one of my Ex's before that.

No way out now

Haven't left the house in 6 days trying to write a 1000 word insight paper. Maybe school isn't for me.

I confess that all the hatred

Bigotry, intolerance and just plain negativity in the world (especially in the US) is affecting my mental health. What do others out there do to “block out” all the poison and maintain a sense of normalcy? I’m a very fortunate person and have no complaints about my own situation, but my brain gets overrun with the negativity out there and it’s taking a too on my mental health.

I eavsedrop

I was on a crowded 250 bus yesterday and two young women were standing right beside me. First they dispensed travel advice (ordering food in a restaurant in Italy takes forever and taking the ferry from Victoria to Seattle and Amtrack to Portland is great), then it got personal. Woman #1 "So, seeing anybody?" Woman # 2 "yeah, going out with a guy. He's really cute." Woman # 1 "Are you sleeping with him?" Woman # 2 "No, not yet. " Woman # 1 "Why not?" Woman # 2 "I don't know, he won't say. I told him 'we're dating, we're going out, why aren't we sleeping together?' " Woman # 1 "Oh, have you tried massage?" Woman # 2 "Massage?" Woman # 1 "Yeah, it's a great way to initiate things." Woman # 2 "Oh. Me massage him or him massage me?" Woman # 1 "Him massage you. It'll relax you too."

Text from an ex

He wished me a happy birthday, said he often thought of me, and hoped I was well. We broke up nearly a year ago. I didn't know what to say in reply, so I deleted it. On another note, anyone have an explanation for why exes text on birthdays? Haha.

I Miss The Thrushes

I don't hear their song anymore. I used to know it was summer by waking up to them singing in the trees by my window. And there were other song birds in the mix too. Where have they all gone?

Beds a rockin'

There are not many things that make me feel lonelier than when I hear the couple below me making love. Except when I hear the couple below me and the couple above me making love at the same time. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I feel like crying, and sometimes I do.

3 summers ago

I went to UBC Emerg. and was treated by a student doctor. I was sick with the flu and he was so kind and gentle. He told me I could tell him anything, he would never judge me. I couldnt.. He had no idea the hell I was actually going thru at the time. ( it ment a lot though, his kind words and I never forgot them or him. When he touch me, I felt fire. And it was not the flu! So Odd. So Cute Never saw him again, but I so wanted too.


Terminal Auto Wash

My vacuum cycle ending and you ask me if I won. I found it cute that you created a race in...

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